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Urzai - Sweet Dreams by Maripolifan
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Zuko Doll by Sner2000
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Inktober2018 #05 - Mai by JOSGUI
My Rebound cover by LauraL4u
. A Z U L A . by Mizu--Kitsune
Fire and Lightning by Eclipse4d
Azula - Aggression by Maripolifan
DWOAH: Ashi vs AzulaDeadliest warriors of all historyAshi vs AzulaThe daughters of evilAshi info:Height: 5 foot 3Weight: 103lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Kusarigama, Aku’s PowersStrengths: Was one of the seven daughters of Aku and allied with Jack to take down her father, Extreme physical strength (Despite her lithe appearance Ashi possesses inhuman levels of strength, Can break stone with her strikes, Used an Orc as a Battering Ram to plow through a literal army of other Orcs numbering in the hundreds, Threw the Dominator with enough force to make him explode, Is only slightly weaker than Samurai Jack), Extreme durability (Despite her flimsy appearance Ashi possesses inhuman levels of durability, Survived being thrown into molten ash as an infant, Survived a several hundred foot fall, Shrugs off being smashed through stone, Survived being electrocuted with what seemed to be thousands of volts, Was uninjured by being crushed by a building sized Robot), Above peak human speed/Massively hypersonic reactions (Can run at dozens of miles an hour, Dodged several point blank Arrow shots, Dodged Minigun fire, Jack struggled to keep up with her during their first meeting), Slaughtered an army of Orcs single handed, Killed her mother who was Aku’s High Priestess, In her Daughter of Aku form Ashi possesses all of her father’s abilities (Including Eye Lasers, Total regeneration, Stretching her limbs, Forming Weapons from her limbs and creating Time Portals).Weaknesses: Is vulnerable to Holy Weapons in her Daughter of Aku form, Lacks any form of Armour, Was killed off by a bullshit time paradox.Azula info:Height: 5 footWeight: 116lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Firebending, ShurikensStrengths: As Ozai’s daughter, Iroh’s niece and Zuko’s sister Azula was one of the most powerful and feared Firebenders of her time, Superhuman strength (Despite her lithe physique Azula possesses incredible strength, Blocked Aang’s Airbending with her Bare Hands, Physically deflected Rocks thrown via Earthbending, Could easily match Zuko), Superhuman durability (Despite her lithe physique Azula possesses extreme durability, Tanked attacks from Aang’s Airbending, Shrugged off Katara’s attacks from her Waterbending, Shrugged off her own redirected Lightning strike), Above peak human speed/Massively hypersonic reactions (Was one of the fastest characters of the series, Easily outsped Aang in their first fight, Can dodge Lightning with utter ease, Dodged point blank Ice Shards fro Katara), Genius intellect (Was one of the smartest characters of the series, Is a master manipulator, Is so fluent with lying that not even Toph can tell if she’s telling the truth or not), Can control both Fire and Lightning through her skill in Firebending, Nearly killed Zuko in her final battle with him and Katara.Weaknesses: Is psychologically broken to the point that her own family considered her a lunatic, Requires full motion of her body to Firebend, Had the shortest reign of any Fire Lord.Battle begin!In awe of the Fire Nation festival Ashi wandered through the crowds taking in the sights and sounds, not noticing that the crowd she was in was dispersing to let someone through until she borderline shoulder checked the person making them both stagger “oh! I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention” she apologised turning around only to be met with a look of pure fury.“You dare to touch me peasant?!” Azula snapped going from an arrogant calm to burning rage in a microsecond, her eyes wide and crazed showing that her fragile mental state was already slipping as her hands ignited.Shocked by the woman’s immediate breakdown Ashi backed up a few steps “there’s no need to get aggressive, I made a mistake and apologised, now we walk away and continue with our lives” the daughter of Aku replied only to quickly duck to the side as Azula threw a Fireball at her, sending the crowd scattering out of the way of their Fire Lord’s wrath.Watching in shock as the Fireball struck and set a stall on fire Ashi quickly reacted as Azula lunged forward to strike at her, grabbing the Fire Lord by the arm before throwing her hard over her shoulder sending her spiralling through the air only for Azula to land perfectly on her feet.Upon landing Azula sprang forward again with a series of Lightning fast punches and kicks which Ashi found herself actually having to focus to block and deflect, each blow that came from Azula being followed by a blast of Flame from her Fists and feet which Ashi narrowly dodged each time.Blocking another wild kick from Azula Ashi then struck back with an open palmed strike to the Fire Bender’s abdomen sending her sliding back on her heels before the Fire Lord quickly fired herself forward back at Ashi by expelling Flames from her hands.As she reached Ashi again Azula delivering a spiralling kick to her face, making her recoil slightly before pulling out two Shuriken and starting to wildly stab at the daughter of Aku using the Shuriken like short Daggers, the Blades cutting at the leafs that constituted Ashi’s clothing as she quickly dodged and weaved around the stabs.Hissing as a couple of Shuriken stabs caught her across the cheek and thigh drawing thin lines of blood Ashi grabbed at Azula’s wrists to stop her only to be forced back as the crazed Firebender spat Flames in her face, Azula using Ashi’s recoiling to her advantage to deliver another brutal kick, this time to her stomach sending her flying across the street and into a Weapons store.Grinning wider as Ashi disappeared into the building Azula put her Shurikens away and ignited her hands ready to set the store on Fire to burn Ashi alive inside when the Bladed head of a Kusarigama suddenly burst through the stores window and narrowly cut across Azula’s face before she could react, making her cry out in angry surprise as the Kusarigama’s chain dragged the head back into the store.A moment later Ashi strode out of the store twirling the end of her new Weapon in her grasp as Azula glared at her with pure hatred “you! HOW DARE YOU SURVIVE?! I COMMAND YOU TO DIE!!!” she shrieked before spitting a stream of Flame at the daughter of Aku to which Ashi jumped over it.Landing behind Azula, Ashi swung her Kusarigama to which Azula blocked it with her forearm, letting the chain wrap around her arm before grabbing it and pulling hard enough to nearly knock Ashi off of her feet.Gripping the chain tighter the Fire Lord then started to super heat it via Firebending, causing the chain to glow a bright red where she grasped it before the heat travelled along the linked metal with such speed that Ashi couldn’t let go in time before her hands were burned by it, her palms burning ash black from the intense heat as she dropped the chain with a cry of pain.Dropping the chain Ashi then exclaimed as a Shuriken then hit her in the shoulder, digging in deep before another struck her in the thigh, making her recoil and flinch enough to allow Azula to then send a large stream of Flame at her, utterly engulfing the daughter of Aku.Goaded on by Ashi’s screams of pain Azula then rushed forward at the burning woman and violently kicked her across the street, sending her crashing against a wall as the leaves that covered her body burned away revealing her charred black skin underneath.Despite looking like a charred blackened body Ashi still proved to be able to move, shocking Azula as her hands went to her face to wipe away the char revealing her unmarked skin underneath, the daughter of Aku then pushing away from the wall to launch herself into the air narrowly dodging a bolt of Lightning that Azula Firebent at her.Letting out a cry of anger as Ashi dodged Azula wildly fired Lightning in every direction along with a blast of sheer blue Flame between every few blasts of Lightning, the daughter of Aku diving and jumping around the street to dodge every blast before kicking off of a wall to throw herself at Azula to punch her hard enough across the face to knock out a tooth.Reeling and spinning from the hit Azula quickly righted herself to block another swing from Ashi before thrusting her free hand forward at her abdomen, making Ashi’s eyes widen at the intense stabbing pain that then rushed through her, Azula having drawn another Shuriken and rammed it into Ashi’s stomach before she could react.As Ashi reeled from the stab Azula suddenly grabbed her by the head before Firebending several torrents of Lightning straight through it, making Ashi scream in agony which only made Azula grin even more maniacally, the Fire Lord letting out a mad cackling laugh as Ashi’s eyebrows then ignited.Instead of the rest of Ashi’s head igniting however the skin of her face turned an inky black, completely covering her eyes, nose and mouth before her eyes reopened as blindingly white orbs, the inky blackness continuing throughout her entire body as her screams of pain died away.Too focused on killing her opponent Azula didn’t even seem to notice her transformation until she felt a stabbing pain in her own stomach cutting off her Firebending, the Fire Lord backing up a couple of steps and looking down to see that Ashi had turned her hand into a jet black Spear and had ran it straight through her midsection.“You..what…?” she gasped in total shock before Ashi then ripped her Spear hand out of her stomach and turned it into a Whip to lash it across Azula’s body, the hit sending her upwards off of her feet before Ashi then fired Lasers from her eyes to blast Azula across the street sending her crashing through a wall.As the wall crumbled down Ashi slinked forward, her motions now almost serpentlike and unnatural as Azula picked herself up out of the rubble, her face still twisted in a crazed hateful expression as she ignited her hands again and launched herself at Ashi.Instead of lashing out as Azula approached her Ashi waited until the last moment before opening her mouth, the inky blackness covering her face splitting in a demonic maw as she then let out a piercing scream along with a a black and white striped funnel like portal which promptly swallowed Azula whole, removing her from that point in time.(Several minutes earlier)Falling out of the portal Azula wildly thrust her flaming hands forward to impale what she thought was Ashi in a moment of wild abandon but the moment her hands pierced the woman's chest she felt an agonising burning sensation in her own chest.“What?” she gasped as she coughed up blood, the rage mist clearing in her vision only to give way to horror as she found herself looking at herself with her hands buried in her own ribcage, her past self looking at her with the same look of horror and confusion before the light left her eyes and her body hit the floor among the horrified Fire Nation citizens.A split second later Azula felt like her body was completely wasting away, falling to her knees over the corpse of her previous self as Ashi appeared in front of her through another portal “you...YOU DID THIS!” the Fire Lord snapped clutching at her bleeding chest.“No, you did this to yourself” Ashi stated back coldly as the inky blackness covering her face peeled away revealing her human features, the daughter of Aku looking upon Azula with disdain as the Fire Lord continued to spit insults and threats until she had completely faded away into nothingness, the timeline and future in which they had fought no longer existing.Feeling herself start to fade away as well Ashi then looked upon her previous self who was looking at her with utter confusion “it’s best not to ask” she stated simply before fading away herself, leaving her previous self stood confused over the corpse of a women she had just killed in a now nonexistent timeline.Winner: AshiBefore anyone says anything yes I pulled a Ben Tennyson vs Green Lantern, sue me.Anyway, why does Ashi beat Azula?Well at first both characters seem near completely evenly matched save for Ashi’s massive advantage in physical strength meaning that even if Ashi could knock Azula’s head off with one strong punch Azula’s matching skill and speed meant that she’d have to put in a lot of effort to do so.The fight is tipped heavily in Ashi’s favour however upon her tapping into her innate powers granted to her by being the daughter of Aku, powers that match her fathers completely meaning that the moment she started using them Azula would stand no chance as any attack she landed would heal near immediately or have no effect at all leaving Azula on very short borrowed time before Ashi landed the killing blow.
Iroh Jr.
Iroh by HooiZhong
Iroh II by Gadani13
What fire flakes...? by Yuki-Mori-Okami
General Iroh II by Gadani13
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Fire Lords - Legend Of Korra: Balance by MeTaa
Avatar Korra: The new order of the White Lotus by Omnipotrent
Daddy Zuko by theBedgyArtist
Welcome Home, Zuzu! by Maripolifan
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IKEA by Maripolifan
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Concept Art: Tigerrat/Magnak by wcqaguxa
Team Fire Nation by thatbloodypirate
NAM Page 22 by VenusDeGoat
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Tyro vs Samten by LuceDraw
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Great news, Zuko is alive and we hopefully will see him in Korra.

Zuko statue

:rose: He's 87 and he's retired 3 years ago.
:rose: His daughter became Fire Lord!
:rose: Zuko still travels over the world as an ambassador for peace.

Play the game yourself and watch it!…
:rose: Korra Debut Draws 4.5 Million Viewers

:rose: All the episode titles:
Chapter 1 Welcome to Republic City
Chapter 2 A Leaf in the Wind
Chapter 3 The Revelation
Chapter 4 The Voice in the Night
Chapter 5 The Spirit of the Competition
Chapter 6 And The Winner Is…
Chapter 7 Skeletons in the Closet
Chapter 8 The Will of the Fire Lord
Chapter 9 Tahno’s Love Triad
Chapter 10 Festival of White Lotus Bloom
Chapter 11 The Avatar’s Promised
Chapter 12 Rebirth

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