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Current Residence: Nueva Macross
Favourite genre of music: Instrumental & Rock
Favourite style of art: Fan Art
Operating System: Windows XP Professional
MP3 player of choice: Winamp, my cell phone
Wallpaper of choice: 1151X719
Favourite cartoon character: Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail), Batman and Harley Quinn (Batman TAS), Saber (Fate series), Darth Vader (Star Wars saga), Alucard (Hellsing), Nami and Hancock (One Piece), Hildegarde (Beelzebub), Koko Hekmatyar (Jormungand), Revy and Roberta (Black Lagoon), Grim (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy), Shego (Kim Possible), Shino Amakusa (Seitokai Yakuindomo), Kenji Harima (School Rumble), Misato Katsuragi (Evangelion), Bra from Universe 16 (Dragon Ball Multiverse), Kei (Dirty Pair Flash), Optimus Prime (Transformers series)
Personal Quote: "Mientras la llama de mi vida siga encendida, jamás me daré por vencido"

Favourite Visual Artist
Todos los del Renacimiento
Favourite Movies
Tengo un buen, pero esa lista la encabeza Jurassic Park
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
KoRn, Rammstein, Queen, Fergie, Gwen Stefanie, U2, Madonna...
Favourite Writers
Bram Stocker, Homero, Edgar Allan Poe, Dante Aligheri
Favourite Games
Las series FIFA, los Zelda, los Resident Evil, los DBZ Budokai, 18 WoS Haulin', el NFS Prostree
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo, Sony, PC
Other Interests
Como buen Saiyajin, los combates. También me gustas los autos personalizados y el fútbol
Por si has estado viviendo en una cueva las últimas semanas, debes saber que Disney (Que ahorita está peleándose con la mamirriqui de Scarlet Johanson) corrigió una de las más grandes injusticias y errores en los últimos 16 años: Cambió el cast del doblaje latinoaméricano de los Simpsons haciendo que los actores originales volvieran a retomar a sus personajes. Es decir, Humberto Velez, Paty Acevedo, Claudia Mota, Gabriel Chávez, Octavio Rojas, Bardo Miranda, Gerardo Reyero y compañía regresan para interpretar a Homero, Lisa, Bart/Marge, el Sr. Burns, Smithers, Barney, el Reverendo Alegría y demás personajes. El primer paso que se dio fue en el crossover entre la serie de Loki y los Simpsons. Y para muestra un botón: Sólo por eso, sólo por esto volveré a ver a los Simpson, que desde hace 16 años los había sepultado. English version Well today I can tell you that Disney corrected that error and after so long, the original actors return to retake the characters and whose voices we
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Hola a todos. Acá pasando rápidamente. Pues para anunciarles que he abierto mi cuenta en New Grounds. ¿Cuál será el propósito de esta nueva cuenta? Enfocarme en los Guerreros Dragón, que era mi propósito original al unirme a DA. Mi cuenta de New Grounds también funcionará para albergar trabajos que normalmente no subo aquí, por lo que los invito a seguirme allá. Tengo un proyecto que estoy por subir, pero en NG este tendrá una variante que no subiré a DA. Aquí el link: Y ahí también verán los links de mis otras cuentas. Nos vemos por allá y aquí también ;) English version Hi all of you. Here I come quickly to give you an announcement. I have opened my account at New Grounds. What will be the purpose of this new account? Focusing on the Dragon Warriors stuff, which was my original purpose in joining DA. My New Grounds account will also work to host jobs that I don't normally upload here, so I invite you to follow me there. I have a
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can you do commissions?

Hello @AtlasMaximus are you there and if so I will like to talk to you if you could hear me out because I was wonderin if you would digitally drawn my vector groupshot of f.o.e. (forces of evil) and here is the pic of my oc for you to redesign for the vector groupshot of f.o.e. (forces of evil) so what do you think can you do it since I figured I would ask @AtlasMaximus

F.O.E. (Forces Of Evil) (The New Most Dangerous Enemies of Ruby Rose's Group and Eviler Rivals of Salem's Inner Circle From Across The Multiverse) (Dark Shadow (My RWBY Super-Villain OC looks like a fusion of the masked figure from scooby-doo 2 monsters unleashed and yokai from big hero 6 and has green eyes) (The Mastermind) and Blackfire (Teen Titans 2003) (His Queen) and Dr. Eggman (Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Live Action's Dr. Eggman but with red eyes and black guyliner like his sonic satam's robotnik counterpart) (The Mad Genius) and The Green Goblin (The Spectacular Spider-Man) (The Sadistic Maniac) and The Dazzlings (Adagio Dazzle and Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk) (Equestria Girls's the dazzlings are in their new outfits which looks like their outfits from find the magic and they have their magical jeweled necklaces and they are also in their half siren forms) (The Siren Sisters) and Hades (Disney's Hades in His Mirrorverse Suit) (The Death God) and Negaduck) (DuckTales 2017) (The Psychotic Duck of Chaos) F.O.E. Shares Similarities To F.O.W.L. (DuckTales 2017) (f.o.e. is made up of villains from across the multiverse that will face off against ruby rose's group as their newest and most dangerous enemies they have ever faced off against) and The Sinister 6 (Spider-Man No Way Home) (f.o.e. is made up of villains from across the multiverse and aswell as being new arch enemies of ruby rose's group and being the arch rivals of salem's inner circle) and The Decepticons (Transformers Prime) (f.o.e. is an experienced team of villains and will use underhanded tactics to take over all of the worlds aswell being deceptive making people think they are being attacked by ruby rose's group just to frame them) and The Foot Clan (TMNT 2012) (f.o.e. wants to control the worlds in chaos aswell as have sadisticaly hurt ruby rose's group) and The Brotherhood of Evil (Teen Titans 2003) (f.o.e. embraces the fact that they are evil and will destroy ruby rose's group mentally and physically) and The League of Villains (My Hero Academia) (f.o.e. wants to watch the remnant go to chaos and also has great and terrifying plans to take over remnant) and The Masked Figure and His Monster Army (Scooby-Doo 2 Monsters UnLeashed) (dark shadow and blackfire treats their teammates as a family if their teammates are attacked they will kill anyone be they hero or villain) my rwby oc multiverse crossover fanfic super-villain story description: dark shadow is a super villain who wanted to put the world of remnant into his control, but ruby rose's group stopped him from doing it. So, he uses his multiversal tech to summon the multiverse's most powerful and dangerous enemies the villains that dark shadow summoned are Blackfire and Dr. Eggman and The Green Goblin and The Dazzlings (Adagio Dazzle and Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk) and Hades and Negaduck to destroy their enemies aswell their rivals and When the villains demanded how they got their, Dark Shadow clamly tells they've been summoned here for a reason. He offer them to be a part of group of villains who will help him destroy his worst enemies and aswell as their lifes and rule the world of remnant. The villains are interested of the offer, but wonder what's in it for them. dark shadow told them if they join him, they will form a evil master plan of finally take down his arch-enemies ruby rose's group and aswell as his arch rivals salem's inner circle and claim their wildest dreams of domination of the world of remnant. The villains accept the offer and begin the plot their evil plans. blackfire loves a man who is all evil and has interest of taking down any hero who gets in his way. blushed at her comment, dark shadow vow after they control the world of remnant, he would make Blackfire his queen of darkness as she agreed "look out, Ruby Rose's Group and remnant because F.O.E. (Forces Of Evil) are coming for revenge on you Ruby Rose's Group and take complete and total control of remnant"

Dark Shadow (ver 2)

there is a webcomic you should see

''HELLGASM SLAUGHTER'' is a webcomic that i ramdomly found on TAPAS a webcomic publishing site, which look like some kind of kill la kill/ devilman/evangelion fusion. It tells the story of the devil of pride Belial who fight hell and heaven armies to become the new ruler of the cosmos, and there a lot of stuff about hell and its 13 circles. The story is full of dark humor and bloody fight with funny insane characters.

PS: take time to read cause there are lots details which can be easily missed sometimes (particulary in fights)

here the link :

Fantastic gallery you have love your work very much take care can't wait to see more.:love:

Could I possibly ask something from you

I'm creating a cartoon. It's called, Forgotten Tales! It's about these forgotten and obscure characters that go on wacky and crazy adventures.