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Underfell [1/2]

By Atlas-White
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In the Underground the Law is clear: Kill or Be Killed.
This is understood by all.

Toriel, the lonely Queen, waits in the RUINS. She has pie to offer, but it smells strangely.

Napstablook is a cruel, sadistic ghost. They keep to themself, because they are filled with resentment for their cousins who left them.

Sans is a devious skeleton, who follows Papyrus around everywhere. He'll do anything he asks, so be careful you stay on Papyrus's good side.

Papyrus is a member of the Royal Guard, who is dogged by his own aspiration. He looks after Sans at the behest of his adoptive father, Grillby. He'll do anything to protect him, so be careful you stay on Sans's good side.

Frisk is a lost child. They just want to find their way home. But the Underground is filled with scary things and monsters who obey the Law. Their only companion is Flowey the Flower. He is very, very afraid. But with his roots in their head, he'll offer them whatever protection and guidance he has to give.

Undyne is the Captain of the Royal Guard. Nobody has ever hated humans more. She is rotten to the core, and the only person she can even stand is DR. Alphys.

DR. Alphys is the definition of the term "mad scientist." She aspires to one day experiment on a living human. Deep down, she really wants to help monsters escape the Underground.

Mettaton is a diva. He was built to entertain and to kill humanity. But he is very timid and fears disappointing others, especially DR. Alphys. His SOUL is plainly visible, and that only makes him more self-conscious.

King ASGORE is the mighty ruler of the Underground. He is rarely seen, but is renowned for his power and viciousness. It was he who made the Law, and the Law must be obeyed... even if not everyone really believes in it anymore.

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If enough of you want to see more, I will make a second lineup to include Muffet, Grillby, Temmie, Mad Dummy, Nicecream Guy, Burgerpants, W.D. Gaster, and Asriel! So be sure to comment~

Thanks so much for letting me know that you wanted more! You got it! ♥

If you don't like Underfell, please keep that to yourself!
You certainly don't have to like it, but I do.

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Part Two:
Underfell [2/2] by Atlas-White

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U N D E R F E L L by Atlas-White  UF - You Are My Star [CE] by Atlas-White  UF - Toriel, Caretaker of the RUINS (Trade) by Atlas-White  UF - Sea of Voices by Atlas-White  
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Looks well made.

This style reminds me of Horrortale, even though the style is different.

It's cool though.

MrBauar's avatar

the original maker of Underfell should have made Asriel the baphomet

PixelBoyJaafar's avatar

Underfell the cartoon!

XombieForever's avatar
This gives me Billy and Mandy vibes! I love it
SpaghettiVortex's avatar
Underfell fan art, but it looks like Don't Starve characters
Vovanin's avatar

You should make UnderFell the animated film

SonicTAlicorn's avatar
I love the Tim Burton esque style here. Great job. :03
TemShopIsOpen's avatar
omg this is friggin amazing
KatyzScriblez's avatar
jakieloka1102's avatar
I agree, I also love Underfell. Underfell is my most favorite Undertale AU ever!! I know they made a Demo game of Underfell, but I wish they could make it as a full game. I really love Underfell! Love Love Heart Heart Heart Also, nice artwork that you made it look like a Tim Burton style. 
Chancekey's avatar
This looks extremely good :o (Eek) 
KotoAdventures's avatar
Carpet dad. Asgore is carpet dad.
Kalemine's avatar
Is this Tim-Burton-Style?
Emerald-Arts1's avatar
That's what I thought!
GameRager1's avatar
The style is awesome, please make a second lineup.
Moe-Mux-Hagi's avatar
I think Horrortale would also look good with your style.
Hawkiss21's avatar
art styyyyyyyyle 
John-the-Enforcer's avatar
Kind of Tim Burton-ish in it's appearance....I like it! =D
NokotaSilver's avatar
This particular art style feels like it'd lend itself more to Horrotale.
6-O-Hundred657's avatar
I love your art style! It reminds me of Tim Burton's! 😁❤️
Atlas-White's avatar
Oh I'm so glad, thank you! >u<
I like your icon!
6-O-Hundred657's avatar
Thanks ❤️😁 and You're welcome 😁
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