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FNAF - Oh, He's Patient

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Damn damn damn damn


FNAF - Jumpscare! (hand animated) by Atlas-White FNAF - Time Changes People by Atlas-White 
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© 2015 - 2021 Atlas-White
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Mike never seems to catch a break, does he?

SoulForGyroMan-XOXO's avatar

Bonnie, screw you and shut up!

Lmao, after his power goes out, Freddy just comes in and pushes Bonnie away. Anyways cool art!

Nu. Don't got time for this wabbit!

eta-gamma-14's avatar

Okay. Guess I'll have to cut back on power for the lights and cameras. There's about half an hour left til six. If I ration the power just right I might make it.

Jesus this happens all the time

Angelheartdizney124's avatar
Legend has it he’s still waiting to this day.
HiccupTheGamer's avatar
After years of waiting XD
youshallnotdelete's avatar

If the nightguard closes the door to stop Bonnie, isn't Bonnie waiting there gonna make the night guard lose more power?

Eggcelt's avatar
Good boy, he needs a pat on the head.
LadybelleofPemberley's avatar

And this is why we love Bonnie😁Ohai There Bonnie Cutie!! (Chat Icon)

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It's worse with Chica.
Fangx-ShadoWolf's avatar
heey i found this again ^ ^ 
I remember after i found it long ago and shortly after seeing this and i played the game, bonnie pulled the exact trick. I even had 5% power right at that moment. I realized and just opened the door and let him in playfully shaking my fist at him XD
Bendynyanthecatdemon's avatar
I hate it when they do that. I hate it!!
Starseeker1204's avatar
Careful not to waste your power,
you've still got to last an hour
I can hear your heart pound heavy
Here we come, I hope you're ready.
LadybelleofPemberley's avatar

Ah yes! Madame Macabre love that song! 😍👏

Starseeker1204's avatar

Same! Figured it fit the situation.

ArviraNightbreeze's avatar
X.X  this would be me playing  Fnaf.  and its always bonnie who kills me ... * stares at bonnie with  shiver down spine*   the one bunny i dont like

 side note.. One of my fav  Drawings of  this evil bunny
Dramymon's avatar
I guess he's Waaiting FOWA Power Outage
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