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My Bio

A geek who likes Dinosaurs, history and mythology.

Currently working on Daily Dinosaur Addendum, showing off the more obscure dinosaur species, and Montana Zoo of Prehistory, a series about a zoo which brings dinosaurs back to life from the past.

Favourite Visual Artist
Mohamad Haghani, Luis Rey, Sergey Krasovskiy, Emily Willoughby, Gabriel Ugueto, cisiopurple, Andrey Atuchin, Fred Wierum
Favourite Movies
I'm not a movie person.
Favourite TV Shows
Dinosaur Train, Dinosaur King, W - Two Worlds
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Can't think of anything to list here
Favourite Books
The Complete Book of Dinosaurs by Dougal Dixon, A Field Guide to Dinosaurs by Luis Rey and Henry Gee
Favourite Writers
My brain?
Favourite Games
Not a gaming person
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Pencils, paper, colored pencils, sometimes MediBang.
Other Interests
Dinosaurs, history, animals, funny stuff.
Thanks for 150 watchers everyone! Let’s hope this celebration isn’t premature and someone would mysteriously unwatch me or something.
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For the past few months, I couldn’t seem to get more than 147 watchers. Why? Because every time I get a 148th watcher, an old watcher will mysteriously deactivate or unwatch me. It’s almost guaranteed. I only spend weeks or days with 148 watchers because the count resets to 147 shortly after. And it doesn’t seem to drop below 147 either. It’s as if something is limiting me to 147 watchers forever. Note that I’m not complaining or begging for watchers. I’m just pointing out something strange I’ve noticed.
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A few months ago, I deleted the old dinosaur cladograms I created for two reasons: one, because they were too difficult to maintain, and two, because a certain user bombarded me with comments trying to get me to rewrite them to their liking. But now that I got a specialist cladogram-making software and the user in question has since reformed, I guess it's time to bring my cladograms back! In the eight months in which my old cladograms were gone, I remade them from the ground up. Instead of being hand-drawn, the new cladograms are created in a program called TreeGraph 2 (which only works on Windows 10, something I found out after I made the old ones). I also did a critical reappraisal of the relationships based on the latest studies. And instead of just non-avian dinosaurs, I've expanded their scope to all of Pan-Aves, including dinosaurs, Mesozoic birds, pterosaurs, and more. So, without further ado, here are the
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Here is something to checkout Jungleboy69’s Cartoon All-Stars in Project Planet Zoo Tycoon. Join your favourite cartoon characters as they help to build an amazing zoo while learning about the different species that inhabit our world and dealing with villains who would cause them harm. This series is inspired by inspired by the Zoo Tycoon Franchise, Planet Zoo, Wild Kratts, and Zoboomafoo.

It’s the cartoon toons: humans, Anthropomorphic objects, and animals interacting with the realistic style animals based on the designs of WildandNatureFan.

It’s got Animals, Toon Comedy, Educational Facts, Prehistoric Animals, Dinosaurs, Extinct Animals, few cryptids and mythical animals, Man Vs Nature, Conservation, and Wildlife Moments.

Check it out and favorite it.


No offense, but why do you keep spamming this comment on different paleoartists’ pages?

In regards to the bearded vulture paper, I have contacted a paleontologist who said that it could be considered both paleontology and archeology so it would be fine to stay on the 2023 in archosaur paleontology page

But the text and title of the paper clearly state it is an archaeological one, and presenting it as paleontological without other papers stating so would fall under Wikipedia's definition of original research, and your personal contact with a paleontologist isn't enough for Wikipedia to say it is paleontological.

As a dinosaur lover of Filipino descent, I salute you! ;D