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Daily Dinosaur #464 - Huaxiagnathus, China Jaw by Atlantis536, visual art

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My Bio

A geek who likes Dinosaurs, history and mythology.

Currently working on Daily Dinosaur Addendum, showing off the more obscure dinosaur species, and Montana Zoo of Prehistory, a series about a zoo which brings dinosaurs back to life from the past.

Favourite Visual Artist
Mohamad Haghani, Luis Rey, Sergey Krasovskiy, Emily Willoughby, Gabriel Ugueto, cisiopurple
Favourite Movies
I'm not a movie person.
Favourite TV Shows
Dinosaur Train, Dinosaur King, W - Two Worlds
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Can't think of anything to list here
Favourite Books
The Complete Book of Dinosaurs by Dougal Dixon, A Field Guide to Dinosaurs by Luis Rey and Henry Gee
Favourite Writers
My brain?
Favourite Games
Not a gaming person
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Pencils, paper, colored pencils, sometimes MediBang.
Other Interests
Dinosaurs, history, animals, funny stuff.

Book Update #3

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Time for a more regular (so to speak) update! I'm already working on the Encyclopedia section, and I've already written about all the basal saurischians, sauropodomorphs, sauropods, diplodocoids, macronarians, and somphospondylians, and some of the titanosaurs. The book is now 226 pages long, with the Encyclopedia being 140 pages. I haven't illustrated any species yet, as I'm still in a process of finding out which taxa to depict. While researching, I've come up with a wildly different phylogeny than the one I've used for my cladograms. That said, I won't be updating them with my new phylogeny, but I'll keep them on my profile for general reference. Anyways, have an excerpt. And now, to continue on with the titanosaurs. Wish me luck - there are almost one hundred of them!
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After three long years, I have finally uploaded all the pieces for my Daily Dinosaur series. From Aardonyx to Zuul, a total of one thousand, one hundred and sixty-three pieces have been drawn, each taken from Wikipedia's dynamic list of dinosaur genera on the day a certain taxon was drawn. When I started this series back when I was 13, I thought of it as a fun way to pass the time, not expecting the impact it would have on my life. For me, it was just a dinosaur-themed parody of @Cryptid-Creations' "Daily Paint" series, a tribute to old friend @Tyranno63's "300 Dinosaurs", a potential rival to @cisiopurple's paleontologist-and-search-engine-approved series of dinosaur flash cards. But over the past three years - and then some - these dinosaurs took over my life. They were as important to be as having a good breakfast. I so desperately wanted to draw one dinosaur every day that I would pout when I couldn't get the chance to draw a day, such as when I get sick. Yet they stayed with me
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Book Update #2

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Yeah, I know I said I would update regularly, but I didn't expect production to be this slow. But yeah, after more than a year, I have finally done enough work to present an update! I've already finished Part 1, the Introduction, which is 86 pages long, including 30 figures and 1 table. Most of the ideas are - I confess - very similar to that of Greg Paul's Field Guide, but that's simply because I took heavy inspiration from his writing. Don't worry, plaigiarism nuts, it's not 100% the same; I also added a healthy dose of my own thoughts and added sources to back it up. I've also added a few skeletal restorations, which are just redrawn from those made by other authors. Of course; they're not the exact referenced works themselves, plus they're given credit. (Plus, scientific papers redraw figures from other authors all the time!) My cladograms also got updated to include taxa described in 2020. And now, time to write Part 2: The Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs. Hopefully, I can be more
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Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In there's a new whale genus that hasn't been added to 2021 in mammal paleontology and I was wondering if you could add it please

It was described in 2020, so it's on the 2020 in mammal paleontology page.

I went to a page that said it was named in 2021 so that confused me

Come on! Can you please fix the teeth on some dinosaurs whose teeth aren’t white?

I'm sorry, but I usually draw teeth as straight lines.

I just saw that the teeth on some digitally drawn dinosaurs aren’t colored in!

Because that's my art style.

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