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My Bio
(Last updated: 14th July 2016. [I usually go through and change a few odd things every now and then.])

Where to find me:
:dalogo: Deviantart: Atlantihero-Kyoxei (fan art, original art)
:facebook: Facebook: One Of These Daisies (mostly original art)
:music: Youtube: Kiaowtha (music videos, short films, random stuff)
:pencil: Person-without-a-FF.N-account (slightly neglected fanfiction)

Point commissions:

Please look in my 'requests and commissions' gallery folder for an idea of what I can draw for you.

150 points per chibi (EG 300 points for a couple in the same picture, 450 for a trio, etc. ^w^)
Please provide me with details about your character(s)! I will then draw some lineart and send it to you. If you're happy with it, then you transfer the points and I'll colour/shade it. If you're not I can make changes to it :)

If you don't have points but want to pay in REAL MONIES go check out my facebook page (above).

About me:

I'm Atlantihero-Kyoxei, also known as Atlanti, Maya, Mazh, or whatever.
Drawing Doctor Who fan art was what got me into drawing, and I always tried to make up for my... shall we say lack of skill... by inserting humour and making funny comics.
Nowadays I've reached a level of skill where I'm actually pretty happy with most stuff I draw, so I tend to lay off the humour more - don't worry though, I'm working on re-introducing it ^^

Random facts about me (if you're really THAT interested):

I love everyone (yes, including you)
I'm English. There is no such thing as a 'British Accent'.
I love tea/infusions. I have 24 types, no joke.
I play with action figures.
I'm home-educated.
Martha/Master (aka AngstBeat) is my ultimate OTP.
I support being open, honest and friendly both IRL and on the internet.
Veganism and equal rights all around :)
Cannibal Joseph.

My dearest chums (in various states of DA activity but all v. talented go stalk them):
:iconthestoryknowsthefish: :iconsolarune: :iconmy-sword-is-bigger: :iconalpacabee:

My favourite plz selection:

Plzs I have made: :iconclaraoswinplz::iconallthetimelordplz:

So. I think that's it... yep. I don't even know why I've written this. But hey, it's a bio. It's like, encouraging you to write about yourself and be conceited.

Favourite Movies
Cloud Atlas, Megamind, Harry Potter series, i Robot, the Secret Garden, any Marvel film with Loki in, most Studio Ghibli films.
Favourite TV Shows
Doctor Who (Of course), Teletubbies, Star Trek: The Original Series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sherlock, Jeeves and Wooster, the Big Bang Theory, Orphan Black, Merlin, Daria, Durarara!!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Chameleon Circuit, Murray Gold's soundtracks, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Set it Off, Get Scared, America, Arctic Monkeys, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Fall Out Boy.
Favourite Books
Charlie Bone, the Uglies Quartet, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Tuffy the Jeep, Animorphs, Hunger Games, Artemis Fowl, Skulduggery Pleasant, the Inkheart series, The Roar, and A Face Like Glass.
Favourite Games
The Sims, RuneScape, Emerald City Confidential, Wandering Willows, MarbleBlast Gold, Minecraft, Supertuxkart, roleplaying with action figures, chess, Canasta, Tichu, patience, Cards Against Humanity, Fluxx.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Laptop (because it's my only gaming platform ;_;) but I also like IRL games.
Tools of the Trade
Brain.... obviously... although I may sometimes function without it :P
Other Interests
Cuddles, anti-heros, action figures, toys, emotionally supporting my friends, baking, arguing with people about veganism, playing music, aaaaannd talking. Yup. Talking a lot. I LOVE TALKING :D

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