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After reading various different fairy tales on Giants, one obvious thought came to mind: "Well, they must've come from SOMEWHERE."

Here's my take on how it went about. I may or may not continue this.
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Definitely continue this! It's great.
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Hmm... quite interesting and a fascinating read. The word "Origins" strikes me as the prologue to something else so do you plan to make this a series or is this a one off thing? I'd be very much interested in this becoming a comic or a series :D :D
AtlanticSoldier8's avatar
I am open to allowing someone to make a comic based on this =O

As for weather there will be more, I'm looking into doing it now XD
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Awesome! Keep up the great work! :D
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Please continue this, aside from few grammatical mistakes the story of the girl personally and of the legend captivated me at every word. I hope you continue this fable as you are a great story teller.
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I got the idea for the title from reading alot of myths and legends on Giants and noticed there's a vague reference to their origins in Judeo-Christian texts. One enduring legend states Adam had two wives. Before Eve there was Lillith, who was created the same way Adam was. The legend states Adam was displeased with Lillith because she refused to consumate their union, she was kicked out of Eden. Eve was created as a replacement. This story is heavily based on that. Those who know the story know Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and lost their immortality.

It's said to prevent her offspring from mating with Eve's, God cursed her (Lilith's) womb so she would give birth to monsters. So instead she mates with Fallen Angels (The Angels who sided with Lucifer in the Ragnarok). One enduring myth from ancient times states Lillith will stalk a pregnant woman in the hopes of either causing the mother to miscarry or kill the baby shortly after it's born. Mostly out of spite towards Adam and Eve's descendants.

As for if I will continue it, I'm seriously considering it now ^_^
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In which version of old testament was legend about Adams two wifes. 
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You won't find it in the Canonical Old Testament/Torah. You will need to check the Apocrical, or "Banned" books of the bible. When the bible was being put together about 300 years after Christ, some text was left out the present day old and new testaments. The thing about Adam having two wives is pretty easy to spot as there are two creation stories if you pay very close attention in Genesis 1:27 you will see God created man and woman. The second begins in Genesis 2:7. Most will write it off as the first being a summary but when you take the possability of a second woman into consideration, it makes more sense. 

Some text omitted from the new testament covered Jesus' childhood. I've heard rumors that in the so-called "Gospel of Mary" used as a plot device in The DaVinci Code, Jesus and Mary Magdaline got married and had children. Childen whose descendants may or may not be alive today. According to The DaVinci Code, all evidence and references to a possible union of the two was stricken from the canon to keep Jesus' mortal bloodline a secret. When you consider the time period (Roman Occupation) it makes total sense.

I don't personally believe any of the stuff regarding Jesus' bloodline to be true, though. Otherwise it would've been restored a long time ago XD
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