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Kytana, Iconic Kineticist

Kytana strikes again! This time as a psychokinetic psion. Suit and hair by AlfaSeed. Enjoy! :)

Oh, done with DAZ 4 Pro with 3Delight and UberEnvironment2. ;) No postwork. Model's v4.

This was done with Ubersurfacing applied. I can almost say: Eat your heart out, Sam Wood! :P

Edit 2: Okay, eat your heart out, Sam Wood!! I finally got the problems of the first render solved and added some lovely props. This girl is a psionic blacksmith, LOL! Which is cool unto itself. I used Ubersurface this time (USS) and it looks like I need to adjust the specularity. Other than that, what do you guys think?
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Hmm, they don't like Butts on the DAZ Forums. I don't know what the problem is, it's just two body parts.
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very nice great work
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Thank you, Neil. UberSurface was something I never knew I could take advantage of. I wish I had some spark brushes, but the Hero FX Alchemical Circles and Magical Effects can simulate certain particle effects. But Ron's Particle brushes are perfect for that [link] . Also Jepe's Particle FX [link] and the Spray Tool [link] could have worked. But I'm happy with the result. :)
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