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Two Souls of the Universe




Finally we meet again after the thousand years ago in our past lives.

This is an Aleph. Just a quick sketch of two souls who got reunited together in this world after from knowing each other from the past lives.

"Aleph" is something more than a love, friendship or anything what we have felt in our lives. This is a feeling when whole Universe join with us.

Aleph is an event where two souls meet in one point (place) of the Universe where these two souls have met already in past lives.

Personally I really believe in a theory that soul can meet certain soul in past lives as well we will meet that soul in another lives because I do feel that. A soul, whole universe is a form of purging energy. Every of us has important role in the universe.

Aleph, personally I think, is a highest and purest form of feeling with our soul. When we find an Alpha Point (Aleph) in our life, we feel an enormous energy.... like all the things becomes unimportant what was around us. Like a whole universe connects with us.
The point of Alpha (Aleph is not only refered to a person, but also to certain place, thing or living creature and anything else- since everything in our world is form of energy which travels all around.

I'll be coming with an article about the feeling of a love related stuff! There will be explaination the differences of attraction, love and what is Aleph and why most of relationships are falling apart more often than ever. (and not only human related love but also with other things)

Please do not repost or reuse this picture anywhere else online as well on tattoos, etc. since this my artwork is my very personal. Thank you! (features are ok as long as they link back to my original artwork! thanks!)
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It's really a lovely piece