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November 29, 2011
I don't do ART for free by `PearlEden
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I don't do ART for free


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Please read whole artist's comment.

This drawing I did some time ago for a community with an important message. Lately I've heard often those quotes like that, so I decided to twitch into a drawing instead just letters of that quote for a community. This message regards for working artists. And I'm not talking about art as general meaning and art is for money, but the service for others when someone asks us to draw what they want.
I thought also to put there.

That's why we, working artists, don't do any free requests as a service for others when we are asked.
I still get often a requests from people, and here is an excellent quote from my friend ~WildSpiritWolf faq, which explains a lot for those who can't see/understand the view of another person:

Q: Why won't you do a picture/tattoo/etc. for me for free? It's silly that I have to pay to have you make something for me.

A: Please try to see this from another person's point of view. I'm sorry but I do not work for free and have no plans to change that. Commissions are my full time job so if I did art for free, I would have no money. Plus I would be ridiculously busy because so many people would be lining up to get free art from me. So at that point, I would be broke and would be drowning in free art requests which would leave me very stressed and unhappy.

Simply, art is our job. The feeling where we work on art is the same as we would do other job.

You can share that picture and spread around. I permit people to use this on facebook, blogs, websites, communities, tumblr etc. and feature it anywhere. I made it to be shared- we are about to share that art is part of our job to everyone If you agree with this :]
Feel free to share this!

But please DO NOT remove my signature and link to website and do not claim that you drew it. Do not use for also for commercial goals, ask me if you plan to do! :]

For the information: This is my own opinion and feeling with this, as well among the other artist. I made it for my group of artist community where I am in where they share the same feeling about it and that's it. It is NOT a law, order or even "it has to be". Everyone may have different opinions, and if someone things doing free requests is ok, it's totally fine! Free requests aren't bad, but for some people there is a limit reached where some artists can't do anymore due to clear reasons as being working artists. If you agree with this, that's fine, you may share and show your own feelings, if not, that's fine! Just do what you want :) Remember what I posted, it's also my feeling and opinion with others but not with everyone. Everyone has a right to their own feelings and that's a clean explaination why we don't do free requests. Even, personally I have not positive experience with "free requests" from people whom I do not know in the past.
Doing personal art and projects where I put my feelings and free thoughts, I have fun and enjoyment what I love, thus doing commission work is totally different feeling- a feeling of my duty and job.

Personally I still do "free work" which is an exception known as a gifts for my close people who I very cherish, working on art for them I think about them. It has positive feelings of the bonds and memories with them. And another, I'm active person in charity foundations/organizations, where I volunteer doing visual graphics where I also enjoy of a help for others in my foundation. I find it's priceless feeling being part of foundation and helping whose are in a need, being among with those fantastic people and fighting with life crisis.

Since there were many questions regarding art =/= fun, I hope that will explain :] [link]

Also to mention, I think the most beautiful art creations are when we do personal artwork. We put our own thoughts, own feelings, emotions and freedom- our world is put on the paper. No one should comment us what we should do when we create own and personal artwork from the heart.
I found the origin where that part of text quote comes from:
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understand that completely