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One-Eye Soldier's Remains by atisuto17 One-Eye Soldier's Remains by atisuto17
The city of Bagdab, a splendid and beautiful metropolis, there the Tigris River crosses the city, I have wonderful memories of this city, its buildings and its mosques richly decorated in pure Muslim art style, the markets full of people selling products of their land and as well as exotic utilities from distant lands of Arabia and Asia, I could see the towering skyscrapers with its famous dome similar to St. Basil's Basilica in Moscow, in one of them I could see three beautiful and blinding golden spheres dated in the century XI, during the short reign of King Nod, during this time Baghdad was under threat from an enormous tribe of looters called the One Eye, led by the bloodthirsty leader called El Tuerto, this tribe was heavily armed to the teeth, possessing powerful weapons of siege that capable of demolishing walls at once, blades, spears and folding arches, black and intimidating black armor representing on his chest his flag, they had a helmet with horns that covered the right eye (hence its name) and between its armament a formidable but powerful war machine conformed of giant crossbows, catapults that throw pointed balls, turrets of arrows similar to the chukonu of China, the three golden spheres were the only means that impeded their presence, although it can be a great disadvantage for the big city, it can ward off the one-eyed, but also attract the anbition of other groups of big looters like the one eye, but that after all, as they were very small in number and with little armament, they did not dare to attack the city so walled and defended. When the spheres mysteriously disappeared, possibly by the sorcerer and personal adviser of King Nod, Zigzag, who ambitiously wanted the throne of the kingdom and the heart of his daughter, but his plans were overshadowed by a young shoemaker, unfortunately the documentation of this story was lost during the siege of the city by the Mongolian Hulanu Khan in 1258, which is evidence of this fact, are the remains of the one-eyed army and its shattered war machine, of which it is buried and rusted in the soil of Baghdad, in some distant points of the city you can find the remains of the un-eye warriors, even with their arrows inserted, and their huge but heavy armor.
HuouinKyoma Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
They never saw it coming
SlackEye Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
That's what happens when you don't finish school.
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