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Old Abandoned Room (Don Quixote) by atisuto17 Old Abandoned Room (Don Quixote) by atisuto17
The local villagers of La Mancha found an abandoned house far from the new city, the municipality of the region wanted to demolish the old construction of s. XVII to expand land to the agricultural and livestock sector, before starting the demolition process, the specialists inspected the house in ruins at that time one of them noticed something strange in one of the walls, to hit this echo was heard on the other side , as well as the presence of air currents that came out through the tiny holes, demolished the wall that covered the entrance to another room, with the help of flashlights and masks to protect themselves from the smell of bat feces upon entering discovered something that perplexed To visitors.

They found the remains of a private room, it had a wooden shelf in an advanced state of putrefaction, the endings, the ants and the dust of time damaged the furniture until it was more than a structure of old trunks, in it they had some books still interspersed, only 15 posts, belonging to tales of knighthood, knights errant of Spanish literature, above stone statuettes that reproduced a medieval helmet, a dragon and a knight, there was a sort of umbrella stand containing swords, swords and spears of combat, all rusty and full of dust, the wooden handle was ashen with just breathing up close, around it shields of sheet and a tin statuette invaded with cobwebs and covered with gray dust, next to it, a comfortable red carpet chair and dark wood.

The room was examined, arriving at a wooden desk, its drawers were empty except for an old notebook with yellowish and brittle leaves that recorded business, livestock and tax expenditures, on the cover of the object marked "If someone finds this notebook is owned by Don Quesada of the province of La Mancha, "this reveals the home of the ingenious and unmanned knight-errant Don Quixote de La Mancha, when this was reported to the municipality and the community of La Mancha stopped the demolition and was converted into a museum house, in honor of the Caballero Andante of Spanish literature.
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