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Well, I have to say that I was inspired by this guy on deviantart:


I was actually searching for a "FaceBook-Cover-Picture" because FaceBook forced me to use the new timeline. It also had to be some motivation picture for myself...

So after a few searches I stumbled over his deviation:…

I liked the alignments a lot and thought it would match perfectly into my "new"FaceBook-Page. So I decided to create my own one. Of course, punkdbydaniels' has more detail in it, that's clear. It's definitely awesome.

I also added a quote to this. It's one of my favourite quotes ever. Everyone who knows MetalGear will remember that sentence.

Feel free to use it on your own desktop, laptop or maybe even as your FaceBook-Coverpicture (^_^). Who knows...

Allright. Thanks for reading and keep it up. And yeah....


Copyright notice:
I do not own any part of the quote shown in my work. It also didn't arose out of my own mind or thoughts. The copyright completely belongs to the creator Hideo Kojima and his company. Since there was and will never be any concern of gaining an income out of this artwork (non-commercial), I'm explicitly distancing myself from any infringement carried out by a third party. This artwork is an adulation to the creator (Hideo Kojima) and it also stands for my personal creative evolvement.
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This looks amazing! Can I use it as facebook cover photo and just credit you in the description with a link to your work?