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best broken glass

The collection of broken glass.:D
from: 2448 x 1632
to 3872 x2 592
You can see i use this texture blow link
© 2009 - 2021 atilazz
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I used one of your broken glass here:… a good thanks you share.
hello planing to use this in my amv, thanx in advice will post link when finished
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tanks for sharing
I grouped 3 Grand Package 90 broken glass texture high definition for your creation to be more realistic
for more Broken Glass Textures
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thanks for sharing!! 
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Perfect for a class project, thanks! Love the multi-packs!
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t's fun to run, it's fun to play,
It's fun to eat your mother's face,
It's fun to fill your car with gas,
It's fun to break.... things made of glass!

It's fun to spray yourself with Mace
It's fun to squeeze your mothers face
It's fun to mow your daddies Grass
It's fun to break.... things made of glass

But broken glass can cut your hand,
And then you'll bleed across the land,
Ask any woman, child or man,
About the dangers
Of broken glass...
Broken Glass....

I like nice girls with gum disease
I like to tickle peoples knees
Don't tell me no just tell me yes
And then we'll break.... things made of glass

Sometimes I put on special pants
And then I board a plane to France
When I arrive I start to dance
And then I break....things made of glass

Yeah I know that dance doesn't rhyme with glass
So What Cha gonna about it huh

But broken glass will tell you lies
Bleed your soul and blind your eyes
Like a demon with a side of fries
You better be aware.... of broken glass
Of broken glass glass

Harmonica solo!

Mmm, children that glass sure does look delicious, doesn't it?
But you can't eat it.
'cause broken glass is not a food,
So don't you listen to some dude,
Who says put cheese on broken glass,
And make a sand-a-wich!
Out of broken glass...

Let's sing a song about broken glass,
I'll help you write it after class,
There is no song that can surpass
About broken glass...
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And used again here:
Thank you!! :heart:
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I used your textures here:
thank you very much! :)
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Je viens d'utiliser votre stock dont voici le lien: [link]
Merci beaucoup.
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hoho~!! thanks@ thesse are awesome!!!
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wow awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi I used one of your textures here:

Helped a lot!
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