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And Hell shall drown Us All

By Aticum
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Art © Áticum 2016
Characters © The Legend of Zelda
Tablet digital painting

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That is amazing! :D you don't see much Vaati Reborn fanart, but I'm happy when I do find it! 
I love how the eye looks, and the flames are pretty colors ^^ Pretty much a perfect depiction of Vaati in my opinion 
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*whispers* I feel the power...
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Me gusta    ԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ)
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absolutely beautiful
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I hated this fight omg
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Oh wow, such beauty and power, I totally love this. I wouldn't want to mess with her lol
Great job :)
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Actually, Vaati is male xD
DuneTheZangoose's avatar
I was under the impression He was a She lol, well damn. I feel stupid nlw hahaha
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Haha, don't worry. Vaati really looks like a female, so it's ok you got confused.
DuneTheZangoose's avatar
lol kk :)
I watched my brother play some of this game, always thought Vaatai was a girl lol
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Vaati!  He really should have been in Hyrule Warriors.
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Indeed, it'd have been awesome
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I was just watching a guy on stream beat Minish Cap this morning. Now I really really want to draw this form of Vaati, too! So cool!!! !
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Who? Vinny, perhaps?
Thanks! :D
misellapuella's avatar
Yeah it was! lol I'm sad he's finished the game now ;-;
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Aw, ikr! I didn't know he was streaming it until a friend told me, but Vinny is always nice to watch, specially if he's playing one of my favorite Zelda games.
misellapuella's avatar
I happened to be watching one of the streams where he said he would start streaming it. It's my favourite game, so I was watching twitter for him to announce it lol I love all of the chit-chat, stories and silliness; it's like hanging out with someone and playing it, rather than just a little commentary on the game itself.
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Was he replying to what users would write on the comments? O:
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