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Bodygraphia, 2013

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 9, 2013, 10:57 AM
This year was the first time I attended Bodygraphia - an International photography symposium, held in Dryanovo, Bulgaria. It was really nice gathering of photographers, models, make-up artists and talent! We were devided into groups of five and that were our teams. Each team shot at 6 different locations in 3 consequitive days with 6 different models. We were then given the ability to use whatever lighting was provided by the organizers ;)

It was real fun, and man next year I'm going again. 

Here you can see the website of Bodygraphia and enjoy some of the most beautiful shots done there:

And here is a small selection of my fave shots I did there:

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Today I started seeing ads, although I have a premium membership. Can somebody else confirm that? 

If this is so, then there's no point of being a premium member any more..
WTF is going on with SPAM comments? I've been getting tons of those today, as oposed to just a few in total since I've joince dA. Anyone knows any way to stop those, other than suspend commenting on my photos?
I think the design is slick, but its painfully slow. Significant upgrade anyway?
Hey all,

I am thinking of stopping my uploads here. Lately I just don't see any sense. The more I stay, the more I see its pointless.

I'm not getting the interraction with you - my followers - that I'm really here for. In fact, I rarely get ANY interraction at all. It's not really close to what I'm getting elsewhere, on other art sharing websites. Yeah, I do get hundreds and sometimes thousands of views on my pics (especially if there's nudity involved), but do I care about the views? Nope, not really. What I care most is to understand what people think of my art. Even if its bad.

Further to the last point, it also seems to me the general public is here to appreciate "erotic art" shot with mobile phones, mostly in a mirror. Which speaks bad both for the public and the website.

I really think this site is going down and is letting the people that would love to share their true art down as well.

Is it just me?
Hey dear followers! I'll be in Barcelona for the next couple of days (17th to 20th). If any girl wants to do a city portrait photoshoot - drop me a line ;)
I'm seriously thinking about getting one and replacing my F1.4, but am confused about the numerous back focus claims one can find on Amazon. So question - have you tried it and if yes - is it soft? Any Back Focus issues?

Thanks! :)
Hey, just wanted to share that I've updated my website

It now has a very cool responsive design, meaning it should work on a mobile phone and an iPad as an addition to the PC/Mac Browsers. I have also added a few layers of caching, which would eventually decrease the loading speed of my website greatly.

Last but not least, I've added CDN support for all my static content like images, CSS Stylesheets and Java Scripts. CDN (Content Delivery Network) is that super cool thing, that would automatically disperse your content across the globe and serve it to your website's visitors from the nearest (and presumably fastest) to them location.

So check it out and tell me what do you think?  Is it fast loading for you?


PS. Do you have a website? I'd love to check it out :)
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This summer has been crazy for me. Too much stuff to do and too little time. Just got back from the US and will be going there again in 15 days or so.

So.. I finally managed to get a Mark III a week ago after waiting like a few months for it to be available in Amazon.  After it stayed for a week or so into its box, unopened and untouched, yesterday I also managed to take it for a spin and did some test shots in Boston. And my impressions are - wow. Its nothing like my 5dMkII. I know you've probably read that everywhere, but AF is just superb. No hunting, no focusing lag, just point and shoot. Improvements in the sensor are also great, ISO range is just magnificent. I'll be posting some shots @ ISO 12,800 and 25,600, but for now it looks to me 25,600 on MkIII is slightly better than 6,400 on MkII.

I did some testing on the new HDR function - that works pretty well in my mind too.

Stay tuned for some photos as soon as I have time to start shooting again.. probably in the autumn ;]
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200,000 views and 800 watchers, THANK YOU!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 15, 2012, 11:40 AM

"their 255 deviations were viewed 204,270 times. Tnikolov watches 478 people, while 801 people watch tnikolov."

THANK YOU ALL! Means a lot to me :) I also just hit the barrier of 10,000 faves, so thank you again!!!

Good news from Bulgaria is I just finished my studio - yeah, its finally ready! Its been almost done for a few weeks now, but needed a little finishing touches like flooring and a few more accessories. Now that's all done and I've had my first shots there. It was freezing cold, but the model Alex survived and we got some real nice shots.

white hat by athrawn white shirt color by athrawn black dress silhouette by athrawn violin by athrawn

Mature Content

reflections by athrawn
white shirt by athrawn

Mature Content

reflections by athrawn

Since I have where to shoot now, hope you continue to enjoy my future work.

And again - big THANK YOU ALL for all your support!

Models who want to do a studio shot with me, just pm me :P

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My first very own studio project

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 18, 2012, 6:55 AM

Hey guys and gals! It's been a while since I wrote anything, so I decided to share what I'm up to with you. Lately I've been thinking to create my own studio.. to practice my skills and be able to shoot every day. I have a small studio setup at my house, but frankly - it's no good. Why? Well - it's not big enough, it's not tall enough, I don't have enough space to put enough mono blocks and.. well, truth to be told - I feel uncomfortable getting models at home.

I did some research and found a place tall enough and big enough.. and I'm willing to risk it.. take it.. paint it.. put my background on and start using it. It won't be cheap though and since photography is only a hobby for me and not a primary mean of living, I wanted to ask you:

1) Do you feel you might be using a studio somebody else created just for fun.. and share some expenses with him, to cover rent and such? Even if you are far away from me, the answer will let me know how people think and if my investment would be safe :)

2) Have you used monoblocks and if so, could you recommend a brand? My current ones are chinese with no name on them. I'm considering getting new ones from Elinchrom, with all soft boxes, beauty dish and other accessories from them.

Thanks for reading and helping ;]


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I finally updated my website...

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 7, 2011, 3:39 PM
Hey, I finally got some time and updated my website. It now has a more modern photography skin as well as some of my most recent and more liked shoots.

I'd love to hear what do you think about it? :P

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New Studio Shoot

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 3, 2011, 11:54 AM
Tomorrow I'm gonna be shooting for the first time at a new Studio location. Hope I like it, cause its close to home and would allow me to shoot there every week or multiple types a week. Stay tuned for the winter season studio images :)

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going to the USA

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 3, 2011, 11:43 AM
Hey, I'm going to Austin, TX this weekend. Does anybody know anything interesting to do there? Interesting places to shoot?


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My First DD! :)

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 21, 2011, 12:22 AM
Hey All! Just wanted to let you know that I got my first DD for this picture:

Mature Content

window by athrawn

I still can't believe how many views it got for just 24 hours ;) Anyways, I wanted to thank you all for the continued support, it means a lot to me! My images have been viewed a little bit more than 80,000 times in just 5 months.. so you seem to like my work. I will try to continue to entertain you in the future too ;)

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This pageviews thing just doesn't make sense

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 10, 2011, 12:54 PM
Does anybody know how exactly the pageview meter is counted? In the FAQ it says that the page views are unique hits to your page, meaning if someone gets there once, he never get counted again. This one is opposed to extended pageviews (which I can't seem to find anywhere?) which is supposed to give you a perspective of all the hits your page received, without regard to the uniqueness of the visitors.

Still I am trying to figure out why are my deviations seen more than 45,000 times and still the counter says only 3,500 pageviews. Is that something normal? Or what am I doing wrong here ;)

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3,000 Pageviews!!! And I do like bananas... =)

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 15, 2011, 8:46 AM
Today my DA acct got hacked. As a matter of fact, I did read that many other fellow DA artists like to shove bananas up their ass too, so happy its not just me ^^ If you read that on somebody else's journal entry, take my word for it and don't click it but warn the guy/gal.

I'm not angry though. Things like this happen all the time =) Today is also the day that I've reached 3,000 page views and 1,000 faves in under 3 months time!!! Since I came here first just a few months back, it has been nothing but a playful and memorable experience! I am writing this to say a big THANK YOU to everybody on DA for the support, you guys are totally great!

Special thanks to all the friends I've made here, love ya all and peace =)

I'm including the image that helped a lot in the resent week to get all those views... Hope ya like it.

umbrella bw by athrawn

So, here comes the question for ya all - what would you like to see more of me? I'll be a father soon (baby expected next week, yeeeeeeey!) and will have limited to no time to shoot things other than the baby, but will try really hard to do something of interest

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Fashion Junkie

Journal Entry: Tue May 10, 2011, 12:11 AM

Fashion Junkie with Yana

Yana is one of those models that I like really much. She likes images of darker nature but my shots with her always are good =) Hope you like our last session!

My First Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Tue May 3, 2011, 1:06 PM

Hello to all of you DA Fellows

Hi from me! I'm not somebody you know yet, so let me introduce myself - really brief not to make you bored or sth =) a 28 year old male from the Eastern part of EU (or is it? xD), happily married and self employed in the IT Industry. As a hobby I do amateur photography, obviously that's the reason I am on DA too! I like shooting primarily portraits of beautiful women, so if there are models near me like my work and are willing to work with me, please do contact me.

So nothing interesting yet? Just keep on and give me a break, this is my first journal entry and I'm trying hard here! =)

So, this is me in a casual look. Yeah, I do go around the city with those big lens all the time xD

Self awareness

Recently we moved into a bigger house and right after I got the needed space, I launched my project on building a small home based studio. Got inspired by a guy in flickr .. but will talk about the studio another time! Let's leave something to next journal blog entries.

After building it, obviously I needed somebody to practice with and there was nobody around except for me, my wife and my dog. Dog was difficult to practice with for the obvious reasons. My wife I shot one time, but since she's 8mo pregnant now its hard to make her do it often and that's pretty understandable too. Then I discovered I could shoot myself. And did some shots, to try out different lighting techniques. Did some nude arty shots of myself, which I can't convince myself to upload.

Ever had that problem? What should I do?

Some of my most viewed art

I am a newbie at photography, but would appreciate your feedback on how to become a better artist! Here are some of my most seen deviations, it's strange that most of them include nudity.. =)