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When I whisper "I love you" to your
unmoving body, I can feel that sigh
rising in my stomach- I was
hugging your lean body before, lean
because of the nourishment you must
give to others looking for hope. Looking
for a reason to put pen to paper,
paints to canvas and create scenes,
create something previously not
available. Now you are utterly still,
probably tired from all my adorations
and my throat feels scraped, some
odd emotion must have stretched
out its claws and cut the tender
flesh. Playing out again in my dreams-
God, I can't breathe and I wish
to put you away, throw you away,
nothing more than foul refuse. I can't
have these feelings. I can't place
myself into this picture. I
simply do not have a place here.
Nodding, I open my eyes to find
the air icy from the air conditioning
and the bed only warm from my body.
No other indent on the pillow. One
wonders if I'm in love with the dead.
:iconvalkyrie-vampire:valkyrie-vampire 1 2
Bandage all my wounds, baby
Pick out all the maggots
Spill your anti-septic, darling
Clean my blackened blood
Cut off my gangrene, my love
Wrap my stumps in spider-silk
Cover me in cotton wool
Bleed my heart and stitch it up
Wrap me in your spider-silk
Smother me, my tourniquet
Scar my face and marr my looks
Press your ice cubes to my head
Infect my mind and consume my soul
Cleanse me of my sins
Force your disease upon my flesh
Perform miracles on my body
Push me over the edge, complete your masterplan
Lie to me, control me, and then heal me again
Cover me in cotton wool
Bleed my heart and stitch it up
Wrap me in your spider-silk
Smother me, my tourniquet
:iconlykeapplespmg:lykeapplespmg 2 2
Eyes in my Closet.
And when the agony of life is too much, RETREAT!
For the world is too cruel to care,
too dumb to understand,
and too star-struck to bother.
When the pain is too strong,
hide your face,
put on a facade.
People are too self-absorbed to notice.
When happiness slips away yet again,
and the lathargic, unbearable evil shows through,
crawl away into the darkness once more,
to the safety of worn-down springs and matted down pillows.
Tear-soaked blankets and day-old pajamas,
Greasy hair and dirty skin.
It's so much easier than facing the world.
Climb down further,
avoiding glares and stares and half-assed comments.
Shut it all out.

And b r e a t h e  d e e p
:iconcafeenerush21:CafeeneRush21 1 0
Go for the Gold
This war rages on beneath my chest.
The casualties are numerous.
The wounds, beyond repair.
My insides can't possibly bear this brutality much longer.
Anger took my brain,
Sadness claimed my heart.
Hostility and Happiness are fighting for my soul.
The outcome looks so grim,
I try to block it all out.
And i'll hope that maybe just this once,
Positivity will reign victorious,
But the outcome looks sogrim...
:iconcafeenerush21:CafeeneRush21 1 2
Hello Kyo by retromortis Hello Kyo :iconretromortis:retromortis 117 48
The Kingdom Untrod
Though now a smile I know it just to be,
And groundwork laid has crumbled into dust
You know not what emotions you entreat,
Your voice, its timbre, it makes me think you must
Sense longing through these thoughts, ideas discussed.
I shall not name thee 'Nave' to deprive
Mine self of truth avoid mine visage flushed.
I search for bravery 'fore you arrive -
Present my face to thee count'nance contrived.
See how I envy each smile from thy lips
Free of the cares your mind cannot belie
Escape! Fall not on ground that lies eclipsed
By apathy the scourge we shall decry
Let loose thy love our world in short supply.
If smiles fall not on those your heart's caressed
Fret not for beams released they cannot die
They wander to those we would call distressed
Change airs from dark to light without contest.
If thoughts be measured against one's own worth
Then surely richest I'd consider thee.
With dreams attached, awake, to solid earth
Then closing eyes permitting them - be free.
Close ey
:iconemogokid:emogokid 1 0
A Fairly Stupid Tale.
Once upon a time there was a little girl, well, I suppose she wasn't that little, compared to other girls her age she was actually rather tall, but on the grander scale of things she was a little on the short side, she was, after all, shorter than her mother and father. Anyways, once upon a time there was a medium sized girl for her age, not too short, not too tall, just right.
This average sized girl had a pet dragon. Not that she ever petted it. You just don't pet a dragon, they don't take too kindly to it, and you pet those scales the wrong way, watch ou-
"Shut Up!"
Pardon me? I'm the narrator, it's my job to do this.
"No, I said shut up!"
You know, that's not how an average-sized girl should be speaking.
"Oh, bugger off and let's get on with the story!"
But Oh, I suppose we might as well. One day the dragon disappears, and so the little girl has to go find him, and she does, and they all live happily ever after.
"Well that was a stupid story."
I beg your pardon?
"Stupid, idiotic,
:iconemogokid:emogokid 2 10
Of Teen Love and Angst
I tried.
I really did.
I tried to stop the bleeding.
But I stabbed her three times, and I only have two hands.
I kept pressure on the other two wounds,
But the one over her heart, the one that was exposed,
It forced the blood out of her body.
Maybe that's why we never lasted, her and I,
She put a hole in my heart when she said goodbye.
I just wanted her to feel what I felt.
It wasn't my fault.
She made me do it.
With those eyes.
She smiled, but it was hollow, and depressing.
She asked for it.
Well, not with words or anything, but with those eyes.
But it felt so good, to stab her the first time, so I did it twice more.
I tried.
I really did.
I tried to stop the bleeding.
But I stabbed her three times, and I only have two hands.
:iconemogokid:emogokid 1 8
Please Excuse Me
Please Excuse the Interruption (My world is on fire.)
As paranoia trickles under my skin
I'm reaching out to you
You'd take me in and swallow me whole
You could use the meal
I'll return you to your regular scheduled lifestyle
But if you'd please excuse the interruption
My world is on fire.
I'd drag you down with my lead heart
But it has departed weeks ago
Along with my better judgment
Fires burn in the sky above me
My thoughts are below
With a relationship beyond friendship
It'll tear my world apart
Taking away my one escape
From myself
An escape that should never have become
Material, fundamental
To my every thought action lack self-preservation
Moral devotion or just imitation?
Against my better judgement
I will make the choice so blackened
By society, but now just for me
It's alright.
:iconemogokid:emogokid 1 3



Artist | Literature
Current Residence: England
Favourite photographer: Jeffery Scott
Favourite style of art: Macabre, sketchy, dark and humourous
Favourite cartoon character: Spike Spiegel
Personal Quote: I like beans.
I have moved to a new account
(well, its not new exactly
I made it for my stop motions)
the reason for this is simply that I do not like the username 'AThousandLies'
I hate it ><


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