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Super Smash Bros. Crusade Marth Sprite Sheet
[Closed]Monthly Raffle - 1 December 2018
The winner of this month raffle is number 59 ~Eveblends83 ( thanks for joining everyone, see you on next month's raffle :lol: Hiya everyone, time for this month's raffle :la: I'm happy to say that i'm making the prize a thighup again :love: The mandratory rule is you fave this journal [IMPORTANT] and be a watcher, i'll get the number from the fave list, then comment on what you do for the extra tickets and i'll mark it on the journal as multiple entries on the RNG later on Note that you don't have to comment if you're not doing the extra tickets, faving as a watcher will be enough. This way, old watchers don't need to comment everytim
[Closed]Monthly Raffle - 1 November 2018
the winner for this month's raffle is number 25 ~matsuzake ( thanks for joining everyone, tune in for next month's raffle too :meow: Hiya everyone, the raffle is back on this month, my comms is still closed though :la: There's still stuff i want to work on but i wanna keep the raffle going, so i will do a smaller sized one for the prize this time and hopefully get it done not long after the winner is announced :meow: The mandratory rule is you fave this journal [IMPORTANT] and be a watcher, i'll get the number from the fave list, then comment on what you do for the extra tickets and i'll mark it on the journal as multiple entries on
Monthly Raffle - 1 April 2018[Ended]
The winner this time is number 36 ~nuppinup ( Thanks for participating everyone, tune in next month for the next raffle, end keep and eye out for the open request, since i'll be planning to do it 2 weeks after this raffle every month :la: Happy Easter everyone, time for this month's raffle i found out a much better system for the raffle, there's gonna be some new rules for it so be sure to read them, apparently the fave list has numbers on them, and i can put a few of the same numbers on my RNG, this way i don't have to give out like 200 numbers to people manually hahahahahahha:laughing: That's why there's a new system for the raffle,
Under the Mistletoe (Nephenee x Heather)
Hyperbolic Time Chamber
Land-of-Hyrule Icon
At An Impasse
The Beginning
ych bikini [CLOSED]
Hinoka/Camilla/Azura [Fire Emblem]
Its been a long day
Tablet Practice Doodles 2
please read comments first!!
Hi! Since last time I did commissions didn't really work out (because of a jerk > <), I'm willing to re-open them again! But I'll only be doing some certain ones. (I really need the money!) So please feel free to share c:. I'd really appreciate it! I'll be having 10 slots only. First come first serve! Rules are to be found here: COMMISSION RULES. PAYMENT I only accept Paypal and points. All commissions are required to be paid in full and within 24 hours after I accept your commission in order to start it if a proper reason is not given on why it will take a few to get your payment. PRICE LIST Headshot Sketch 70   Line-art 100
Halloween commissions! Point + usd.
A brand new journal for a brand new set of commissions~! Opening sales are officially off, but keep on reading! First of all, thanks a lot for all your support, from commissioners, friends and promotions ;v;!!! I really really appreciate it, and it’s made all the process really exciting. I have tons of plans so any kind of help is welcome~.   Having finished with all the previous slots, it’s time to reopen!   Some changes—I could finally afford a premium membership, so instead of sending me the points through the donation pool or transactions, please use the ‘purchase’ button. This is important so I can convert
Commissions starting from 30 points-200points
These commissions are very cheap I would say! Compared to some prices I've seen... (mainly because we don't want you to pay more than worth and more than what I would pay :>)So we found out we had a scanner which makes it so much easier to upload drawings! We do NOT take any over PG 13 rate drawing meaning no nudes, or anything of such sort. One more thing, the examples we have given are simple poses- you CAN commission us to do other poses, we will do backgrounds of added prices depending on the complexity of the background. Most drawings will be done in about two days... from when we tell you that we have started on yours. First come fir
Commissions! (Points and Paypal)
Okay! > u < Send me a note if you're interested! These prices are for a limited time only, they're super low for all the work I put into these! :bulletgreen:Cel-shaded:bulletgreen: 3$ or 300! Examples: :bulletred:Soft shaded:bulletred: 5$ or 500! Examples: As well as the rest over here: :bulletblue:Sketches:bulletblue: Just donate 50 or more! Examples:
Deviant kart Collab
Point commission Closed
hello everybody!! now I open point commission If you want commission me please read this journal already ------------------------------------------------------------- I can draw by watercolor and CG Ex. watercolor Ex. CG *****Price***** **watercolor** full body (no BG) 80 point/1 pic full body (have BG) 150 point / 1 pic half body (head to thigh and no BG) 70 point / 1 pic half body (head to thigh and have BG) 120 point / 1 pic **CG** full body (no BG) 85 point / 1 pic full body (have BG) 150 point / 1 pic half body (head to thigh no BG) 75 point / 1 pic half body (head to thigh have BG) 130 point / 1 pic If you want to commi
Jun 'n' Kakashi
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