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MA-App2017-Ximena by athorment MA-App2017-Ximena by athorment

Name: Ximena O'Riley

Age: 24 Years old (She was alive 300+ ago around the 1650, but was "revived" as a monster 200+ years ago)

Height:  6'1

Monster type/species: Funayurei (Drowned Ship Ghost)

Grade: Freshman

Glamor item: Necklace

Character's Major: Enchantment or Summoning

Current Classes: None

Passed Classes: None

Current Points: See Gabriela Heleia

Natural weapons: Ghost Chains, Affinity to water.

Trained weapons: Cutlass and Flintlock pistols.

Holy weapons & Light magic, Can't look at the eyes of people who are staring at her (stare at her to keep her aim horribly off), Being stabbed into surfaces (One arm is not strong enough to free herself), She can't break her own chains, She cares a lot for a ship inside a bottle that she needs to free by first recovering all the treasure stolen from it (Threaten that bottle), Despite being a phantom she lacks the intangibility of ghosts and also has the strength/Speed/Agility of a normal human being. She has trouble getting out of Ice if encased and attacking her with fire will cause a lot of vapor to be released, making it difficult for her to see. Sealing Magic can either lock her skills or keep her in place.

Major Abilities:
Undead Spirit - Unlike ghosts, she can be hit and harmed. She won't die of heavy wounds though but can be immobilized for long periods of time. She can also withstand environments like lack of oxygen or being underwater.
Variety of Trained weapons - She can summon from her missing arm a set of chains with which she can grab things like a whip. (<-Upgrade that will be bought later) Proficient in cutlass sword fighting she has learned to cheat with her legs to avoid the disadvantage of having one arm only. Flintlock Pistols can work underwater when in monster form, but often fail to fire leaving her angered. (They also fail a lot more inside the school if pointed at other students/teachers as a curse/failsafe from the headmistress. It never kills, only wounds as well) She also originally carried 7 pistols, but all but 3 were confiscated. Flintlocks are also known for not having the best of accuracy.
Phantom Arm - Sometimes in dark or wet areas she may experience a "Ghost hand" just like people who lost a limb. However, It is truly a ghost hand and the only part of her that has intangibility. This phantom arm can be used to punch on grab things

Minor Abilities:
Levitation - Like a spirit, she can levitate a little (can't reach heights unless there's a surface on which she can stand on). She can also walk over water and make others walk over it if she is directly touching them.
Ghostly Shine - Sometimes when underwater, in the presence of water or in absolute darkness (usually moonless nights) she will shine like a specter, eyes illuminate and is covered in a light blue Aura. needless to say it's an easy way to find her.
Drowned in a storm - (While in monster form) increases the chances of rain. Doesn't guarantee rain, but calls upon a tiny bit of humid weather. Her hair and clothes also give the illusion of always being wet.

Loyal, ambitious, Courages, determined, Does what is necessary, distant, thoughtless to people she doesn't know or have nothing to do with her, unenthusiastic, resentful, authoritarian, hard-working, mature, modest, open-minded, persistent, self-confident, analytic, serious, suspicious, A bit selfish.
-Likes: Old weapons, alcoholic beverages, hot beverages, night, Windy days, Cold weather, the sea, Fishing, Collecting treasure, Swordfighting, Thunder, Pirate movies, She is rather loud as well when showing support for something she likes.
-Dislikes: modern music, the sun, Being treated like a lady, Being stared in the eye or touched by people she doesn't know, her pistols not firing, Snow, Loud laughter, Flirty people, Rice.

Character's Background:
She drowned when her ship sunk in a terrible storm caused by a sorcerer that was commissioned to take down the few pirate ships that were left.
Years later, a relative that wanted revenge went after the sorcerer's family and managed to stole some of the magical treasure of an apprentice. Knowing that it wouldn't be enough, it hid it all in different locations as punishment and kept the most important piece for itself.
The apprentice then used help from her family to curse Ximena's relative, but failed due to the charms it has stolen. As a solution, they rose Ximena as a funayurei from the death and gave her the task of retrieving the treasure stolen. Only then would she be able to rest in peace again and as an incentive, they put her sunk ship inside a bottle under the promise that it could raise again if she prefered that instead.
After 200+ years of pursuit and treasure hunting, she was pointed out to the Monster Academy where she would be able to learn many different magic skills. She accepts expecting a battle with magic against her slowly-aged relative and to possibly find a partnership or someway to skip the contract to get her ship back.

Roleplay Info:
Roleplay example:
Literature Example:
Gabriela wandered through the corridors of the School. This place was to become her home for a couple of years if she did decide to stay. After spending what felt like an eternity alone and isolated in the woods, a sigh of relaxation escaped her mouth. It did feel good to be indoors once again, but there was something different this time. Lauren's ring, the last possession she had of her time with her creator, has been now enchanted by the Headmistress and as a result the Golem girl was experiencing a wide range of new experiences now that she could not only masquerade her stone demeanor, but could actually blend in and pass as anything but a living Statue. "I Believe I'll be staying" she said as the warm sensation in her heart told her to give this academy a shot.
Script Example:
Gabriela: "I wonder if others will accept me now" she said to no one in particular, still with strong memories present in her mind. "I'll see if i can room with Celestina. She is pretty and strong. Perhaps we can be friends" She turned back to go to the headmistress' office.

Roleplay schedule:
I won't be online on Mondays and Wednesdays until 3 pm. I have saturday classes as well and will be online, but have to go back home at 2 pm and arrive at 5 pm. Unless something (uncommon) pops up, i should be able to come by the other days of the week and after the specified hours.

*Extra notes:
unknown to her, her backstory is linked to Balisk 's Desya. <- Concept Art
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Rawrs-Bad-Ideas Featured By Owner May 20, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
points exchanged 5500
SilverAureus Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Kit: *notices she is also missing an arm* Yo we have something in common *offers cookies*
athorment Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ximena: Oh, hellow little one. It seems like it, yes. *takes a cookie* I take it you are a new steudent?
SilverAureus Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Kit: *shoves the rest of the cookies into their mouth and nods* mmhmm! hai, i am Kit, most call me Kitty or Fluffy! Nice to meet you
athorment Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ximena: Hmm, i see. Do you mind if i call you kit? Nice to meet you, I'm Ximena O'Riley. I'm a Funayurei, a Ship Ghost
SilverAureus Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Kit: KIT YES! *tilts head curiously* what is ship?
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