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MA-App2017-Vreen by athorment MA-App2017-Vreen by athorment

Name: Vreen Tezca (Glamor name: Bianca Neva)

Age: 25 Years olf (Glamor age 19)

Height:  5'7

Monster type/species: Tartarus Ice Demon

Grade: FRESHMAN + Alchemy (May, 3 credits)

Glamor item: Piercing in belly

Character's Major: Mystics, Mythical Medicine or Demonology

Current Classes: None

Passed Classes: None (Before MA Reignited)

Current Points: See Gabriela Heleia

Natural weapons: Claws, horns, sharp Teeth and Affinity to Ice

Trained weapons: Floating Ice Wing/Claws

Hot Iron breaks clean through her ice constructs with ease, Electricty might jump from ice to her given enough voltage. Fire, If used on floating pieces of ice, she immediately lose control over them. Ironically, extreme cold will force her spirit demon arms out which can be hard to control if she feels freezing on her monster form. She has normal human-like resistance so get past her ice or find an opening and you can harm her with anything. Use Corrosive/Burning weapons or Stab (and keep the weapon inside for a few moments) to really hurt her. She can also be vulnerable to elemental magic.

Major Abilities:
Bound Weapons -From her back, two spirit-like arms can pop up and be encased on ice to work as a new set of wing-like clawed arms. They seem to have a bit of a mind of it's own, so it's hard for her to bend them to her will. Due to this she tries to contain the arms inside herself, which makes her feel like she is freezing all the time.
Element Immunity -Using Ice on her just makes her stronger since she just needs to touch it with her hands to start adding it to her own ice. Water tends to have a similar result, her "Ice Demon Aura" skill stronger when on direct contact causes liquids to freeze. She can't freeze Enchanted water nor others' blood.
Blood Regeneration -Her blood is dark blue and never comes out in large quantities. When it does, it drops in temperature and freezes over the wound for the skin to repair itself. A similar effect can be obtained if you encase her on normal ice, but it only naturally speeds up her healing slightly beyond human capabilities (A bullet wound took near 3 years to heal completely on it's own).

Minor Abilities:
Ice Demon Aura -Her Aura is concealed within a cold mist, making Aura reading and mind reading slightly harder. It also makes the temperature on her surroundings drop 5°C in a set radius.
Levitation -Always seen floating to move around. Can reach higher than most with this skill, but is actually quite slow while doing it. She has height speed but lacks horizontal speed.
Aura-reading -She is capable of telling the mood status of others.

blunt, irritability, perfectionism, passiveness, antisocial, pessimistic against others, sees for herself only, sees people as either nuisances or useful contacts (mostly the former), prone to verbally lash out, observant, Admires those who have a darker side to them that they control, mocks and hates those who can't.
-Likes: slashing weapons, opaque colors, nocturnal animals like bats, spicy food, sunny days, seed foods, cold wind, hot clothing like sweaters and the such, Fire, books of the occult.
-Dislikes: bludgeoning weapons, religious people, Frozen/cold foods, Loud noises, Quick paced music, being stabbed, insects, Cold weather, hail.

Character's Background:
She was born by a process called soul-bonding when her human mother played a little too much with Occult magic books and accidentally summoned an ice demon. The demon tried to connect a piece of it's soul to the human to ensure it would be staying on this realm. In the middle of the process the demon was expelled back, but not before it could get a firm grip of the woman's soul. The spirit of the demon's hands remained attached and merged with the soul of Vreen's mother. To get rid of the invader, her body turned to creating a new body for it. She died when Vreen was born.
Her mother's family tried to accept her and raised her the best they could until she was 13 years old when, tired of the judging eyes of society and the fear she sensed inside her own family she snapped and her demonic arms were released for the first time. It didn't end well for anyone who tried to calm her down and she locked herself inside the girl's bathroom at school. It took 3 days to get her out of it.
Her family and the local priest waited outside and talked to her. She was forgiven and thus she accepted to perform an exorcism that would "get rid of the demon inside her". However, as the soul was being pulled out, part of her human soul was pulled out as well and she panicked. Her body transformed and killed the priest to stop the ceremony.
This time it wasn't the demon, it was her and as she stared into the eyes filled with fear and hatred of those around her she realized That the other soul inside of her... was still her somehow. She had reacted in self-defense and tried to apologize with teary eyes. An officer assumed she was going to attack and shot her in the chest. She was thought dead, but her body froze on that age as it focused on healing itself. After 6 years of healing she woke up and freed herself.
Seeking not to repeat the same mistake, she robbed from different shops and left her homeland. She became a wanderer for a while until she found refugee in an old town and under the basement of a library where she would help arrange the books.
However, with Age and the weather, the demon part of her soul became increasingly difficult to keep in check and one night she received a letter which sounded to good to be true, but still her only best shot.

Roleplay Info:
Roleplay example:
Literature Example:
Gabriela wandered through the corridors of the School. This place was to become her home for a couple of years if she did decide to stay. After spending what felt like an eternity alone and isolated in the woods, a sigh of relaxation escaped her mouth. It did feel good to be indoors once again, but there was something different this time. Lauren's ring, the last possession she had of her time with her creator, has been now enchanted by the Headmistress and as a result the Golem girl was experiencing a wide range of new experiences now that she could not only masquerade her stone demeanor, but could actually blend in and pass as anything but a living Statue. "I Believe I'll be staying" she said as the warm sensation in her heart told her to give this academy a shot.
Script Example:
Gabriela: "I wonder if others will accept me now" she said to no one in particular, still with strong memories present in her mind. "I'll see if i can room with Celestina. She is pretty and strong. Perhaps we can be friends" She turned back to go to the headmistress' office.

Roleplay schedule:
I won't be online on Mondays and Wednesdays until 3 pm. I have saturday classes as well and will be online, but have to go back home at 2 pm and arrive at 5 pm. Unless something (uncommon) pops up, i should be able to come by the other days of the week and after the specified hours.

Other Stuff
-Her horns are ice. They have that dark blue coloration because they have frozen blood encased into them. It hurts (and gets a bit messy) When people break them.
-She never blames the Demon soul as another being. For her, both human and demon are one and the same. If she meets someone who blames it on a personality disorder or a "dark side", she won't believe them or count it as a valid reason behind poor behavior.
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