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MA-App2017-Mirra by athorment MA-App2017-Mirra by athorment

Name: Inya Aristavich (Monster Name: Mirra Refliki)

Age: 21 Years old (50 Monster years old)

Height: 6'3 (8 ft. in Monster Form)

Monster type/species: retsnoM derorriM (Monster in the Mirrors)

Grade: SOPHOMORE (before MA reignited) + Alchemy (May, 3 credits)
Passed Classes: Prior to Revamp: Human Studies, Potions, Mischief & Mayhem

Glamor item: Glasses

Character's Major: Mystics & Magic or Dreamology

Current Classes: None

Current Points: See Gabriela Heleia

Natural weapons: Shape-shifting Tentacles. Sharp Teeth

Trained weapons: None

People with high self-steem have an easier time dealing with her Illusion Magic and can even block her telepathy completely (which leaves her mute and annoyed), Attacking her reflection on a mirror when she is on our side of it, Breaking the mirror she is currently eavesdropping/Spying Hiding in. Covering the mirror from which she reached to our side will force her into her world, She can be forced to shapeshift with emotional/Mental stress. She can't travel through moving water and can be easily set on fire.

Major Abilities:
:bulletblack:-Illusion Magic.
:bulletblue: Tier 1 - She can modify and twist the perception of what someone sees as long as she keeps physical contact. The one seeing things can not be harmed by the illusions, but can be mentally stressing if unprepared. Can Create small constructs of imagination around her like wisps and butterflies, since it's limited outside a mirror she often forgets to use this skill. Inside a mirror, she can change the image reflected on it.
:bulletblue: Tier 2 - her illusions no longer require touch, increasing her effective range.

:bulletblack: -ShapeShifting.
:bulletblue: Tier 1 - Locked to Organic shape-shifting. Can change the appareance of her torso, head and arms in skin color, build, gender (and even clothing) for a very limited time. She can change "hands" and "Legs" to those of a human or any other animal and shape easily enough on the blink of an eye. She doesn't often use this skill either, limiting it to her hand tentacles most of the time. She cannot turn into things bigger than she is or things that are too small (i.e. Insects)
:bulletblue: Tier 2 - Can now turn into somebody else, but she has to stay in close proximity to them or their memory to keep their shape (like a mirror).

:bulletblack: -Mirror Image.
:bulletblue: Tier 1 - She can jump from reflective surface to reflective surface, hiding behind it safely from Psychic and Physical Attacks. Breaking the mirror will inflict double the pain though, but not wound her body.
:bulletblue: Tier 2 - She can enchant mirrors (Only) to work as windows from which she can see other rooms inside a set and limited radius that have a reflective surface in the same shape as the object enchanted.

:bulletorange: -Telekinesis. (my next Planned Purchase).
:bulletblack: Tier 1 - The ability to lift objects and people by merely thinking about it. As a sophomore, her ability to grasp something or someone depends on their weight and willpower. While small things like pencils are easy, Trees are too heavy and people can break free.

Minor Abilities:
:bulletblue: Tier 1 - She is usually stuck with Tentacle legs, which are not optimal for running... or moving around without leaving traces. She prefers to levitate around even if she can't fly very high or two quickly. Might bump her head with ceilings and the such from time to time.
:bulletblue: Tier 2 - Levitation powers now keep in place things like clothes/hair/things she is in direct contact with. This allows her to be upside down in the ceiling without gravity pulling down her skirt (or a glass of water dropping).

:bulletblack: -Movement Mimicry.
:bulletblue: Tier 1 - She can mimic and duplicate Actions she is currently watching perfectly. Being a Mirror image of whoever she is facing
:bulletblue: Tier 2 -  She can "Store" actions in her mind at a time, which depending on Difficulty, can be replicated a week or one day after memorizing it. This is specially useful to duplicate swordsmanship or battle styles from her enemies (Though this is usually a battle gimmick)

:bulletblack: -Telepathy.
:bulletblue: Tier 1 - She can communicate by "reaching her mental voice" into other's mind. Useful when unable to speak without alerting a threat for example.
:bulletblue: Tier 2 - The radius of her reach is extended, while also being able to hear other people's thoughts at the moment.

:bulletorange: -Mood Eater. (My next planned Purchase)
:bulletblack: Tier 1 - Mirra is capable of detecting someone's mood, both positive and negative. Her species feeds on emotions, which she can eat and "Numb" down a person.
:bulletblack: Tier 2 - As she progresses to sophomore, she's able to pull those emotions like little bubbles and keep them around, which she can then share with others. As an example, she can take away a little bit of happyness and then place it on someone that is sad to lift their spirits.

Silly, Childish, irresponsible, Cute, Clumsy, physical-contact heavy, overly-happy (Monster form), Creepy, freaky, terrible lier.
-Likes: Floating around, Poking noses, Eating Seafood/Shellfish, provoking reactions with her hand/leg tentacles, Plushies, House of mirrors, super tiny people, staying out of trouble with authorities.
-Dislikes: People blocking her telepathy completely, Dust, Fire, slashing, swearing, the sound of glass breaking and other jarring sounds (Psychologicaly linked to breaking mirrors), Having to eat terrible thoughts.

Character's Background:
Quick Summary:
as a "Monster in the mirror", her species could only "eat what was mirrored" so the first evolutionary adjustment was to pretty much eat anything and everything, but that proved insufficient because then they would empty their "mirrored world". So the next step they took was telepathy based. Her species eats thoughts and emotions provoked to those who watch in the mirror. Using her illusion magic and shapeshifting the distort what is mirrored, provoking terrible thoughts and bad emotions (specially on mentally ill and low-esteem people ) and then feeding upon these.
Previous Info:
derrorim-s are creatures that live beyond the mirrors in what is called the "reflected world". A place that has "rooms" that exist in places where there is a reflective surface. Everything else is filled with void. Due to their dependent nature of whatever is reflected, many have decided not to adventure through the mirrors as to keep the human paranoia from breaking many of them. Their existence lingers in a perpetual state of endangered species.
Mirra is one of these creatures. Wishing for a better life, she decides to be one of the few derrorims that visit the "world that is reflected" to learn why their world needs it, and if possible, find ways to improve their life quality. This came with the consequence of the weaknesses mentioned above.
Since a very young age Mirra was taught how to reach onto her ancestor's "generational knowledge" and is well aware of the dangers that surround their species. She makes up her mind when her mother starves to death and decides to attempt enrolling into the Monster Academy to learn more.

Roleplay Info:
Roleplay example:
Literature Example:
Gabriela wandered through the corridors of the School. This place was to become her home for a couple of years if she did decide to stay. After spending what felt like an eternity alone and isolated in the woods, a sigh of relaxation escaped her mouth. It did feel good to be indoors once again, but there was something different this time. Lauren's ring, the last possession she had of her time with her creator, has been now enchanted by the Headmistress and as a result the Golem girl was experiencing a wide range of new experiences now that she could not only masquerade her stone demeanor, but could actually blend in and pass as anything but a living Statue. "I Believe I'll be staying" she said as the warm sensation in her heart told her to give this academy a shot.
Script Example:
Gabriela: "I wonder if others will accept me now" she said to no one in particular, still with strong memories present in her mind. "I'll see if i can room with Celestina. She is pretty and strong. Perhaps we can be friends" She turned back to go to the headmistress' office.
Roleplay schedule:
I won't be online on Mondays and Wednesdays until 3 pm. I have saturday classes as well and will be online, but have to go back home at 2 pm and arrive at 5 pm. Unless something (uncommon) pops up, i should be able to come by the other days of the week and after the specified hours.

She Imitates people she is angered with, often closely represented as an octopus-girl, her tentacles doesn't leave slime or any other sticky material. She can't travel through moving water due to it's ripple distortioning her very essence (shape-shifts like crazy, no fun), However she can stand the distortion of ice surfaces so encasing her on ice won't affect her like water would.
Music Theme…

What is a Monster in the Mirror? Psychological in origin, a "Monster in the mirror" is capable of twisting our perception of things. They enter Mirrors and other reflective surfaces and twist the image by shape-shifting and Altering how we see some things. They "attack" people with mental illnesses and Self-Esteem issues ("I'm seeing things" "I'm fat/Ugly"). They can turn to look like them, but shift into things to exagerate things they dislike. Also, she is 8 ft in monster form XD
It was troublesome designing the color scheme. He monster form originally had blue-black skin and the hair was the same, but that looked more like a shadow creature. Once the hair turned white-ish it became a symbol of Age representing White Hair (Something many people dont like finding on their heads) and thus wanted to with a "It looks wrong on humans" kind of color scheme, but having dark skin could give wrong ideas to people >> So i turned it pale purplish instead. The Green and black doesnt really change between forms to keep a "link" between both forms really, but she is a shape shifter so it can change later.

On "biology" :
Mirra's species were pretty much screwed up because of evolution
They are "monster in the mirror" and live on a twsited- mirrored version of our world
but the gimmick is that, it has to be mirrored or else it doesn't exists. their world is filled with windows of light (mirrors) that iluminate rooms into existence While the rest is filled by void
because they had to wait until food was mirrored they developed telepathic powers and focused on actual emotions instead
So they ate negative energy out of humans by shape shifting into them and scarying the paranoic while lowering the steem of other people (usually overweights and ugly people)
None of them were allowed outside the mirror in fear that it would upset the balance of their world, but Mirra left to give it a shot.
Now she can search for her own food, but she still has telepathic powers to feed upon others.
Thus, her biology is messed up. She can eat, but feeding upon other's emotions is what makes her feel satisfied
another thing of evolution came from the lack of food on their world. First they grew sharp teeth to be able to eat anything reflected in their world, but it proved insufficient
Hence why Mirra can pretty much eat anything that you hand over to her.
Her Biology is messed up because she is not supposed to inhabit outside the mirror

Concept, Character and Monster Species (c) athorment
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