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MA-App2017-Itzel by athorment MA-App2017-Itzel by athorment

Name: Alebritzel. (Itzel Acosta)

Age: 77 Years old (23 glamor)

Height:  5'7 (Variable in Monster form, but is usually the same 5'7)

Monster type/species: Alebrije (Mexican Dream Chimera)

Grade: Teacher

Glamor item: Bracelet on Left Hand

Class: Expressive Arts

Current Points: see Gabriela Heleia

Natural weapons: Illusion magic.

Trained weapons: None.

Weakness: Due to having a body made of paper things like Fire and Water are specially effective, a good Joke (she can't help but laugh at puns... for real, don't say puns. She ROFLs)

Major Skills:
Shape Shifting- limited by paper body. i.e. Creates Big mace on Arm at the cost of using the paper on her other arm.
Alebrije Adaptation- by touching, she can shape shift an object to make it bigger, more resistant (and more colorful). It also becomes a part of her, except that it can't be used for further shape shifting. (Turns a knife into a sword or a trash can cover into a big shield). The effects wear off after a time. It requires paper.
Paper Manipulation-  Can Telepathically move sheets of paper around. When time is short, she can layer the sheets of paper for improvised thin shield walls or wrap people in it.
Illusion Magic- Used to further twist perception. She is also impervious to illusion Magic, but can choose to play along with it.
Summoning-  Can summon fellow Alebrijes and put them in paper bodies to function as her minions. They can talk and are usually locked into the usual quadrupede form. The summons are usually distractions in battle and the alebrijes return to their dimension after receiving minimal damage.

Minor Skills:
Removable Limbs- Cutting off pieces of her body mean nuissances. She can control the pieces that came off as long as her Aura is fresh on them (after a certain period they become junk pieces of lifeless paper). Can Temporary increase her mass by Absorbing more paper. This is also how she regenerates.
Contortion- (Works in human form too), she is capable of making many stances that humans may or may not be able to perform. Alongside her Shape shifting abilities, it makes for hilarious ways of evading attacks.
Sense Damping- Becomes Undetectable to Aura reading and other forms of Sensing. (Other teachers should be able to tell because they detect some sort of Void). Objects can be permeated if she holds them long enough (the effect wears off depending on how long she holds them) So it is possible to hide personal objects this way for a limited time.
Flight- Can Fly around without moving her wings. Still needs to have the wings for this skill to be available.
Ungravity Hold- She can easily pickup objects from the ground as long as they are unattached of something (Can lift big and heavy debris from the path, can't pull out a sword from a rock). This skill is not considered Heightened Strength, so she has to transform her body in order to increase mass and thus the power behind her attacks. If your character's strength is greater than her natural strength, you can take things off of her hands... whether or not you can lift said object depends on the character.
Lucid Emotional Empathy- She can sense the emotions of people around her and identify which is which. Due to her Nature as an Alebrije, she can directly feed upon those. The Victim of this experiences an odd tranquility or a weakening of the emotion they were currently feeling. Sadness is not a tasty emotion, but she uses this when witnessing unhealthy depression to help her students.

Air head, Clumsy, Cheerful, easily overjoyed, impossible to stay still, hard to bring down mood-wise, Emotional Mirror (A literal "How you treat me is how i treat you", she can be sassy to those who give nasty remarks and a clumsy sweetheart to those who are shy. This lessens when on Human form)

-Likes: Artistic features, humans, vivid colors, WIPs, her students, being a good teacher, Freedom to do what she likes, stretching with contortions, Appreciating all the small things in the world, Good sportsmanship, Very tiny looking things (Tiny beings or things that are smaller than their usual size), books/Newspaper
-Dislikes: Rain, flirtatious people, Serious people, Fire, violent confrontation, mean people, expressionless reactions, Natural disasters, offensive humor.

Character's Background:
Itzel: Well, in our world everything could be considered an Alebrije or part of one. You see, we do not really die per se, but the lack of emotions that come from visitors can turn us into inanimate objects and inanimate animals like the equivalent of bear hibernation. When there's a visitor, they shine back colors and come back to action! Older once and those who aren't exposed to feelings get stuck in forms like trees and even the floor. Those are the ones that could be considered "death" because it would take a lot for them to come back to life. But it's all good, we respect them and sometimes they will truly bloom and become many mini-alebrijes to repeat the cycle. So yeah, there are no "gender roles" in our society. No dad or mommy. Just the "Generations". Older ones take care of the newer ones. Knowledge and rules are passed down like this as a cycle too. The oldest Alebrijes are said to become mountains or rivers and they have the power of calling upon humans and other species as nourishment is needed. Pedro Linares was the first human to make it back to your realm, so that opened the possibility of us coming to your world to feed instead of risking your lifes c:
Needless to say we are all very artistic and not many know about our species and the extent of our abilities in your realm. It should be fun to teach you all about expressive arts, dearies~

Roleplay Info:
Roleplay example:
Literature Example:
Gabriela wandered through the corridors of the School. This place was to become her home for a couple of years if she did decide to stay. After spending what felt like an eternity alone and isolated in the woods, a sigh of relaxation escaped her mouth. It did feel good to be indoors once again, but there was something different this time. Lauren's ring, the last possession she had of her time with her creator, has been now enchanted by the Headmistress and as a result the Golem girl was experiencing a wide range of new experiences now that she could not only masquerade her stone demeanor, but could actually blend in and pass as anything but a living Statue. "I Believe I'll be staying" she said as the warm sensation in her heart told her to give this academy a shot.
Script Example:
Gabriela: "I wonder if others will accept me now" she said to no one in particular, still with strong memories present in her mind. "I'll see if i can room with Celestina. She is pretty and strong. Perhaps we can be friends" She turned back to go to the headmistress' office.

Roleplay schedule: I won't be online on Mondays and Wednesdays until 3 pm. I have saturday classes as well and will be online, but have to go back home at 2 pm and arrive at 5 pm. Unless something (uncommon) pops up, i should be able to come by the other days of the week and after the specified hours.

Extra Notes:
Most Comfortable form: Both (leans to Monster, but keeps it professional and stays on human form on formalities).
Questions & Answer Session with Students and other members -
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