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MA-App2017-Gabriela by athorment MA-App2017-Gabriela by athorment
Originally Sta.shed on April 7th, 2017

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Name: Gabriela Heleia

Age: 18 years old (Sculpted 16 years ago)

Height: 5'9 (Barely taller in monster form)

Monster type/species: Living Sculpture (Golem)

Grade: New Sophomore

Glamor item: Ring on right hand

Character Major: Monster Physical Education or Mystics & Magic

Current Classes: None.

Passed Classes: Prior to Revamp: Human Studies, Monster P.E., Mystics and Magic, Potions, Miscief & Mayhem, History

Current Points: 45, 411 Points

Natural weapons: Stone Fists & Legs.

Trained weapons: None. Can Swing Clubs and hammers, but that's the extent of it.

Weakness: Great Heights. Being broken to pieces. Heavy Bludgeoning weapons. She is not very agile due to her weight constantly pulling her down, she would rather "tank" attacks and stuff due to this. Element magic Can slow her down even further and Ice can Encase her.

Major Abilities:
Super Strength- She can easily lift around 2,000 lbs.
Hardened "Skin"- She is both heavier and more resilient than any human. In Statue form she is immune to slashes, but bludgeoning weapons can break her.
Heightened Element Immunity- Being composed of rock means she has a natural resistance to many elements like fire, water & poison. Longer periods under element exposure or element combinations (i.e. Fire & then water) can cause her to crack & then break.

Minor Abilities:
Underwater Breathing- Or rather, no real need to do so. She can get underwater no problem, but she will sink and become covered of mold after long periods of time (Which hinders her movement)
Bound Weapons- While most others are able to form a weapon out of their own elemental energy, She can sometimes cause small & (Mostly) inoffensive earthquakes if she stomps very hard. She can use this on rocky areas to use bigger rocks as bludgeoning weapons, which means this is dependent to her surroundings.
Regeneration- While it is possible to break down her body, she can be put back together by joining the pieces and keeping them together for a while. She can only control the body parts that are still attached to her.

Affable, Discrete, Obedient/Compliant, Humble, Emotional resilience, Sincere, unphased.
Gabriela is not the type to seek confrontation. Being created & educated in a sheltered environment she has become rather naive and finds many experiences new. The innocence that her creator put in her has made her very honest when speaking and acting, however the lack of interaction with others has made her discrete to avoid being the center of attention. Due to many things still being new, she has taken on a compliant personality to adapt and fit in. She is always calm and resilient to stress, keeping her own pace even when everyone else is accelerated. Due to what happened in her past it takes a long time for her to feel comfortable around others.
-Likes: Hiding her true form, Dressing-Up, Mud baths & related treatments, relaxing & avoiding stress (aka, taking it slow, get it?), silence, not talking much, desserts, nature, drawing & Painting (Despite not being good at it)
favorite food: Cookies, Chocolate, oat-related things. (Least favorite: Candy & Cream-related things). Mexican Food.
-Dislikes: Birds (with a passion), Water, easily breakable stuff (i.e. Windows & glasses), her own weight, Graffiti, to be rushed, Bugs with lots of feet, loud noises.

Character's Background:
Her creator is a modern young witch who was trying to understand her own magic powers. Lauren Heleia was orphaned from a young age and found a hobby in witchcraft. She was always an outcast and Driven by the wish of having company that could understand her, she attempted to make a Golem that would think and interact normally. Unknown to her, she was being subconsciously guided and manipulated by the spirit of a witch ancestor. This spirit lend her her magic prowess in order for Lauren to achieve feats a normal witch would not be able to at her age, she wanted her to succeed in creating a golem so that she could take over it's body and become truly immortal.
It wasn't easy and Lauren spend days with her sculpture, perfecting her shapes and talking to her as if she was real. One day she achieved her goal and gave her creation a name. Gabriela came to life by absorbing huge amounts of magic over periods of time. This saved her "life" as the spirit was completely drained and needed time to recover enough power to posses her permanently.
They lived together for a while and gabby learned from her creator how to properly talk and do many other things, She taught Gabby how to be polite and understanding of others, always enjoying when the golem opened doors for her and performed that kind of mannerisms. Gabriela never left home though due to not possessing a glamor. the neighbours finally took notice after some time and reported Lauren to the authorities while her magic was weak. They put her in jail to decide what to do with her and went to her home to check on evidence. When they found Gabriela they immediately attacked her and she retaliated back. Deeming her a monster, The house "caught fire" & they tossed the golem into a deep river close by. They all headed back to get rid of Lauren, but the living sculpture followed them and attacked to save her creator. Using what little magic she had, Lauren warped her creation and then herself away from danger, getting separated in the process.
Years later, In hiding and still away from her creator, A small breeze kicks up and it blows a small letter into Gabby's place. It's an invitation!

Roleplay Info:
Roleplay example:
Literature Example:
Gabriela wandered through the corridors of the School. This place was to become her home for a couple of years if she did decide to stay. After spending what felt like an eternity alone and isolated in the woods, a sigh of relaxation escaped her mouth. It did feel good to be indoors once again, but there was something different this time. Lauren's ring, the last possession she had of her time with her creator, has been now enchanted by the Headmistress and as a result the Golem girl was experiencing a wide range of new experiences now that she could not only masquerade her stone demeanor, but could actually blend in and pass as anything but a living Statue. "I Believe I'll be staying" she said as the warm sensation in her heart told her to give this academy a shot.
Script Example:
Gabriela: "I wonder if others will accept me now" she said to no one in particular, still with strong memories present in her mind. "I'll see if i can room with Celestina. She is pretty and strong. Perhaps we can be friends" She turned back to go to the headmistress' office.

Roleplay schedule:
I won't be online on Mondays and Wednesdays until 3 pm. I have saturday classes as well and will be online, but have to go back home at 2 pm and arrive at 5 pm. Unless something (uncommon) pops up, i should be able to come by the other days of the week and after the specified hours.

Extra Notes:
*Relationships: Girlfriend of Celestina Daimon
*Due to her human form still being relatively new she has yet to get used to many things human do like Eating with silverware (The fork is her arch-nemesis) and will sometimes fall asleep in random places, forgetting that she has to rest (unlike her golem form which needs no sleep)
*She dislikes showing up her Golem form. Still reminds her of the mob that attacked her and her creator. If it were up to her, she would stay as a human, but will remove her glamor if she can help in her true form.
*More character development…
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