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Quest of the Hero -Chapter 20
The Fire Lord stood there. his glowing red eyes seemed to put fear into ones heart.
"ATTACK!" yelled Kratos.
Kratos ran at him slashed up and down all wile casting a spell w/ his left hand. Then he put his hand on the Fire Lord. A bright light the shimmered from his hand and the beast fell back. Azulen the ran up with her sword and slashed, as Nina was casting defensive spells. Kira the casted Intaglment but the Fire Lord burned away th vines.
"Wh-what?" asked Kira.
The Fire Lord used his dubble bladed sickle to shoot out a blast of fire at Kira. As Kira fell she grabbed the closest thing to her..... Sukasa. her arms were around him. Her eyes were at Sukasa belly button and she was on her knees. It was then that she relized Sukasa was.... protecting her. She looked up at his face. The way his blue eyes stared with bravery at the Fire Lord seemed to melt Kira's heart.
"Kira, are you ok?" asked Sukasa glanceing down at her.
"Yeah, I-I'm fine..." said Kira not wanting to let go.
The Fire
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Quest of the Hero -Chapter 18
"So, Sukasa you have moved the bolder...." said Azulen in deep thought.
"Yes ma'am." replied Sukasa.
"Then..... you may go, BUT...... im coming with you." said Azulen
"huh?" pondered Sukasa.
"I will be going with you, Kira, Kratos, Nina, and Derikos."
Sukasa then walked out with Kira as Kratos, Nina, and Derikos stay to talk with Azulen.
"Hey! Sukasa!" cried Fira from a far. She was running over to them, "Sukasa, congrats on pushing the bolder."
"Same to you, with getting your sword." said Sukasa.
The 3 of them walked off talking.
"Azulen..... you don't have to come with us..." said Kratos.
"Yes I do..... If my father died in the fire temple...... his sword will be there..... i need to recover his sword...." replied Azulen
"hmm, well then, lets get packing..... we head off tomorrow."
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Quest of the Hero -Chapter 17
Sukasa training was going really well. Kratos was barking orders, left, and right. It was hard for sukasa to train because of the heat. So he was traning without his shirt one.
It was the 3rd day that Fira was gone. Sukasa was using a sword to attack a pole. Kira the walked by. She giggled seeing Sukasa without his shirt.
'W-whats so funny" asked Sukasa blushing.
"Heehee nothing." Said Kira as she ran off.
A few hours passed.~
"Sukasa Lunch time!" called Nina, "Azulen helped me with it."
"aw-no." thought Sukasa, "Last time she cooked the food was WAY to spicy....."
Sukasa put on his shirt and ran in. The food was steaming when he got in. Every one was sitting sown includeing the Village elder, Kuzla (Azulen's mother). Kuzla lived in the shrine (the door leading into the Mt.).
"Well dig in." said Nina with a smile on her face.
Sukasa took a bite.
"GAH! What makes it SO spicy!"
"Well, the plants and the animals here were influenced by the Great Spirit of Fire!" said Kuzla, "So, like the
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Quest of the Hero -Chapter 16
Sukasa and others headed North East to go to an old barbarian village in the valley near the mountains. The whole North East Coast of Firgana was covered in mountains. in the center of the mountains was Mt. Rage the Volcano.  It towered over all the other mountains. The road that Sukasa took to get the village was grassy but the farther up they got the less grassy it was. Then the path started to go downward  and it got grassy again.
"Hey Kratos, why do people call this village the barbaric village?" asked Sukasa
"Well you see, this village cut itself off from the outside world. They still know whats happing out side but they are very traditional." answered Kratos proudly.
Sukasa then saw the village. It was very small and boarder with steep rocks like the path Sukasa was on. The rocks were very red and the plants were a bright green. All the houses were wooden and small. They had extended roofs attached to the houses. There was a blacksmith, and a house that was bi
:iconcasual-0:Casual-0 1 19
Quest of the Hero -Chapter 15
Sukasa was breathing heavily. He had just ran a very long distance.
"Kratos....... Why....... I an the hero...... I thought I was on this quest to help people." asked Sukasa.
"Yes..... you are on a quest to help. But do you think you can do every thing on your own?" repiled Kratos in his know-it-all voice.
"Well...." said Sukasa before he relized he was wrong.
"You see, if some offers to help you should accept it."
"But......" mumbled Sukasa.
The next day (Sukasa and friends camped out) they headed to a small town. They were going to stock up on supplies. Nina went to the herbal store, Derikos to the well, Kratos went to meeditae and Sukasa and Kira walked and talked.
"Hey Kira that pendent your mom gave it to you right?" asked Sukasa.
"Yeah........ her name was Lady Kinata. She was the best druid in the whole world! Almost everyone has herd of her travels. She went around healing the forest and helping everyone!" said Kira in
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Quest of the Hero -Chapter 13
On the journey to Firgana Sukasa and friends passed through a village.
"Hmm.... this is a nice village." said Nina.
"It seems a lot more peaceful now that the Crown is gone from this state." replied Kratos.
As they were walking through the village a young woman pulled Sukasa into an dark alley. She had long blond hair with a big red ribbon in it. She wore a red and white dress and she had big red lips.
"Pleas sir.... I need your help. You are a traveler right?"
Sukasa friends didn't see him get taken away.
"Y-yes..." answered Sukasa.
"Then take this!" She said with widen eyes.
She gave him a letter.
"Pleas don't open it. And thak it to the island state, Leaty (Lee-a-tee). To the capital of Rispar (Ris-pear). Then give it to a man named Favlio (Fav with a long A, Leo). Oh and if anything comes up show them this." said the woman.
She then gave Sukasa her ribbon.
"But how will I know who Favlio is?" askes Sukasa.
"Trust me you will find him..... Oh pleas don't tell your friends....... And
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Quest of the Hero -Chapter 14
"OK..... We need a safe plan to get to Firgana. Knowing the Crown there will probally be tons of kinghts costing the border." said Kratos in his wise, all knowing voice.
"Why don't you just bring your knights Kratos....." asked Sukasa.
"Well because YOU need to prepare your self as the hero, and I have way less knights then the Crown does." answered Kratos.
"Kratos what if we went through the forest?" asked Derikos.
"Yes, that way it would be harder for the Crown to find us." said Kratos, "I now remember why you were once the Crown's head knight."
"Yeah...... but those days are far behind me....."
A few days later.....
Sukasa and friends were near the end of the forest. The only thing in there way was a small creek......... and the noble lord of Firgana and his knights.
"Hmm........ how did they know we were come through the forest."
"Maybe the noble lord has some druids like me...... the feel the forest." said Kira serching fo
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My World by Casual-0 My World :iconcasual-0:Casual-0 1 22
Quest of the Hero -Chapter 12
"Sukasa! I can't believe that you defeated Wintel." said Nina in a proud voice.
Sukasa, Kira, and Kratos had released Nina, Derikos, and the others who were imprisoned.
"Kira, I am so proud of you." said Derikos calmly.
"Thanks, dad." replied Kira, "That means a lot to me."
"So now what Kratos?" asked Sukasa, "What are we gong to do now that the noble is dead?"
"Well, now one of my top generals will stay here and protect this kingdom." replied Kratos, "You see, now that the noble is dead here we, the Holy Knights, control the state."
"So what your saying is that this state isn't part of the Crown now?" asked Sukasa.
"Yes, that is correct." said Kratos in his calm voice.
"Sukasa, do you no why Kratos came to us?" asked Nina.
"No, why?" he asked.
"Well, he came to take you on the Quest of the Hero." replied Nina.
"Sukasa, what your mother tells you is true, so I thought we should head to Firgana to the east. There is a  mountainous region in the north-east part of the state, an
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Quest of the Hero -Chapter 11
Sukasa and Kira got the second half of the key. So they went to the main room again. Sukasa took the key and went up the stairs with Kira close behind him. He the put the key in the large key hole and unlocked the large red door. The room behind the big red dor was a hall with a red carpet. The walls were white and there were end tables with golden vases on them. This part of the castle was a lot nicer than the all stone part. Sukasa and Kira then entered the throne room.
"Hey.... were is everyone?" asked Kira.
the whole room was empty. No one but Kira and Sukasa were in it. Then, from a door to the right of the throne, came out a man about the hight of Sukasa. He had big dark blue eyes. His skin was pale. His black hair was slicked back. He wore a black sleeveless shirt and black baggy pants. he had a black fur cap.
"That stupid Alex! What makes him think he can push ME, the great Wintel, arou- Hey who are you!" said the man in black.
"I am Sukasa!" said Sukasa, "And this is Kira. We
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Quest of the Hero -Chapter 9
Then Sukasa and Kira when to the side of the wall that was around the castle.  On this side of the wall there was a hole in it.
"Ha... not very high on security huh." said Sukasa.
"Hahahaha" laughed Kira.
"YES!" thought Sukasa in his head, "I got her to laugh!"
Sukasa and Kira saw a guard. Sukasa was getting worried. If they wer saw they would be caught and put in the jail cells here in the castle.
"Don't worry Sukasa." said Kira quietly, "I am a druid so i can intangle the guards with vines, and I can put them to sleep with another spell I learned."
Kira the casted her sleeping spell. Kira used a bow staff (a long wooden staff that you hit bad guys with). she was very skilled with it. She could do flips and jump very high up. She was very powerful and a great fighter.
Sukasa and Kira got into the main room. There were big stares going up witch lead to a bigdoor.
"Hmmm, that big door must be where the noble stays." said Sukasa.
"But we are he to get to the jail..... which, mo
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Quest of the Hero -Chapter 10
Sukasa and Kira went down a few flights. Sukasa was shocked that there was barely any knights in the castle. They entered a big room and Sukasa heard a familar voice.
"Hm! Shron castle is not perpeared for an attack!" said the voice.
Then Sukasa knew who it was! It was Alex!
"Kira hid!" said Sukasa quickly! He then pushed Kira behind a pillar. Once he left Kira yelled, "What was that for!"
"That was Alex. He is the Crowns head knight!" replied Sukasa
"Oh....... I-I'm sorry......"
"I-it's ok!"
Then they saw the 1st part of the key. The key to the place were the noble lord of this castle stayed was broken into 2 parts. One part was down in the basement through the left door (from the main room) and the other was through the right room.
"Hey! Sukasa look!" said Kira
"Yeah Kira, what is it?" asked Sukasa.
"Right there! I-is that a door!?!" wondered Kira. Then Sukasa walked up to it and relized that it was a door. A secret door. He opened it and it lead to stairs. Sukasa went downand Kira h
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Quest of the Hero -Chapter 8
After Sukasa took care of his wound he got ready to head out. He grabbed some food, water, and herbs for healing.
"It will take us a few days to get to the nobles home. We will most likely  run into the Crowns Knights too." said Kratos.
"Hmm." replied Sukasa.
"Oh, and we will meet our knights on the way there. They will help us defeat the noble lord." said Kratos.
After they traveled for a few days a man in white robes ran to Kratos yelling, "LORD KRATOS! LORD KRATOS!"
Kratos replied, "What, what is it!"
"Sir i-its our army, there being attacked by the Crown!" he said gasping for breath.
"Well they can take care cant they? I have very important matters to--" replied Kratos.
"With out you they will surely die!" He cried.
"Hmm" pondered Kratos, "OK I will go. Sukasa there is a near by town. You must go there and wait for me to get back. Lets move out!"
Once Kratos was gone Sukasa headed to the nobles castle. He didn't care if Kratos wanted him to wait, he HAD to save his mother
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Quest of the Hero -Chapter 7
"Hey Sukasa, its been awhile." said Kratos. Kratos had redish brown, shaggy hair. He had Blue eyes and a goti (how do u spell that?). He wore white and light blue clothing.
"K-Kra-tos....... i-it..... it can't be." said Alex in fear.
"Ah, Alex i see you have done a lot of sucking up to get the power I once had with the Crown." stated Kratos.
"Sh-shut your mouth!" snapped Alex.
"You still don't see why I had my knights (the holy knights) breakaway from the Crown."
"It doesn't matter anymore, all that matters now is that I have the power to do whatever I want!"
"I see." murmured Kratos, "The shadow already has hold of you..."
"Kratos! Defend your self" cried Alex as he attacked Kratos.
Anger got the best of Alex though. He was to angey to pose a threat to Kratos and the fight was over soon.
"Ugh! This isn't over yet..." said Alex gasping for breath.
"Sir, we got lady Nina!" said a knight.
"Hm, good take her away! You 4 stay here and fight! The rest of you, come with me! Move out!" yelled
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Quest of the Hero -Chapter 6
3 years passed. Sukasa was now 15. Sukasa lived with his mom, Nina, in a small cottage in a forest. The forest was near a small village. This village that they lived by now, was ruled by a different noble, but the noble was still under the Crown. Kairo moved out a year ago. Kiro is now 18 and Sukasa hasn't seen him for a year. Sukasa also has not seen Rai or Lynda for a long time. The last time he saw them was the day when Shara came. Sukasa had no real friends now, because he didn't go to the near by village much. The only time he went there was when his mother needed him to buy stuff, or when his mother needed him to sell the herbs to the potion shop. The village they live by is much bigger then their old village.
Today Sukasa had to go to the village to sell herbs and buy some stuff with the money he got. He hatted to go to the village, because there was a group of kids there who would try and pick fights with him. They did this because of Sukasa's white hair. Today would be differe
:iconcasual-0:Casual-0 1 14
Quest of the Hero -Chapter 5
And they went to the top of the Mt. of Fate. There they found the temple. The temple was a old looking building. The stone it was made with was white and it looked to be falling apart. They entered carefully. There was not much in the temple A few monsters hear and there. There were puzzles in the temple, but they were all solved for Kairo and Kratos finished them a month ago. When they got to the last room a knight on was waiting. He said "I am the guardian of this temple. Why have you come here."
"So the Hero may begin his quest." replied Shara.
"Are you sure the Hero is here? Last time the boy who claimed to be a Hero felt 1,000 years of pain for his lies, are you willing to take that change?" asked the Knight.
"Y-yes! Yes I am!" replied Sukasa, "I am willing to do anything to save the world!"
"So be it, You have chosen your own fate." said the Knight
The Knight opened up a door and in it was a stream of light. "Enter into the light." said the Knight. So Sukasa did.
Then Sukasa felt
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Check them out! They deserve it!




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