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Athlon by Athlon2736 Athlon :iconathlon2736:Athlon2736 0 0
AC4A: Fan Fiction
Armor Core 4 Answer
Bradley sat in his seat of his NEXT. He was one of six Lynx's about to take part in a major operation coming up. They had been hired by TORUS to take down an Arms Fort.
"This is Hallelujah. All NEXTs prepare for launch," a female voice said.
"This is Black Eyes, I'm been waiting for twelve minutes now. What taking so damn long," an eldarly voice said.
"Shut up Kauko, we've all been waiting. This is Icer, standing by," another male voice said.
"This is Tigershark, I'm having problems with one of my Railguns, I'm gonna be launching alittle later then you Hallelujah," A deep voice man spoke up. Tigershark stood next Bradley's NEXT, Tiger.
"This is Tiger, Viktor, what wrong I may be able to help out," Bradley said. There was  a moment of silence, then a heavy grunt.
"One of the accelerators is miss lined, I'll have to manually fix it," Viktor said. Bradley could only pray he got there in time.
"This is Forgotten. Lets do this," A shadowly voice spoke.
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Battlefleet Redemption Chp 2
Chapter 2
Royal Canadian Battlecruiser Edmonton
Enroute to Umbriel
0538 SET (Standard Earth Time)
"Multiple contacts sir! Two Russian cruisers sending out distress signals! There's an American vessel amoungst them, the USS John F. Kennedy, as well as seven Chinese vessels, from light cruisers to heavy corvettes. I'm detecting a escort carrier in the group," the communications officers bellowed. The bridge went to red alert automaticly, blast shields covering the windows. Admiral Gottschalk moved towards the helmsmen.
"Contact all vessel, perpare to drop from jump in 3...2... NOW!" The ship hunched froward as it slowed rapidly. The three turrets ahead of the bridge began to turn and take aim on the nearest Chinese vessel.
"Turrets 1 through 3, fire for effect on the nearest chinese vessel," She barked. Gottschalk turned sharp and looked at the nearest vessel. A small corvette, one turret, and seven AA guns about it.
"Sir the Halifax has dropped out and is engaging the the Escor
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Battlefleet Redemption
Battlefleet Redemption
Royal Canadian Battlecruiser Edmonton
Location: Titan; Saturn
Operation Dislocate
"All Captains report in," Admiral Gottschalk said. She stood in the parapet next to the captains chair. She refused to sit and pefered to stand like the majority of the crew was. A man flashed on to the monitor
"Captain Bahman, reporting in from the bridge of Saskatoon. We all ready minus or starboard battery," a Iranian man said, his turban bearing the Royal Navy insgina. His face was worn and had a strong black beard. Another man flashed onto the monitar and smiled.
"Captain Young of the USS St. Clair, we are on complete stand by and await your orders Admiral," he said. His ship was on a joint task operation with the royal navy, something that rarely ever happened in this age. America, after the 2013 civil war it became very self centered only assisting other countries when it could get something out of it. And the operation it was about to commit a New York class Destroyer to cou
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Commissar 2
Day Two
Titov felt someone push him hard. HE grabbed for his pistol and didn't feel it.
"Commissar, you still alive?" the guardsmen asked. Titov groaned loadly and try roling onto his back.
"Don't move, your injury is still unattended to. We'll get to freindly lines. I promise commissar," The young guardsmen said. Titov felt the Guardsmen lift and he looked at him. He a grizzeled look. Unshaved and scars that tore his face up with the old flesh lines running all across it.
"What is your name Guardsmen?" Titov said.
"Private Shasia, fourth company sir," he responded, "I'm a veteran of three campagains sir."
"Ha, lucky you. How many other Guardsmen are there left?" Titov forced himself to stand on his own.
"Thirteen. Two are wounded though, so we have eleven capable of fighting," Shasia said.
"Well, lets move out," Titov said. He turned, grabbing his bolter and power sword, and walked towards the men. Of the thirteen men there was one who stood out. A guardsmen with a resperator on and g
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Canadian Soldier
He never flinchs in the face of danger
He; if need be, would die for you
He is a Canadian Soldier
He sees his brothers and friends fall, yet
He continues forward, fighting for your freedom
He is a Canadian Soldier
He wears a Maple Leaf on his shoulder
He never questions his orders
He is a Canadian Soldier
She protects those she love
She watchs over her comrades each day
She is a Canadian Soldier
He stepped forth from a trench on Apirl 16th
He fell; face first into mud
He is a Canatian Hero
They left home, many never to return
Fighting on the sea, the land and in air
They are the fallen Canadian Soldiers
They are the heroes
And they are eternal
Always standing at post as your protecters
They never forget, nor rest
Never truely gone merely, but marching far away
They are
:iconathlon2736:Athlon2736 2 3
is a man who will up hold morale the Imperial Guard forces- at any cost.
They are men of autority and are the judge, jury and executioner of men all around the Imperium. They lead men in valiant charges fro victory and fight, and sometimes give their life, for the Imperium of Man.
Capella IV, Novograd
The last stand of the 32nd Infantry regiment.
"Hold the line! We must hold out until the reinforcement arrive!" Commissar Titov yelled. He was the lead commissar of three attached to the last of the regiment. They had started with five hundred troops but were now down to the last hundred. He stood next to the other commissars and looked at a man. The man he looked at suddenly stood up an dran towards a bridge. Titov pulled out his bolt pistol and toke aim.
"Back in line soldier!" The Man just kept running. Titov pulled the trigger and the crack of the bolt pistol rang out loud. A fine mist of blood came from the man as he fell.
"We have orders to hold out until reinforcements ar
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Undercover and advancing by Athlon2736 Undercover and advancing :iconathlon2736:Athlon2736 6 2


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Allan Wheatley
Current Residence: Edmonton
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Metal
Favourite style of art: Writing...
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Personal Quote: What the bloody hell is wrong with you...
I'm -Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppp- with a beeeeeeeeeeeeep- and -beep- side ways....
In other words I'm exahausted....

Nothing has got up lately cuz I'm so damn busy...

I hates school...

Anyway... HTe Garrison and St. Pauls tournement are happening.. St. Pauls we lost... and right now in the Garrison I'm fighting for thried with an unknown team.

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