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3d reference - face loops

So this is a sample of my next project. People are welcome to use my loops as reference, if you so choose. Whatever.

I love this girls face. I'd post other views, but I got this off the pay section of and I don't think they'd appreciate me giving them away for free.

Her eyes are awesome though. Can you believe that's her real eye color? Crazy.

Anyway - this is me being OCD and anal, and planning out my edgeloops before I even open my 3d app... cuz I'm crazy and weird like that.
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Same color as my eyes...thanx!
thanks again!
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thank you so much
 it very helpful
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For animation purposes, would include an eye mask (section that would contain both eyes) , laugh line (over top of the nose and slightly below chin (commonly the wrinkles seen when smiling)), and avoid losing loops around the lips (top of the lip should not have that divide in the maxilla), otherwise topology looks to follow how facial structure supports.
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I just drew my first face loop with my concept art and I have no idea if i did it right lol. I going to take it in the 3ds max and hope for the best. thanks for you the lesson you did. (I dont think you posed it in here though)
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Aww, girl-crush? I like her nose; it's not big.
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lol - well, that's one way to use it. It's a stock image, so I hardly care if some site is using it in an article about DNA and face recognition.
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Just letting you know that this girls reference images are all available for free on, not off the pay section. So if anyone is looking for the full set, just sign up for a free account and all her stuff is in here [link]
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thats not really good typology...decent for modeling, but if you want it rigged, not so much.
Where did you get the original image?
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It said in the description - it's from
It's a pay site, but it's absolutely fantastic for human reference. Even animal and costume reference. They've got LOADS of things on there - really fantastic resource.
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This is an awesome reference image, I was wondering if you had a side view of the same face? With or without the topolgy is fine :)
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Sure - I put one here:
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Thank you so much, this is a great help :D
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Nevermind, I didn't read the bit under the pic... Sorry :/
AHHH! I so need the other reference pictures! The topology on this helps out so much! And its probably a good thing that you map out your edge flow before modeling. I haven't noticed a tri or an n-gon yet. This is perfect for animation!
do you have the side reference?
Thank you soooo much!!!! :)
What's the name of the model?
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