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[The core groups I mentioned that she needed to win  greatly or peel off were the youth, blacks, Hispanics, women and white males -the numbers are accurate as of this posting November 10, 2016 so may not be accurate as final vote tallies and may change some]
I will be discussing Why Trump won.. and no it is not just because of racism as some are claiming.
I will break down some of the reasons why Trump got more of the Latino vote than the Republicans did last time, why Hillary got less than a Democrat normally does
Why Trump got more of the Black vote than any Republican in 20 years, and why Clinton got less than democrats normally does
Why Hillary Clinton got less among the white male than Democrats normally do, and why Trump did very well among women and Clinton actually did worse among women did Obama  did in 2012.
Looking around some of the pages of my feed, I see a constant theme that Trump only won because of racism, we must be honest here.
The swing states that Trump w
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Calling out bigotry is not being PC by AtheosEmanon Calling out bigotry is not being PC :iconatheosemanon:AtheosEmanon 65 122 Law abiding =/= ethical by AtheosEmanon Law abiding =/= ethical :iconatheosemanon:AtheosEmanon 19 11 istandwith - Pesidents and Party 11/8/15 by AtheosEmanon istandwith - Pesidents and Party 11/8/15 :iconatheosemanon:AtheosEmanon 4 47
Email Question: my view on guns
Another email question that I am answering – If you have been following my page for four or five years, I am sure my views will not surprise you; for some of my new followers it may. When it comes to politics, I think my fellow liberals and Progressive friends tend to agree on almost every issue with some minor issues.. and yet I find guns to be the one issues at which I debate more with my liberal and progressive friends than my more conservative leaning friends.
As with many of my pieces, people tend to debate amongst themselves, so I only ask that you do not start name calling and things of that nature. If you disagree, okay, just debate  in a civil manner,
After the mass shooting in Oregon recently, someone that follows my page sent me an email [the email I use for this account is my user name at gmail for people to ask me questions and perhaps give me ideas for topics] and asked given that shooting has my views on guns changed any.
The honest answer, which this person d
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Black Lives Matter - my view
Before you read anything, know this, I speak for one person, myself. I do not speak for all Black people or other people, So if you read this understand that.
It has been a while since I have posted. Mostly because I have pretty much written out all of my political views, all of my economic, education, etc views so I have had very little to say .. at least very little to say that would have me write a great deal enough to consider posting it as a new piece. Which for now I will be writing or trying to write more about specific subjects rather than generalities and perhaps that will lead to me to post a bit more.
Over the last few months especially since this whole “Black Lives Matter” movement started I have been getting into a lot of debates regarding the term, mostly, and let us frank here, usually Whites and more conservative people but also Blacks, Hispanics etc… so here is one post and perhaps I will edit it and add on or subtract later
The first question posed i
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same-sex marriage isn't religious oppression by AtheosEmanon same-sex marriage isn't religious oppression :iconatheosemanon:AtheosEmanon 132 138 hrs later ISTANDWITH RESULTS - President and Party by AtheosEmanon hrs later ISTANDWITH RESULTS - President and Party :iconatheosemanon:AtheosEmanon 1 2 ISTANDWITH RESULTS - President and Party by AtheosEmanon ISTANDWITH RESULTS - President and Party :iconatheosemanon:AtheosEmanon 1 2 6/26/2015 Same-sex marriage legalized nationally 2 by AtheosEmanon 6/26/2015 Same-sex marriage legalized nationally 2 :iconatheosemanon:AtheosEmanon 119 119 6/26/2015 Same-sex marriage legalized nationally by AtheosEmanon 6/26/2015 Same-sex marriage legalized nationally :iconatheosemanon:AtheosEmanon 17 32 Left wing not Democrat -Request by AtheosEmanon Left wing not Democrat -Request :iconatheosemanon:AtheosEmanon 11 13 Stalinist Request 2 by AtheosEmanon Stalinist Request 2 :iconatheosemanon:AtheosEmanon 18 23 Stalinist Request 1 by AtheosEmanon Stalinist Request 1 :iconatheosemanon:AtheosEmanon 4 0 A riot is the language of the unheard by AtheosEmanon A riot is the language of the unheard :iconatheosemanon:AtheosEmanon 21 28 Greek BDSM 3 by AtheosEmanon Greek BDSM 3 :iconatheosemanon:AtheosEmanon 0 8


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I do not post on here as much because I primarily post on twitter and facebook, but given today is the three year anniversary of the death of Tamir Rice, a 12 year old who was shot in less than 2 seconds after the cop pulled up, I figured I would post this and thus on this

Tamir Rice
(June 25, 2002 – November 23, 2014),

 photo 0000_4.jpg

I chose not to post the graphic details of his being killed in this post, you can check my previous journal here
Tamir Rice shooting... Justified?Two reports given to the Grand Jury says the  killing of Tamir Rice was... Justified..
This is why the people are protesting in the streets.
Full video here:
Extended video here nearly 30 mins
How is it that cops can lie, and video prove that they lied and yet the shooting is still justified?
To get this out of the way, it was a BB gun, which is perfectly legal for someone of his age to be playing with under Ohio law at the time.. the kid was 12 but I will get back to that later.
In the entire video he appears only to speak to one person, at which this site blurred out the person because police said that they do not know if he knew the individual or not because the individual had not been identified.. and that was the only time I saw him speaking with anyone while holding the BB gun.. one individual.. far less than the "people" that police claimed right after the shooting that he had

for the video surrounding his death and also the video of how cops tackled, handcuffed and put his sister in the back of a police car when she saw her 12 year old brother's dead body on the floor and try to run to him...
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"Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it."
-John Adams

Got an interesting topic for me? Just send me an email.. my user name on here and please put in the subject line DEVIANTART QUESTION.. and if it is something that I find interesting then I will write about it... will more than likely address sociopolitical, economic and ideological/partisan questions more than stuff like music and that stuff...

Stamp Requests:
to request a stamp simply comment my page, a particular stamp or send me a message asking for your request. As long as I do not consider it particularly hateful, or something which is made simply to say.. in general THIS GROUP IS EVIL BLAH BLAH... [I can do without the drama] I will be happy to oblige the request. If it is something that I would deem particularly hateful then it is not something that I would do or if is it something at which I may not agree with and have no interest of seeing it in my gallery.... I am sure you can find someone else willing to fill that request for you...

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