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Athene October
United Kingdom
I don't think of myself as a visual artist - my forte is writing, so I'm more proud of a half-decent drawing than of a good peice of writing - the drawing takes a lot more effort!

I'm severely visually impaired, so any life drawing is next to impossible now - I did try an art class, but the only thing I could see clearly enough to draw was my left hand, and that gets a bit samey after an hour! I'd love to learn how to draw people and bodies, but I think the models might object to being looked at through a telescope.

I did this years ago, as can be told by the yellow paper - it started out as white. This is a freehand copy of a book cover - Virgin Planet by Poul Anderson - cover artist unknown till I can find it again and check!

Current Residence: London
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium
Favourite genre of music: Classical
Favourite cartoon character: Snoopy
[I have an Excel file with all the data here, and tons more, but it crashed and now I can't open it in any format.  So this bare outline will have to do until I can get it open or remember or reinvent the lost information]

The whole October Island group used to be one big island when sea levels were lower; rising sea level cut them apart along low-lying areas and increased wave action fractured weak rock lines and split them even more.  

They resemble a loose ring, the wide inner “sea” forming over the lowest land in the original island

The seaward coasts of all the islands have high cliffs, making them look a bit forbidding until one enters the Mainway and sees the land sloping down to beaches on the inner coasts.

The islands are quite hilly, and some valleys are extremely sheltered; to make a straight-line trip of a few miles can take half a day unless one chooses to climb over the top.

The Ring Rocks and Shield Walls are remains of former sea-arches that were once part of the original island; when the sea level rose, they were eroded into stacks and arches, which then collapsed and now form a curving barrier-breakwater between the main islands, giving much protection from rough weather in [almost] all directions.

The islands:


The largest island by far, bigger than all the others put together.  

Lyonesse and Avalon were only “recently” split; their tips are still close enough to be bridged at one point, at the narrowest part of The Narrows.  

The second-largest island. Less hilly than the rest, It is the main farming island: dairy, sheep, cattle, crops.

Dragon Island

Offshore from Pearl, and once part of it.

Dungeon Rock

About a mile square and sits almost in the centre of the group; it must have been a small mountain at one time, because it still has high cliffs all round. Its terrain is rather wilder than the other islands.

The only entrance now is a water-worn tunnel through the cliff face, which is high enough to allow access by boat at all stages of the tide.

Subs can be “marooned” on the island and left to fend for themselves for a time; this is one of the punishments for subs whose behaviour merits more than a simple, quick discipline.

The island is mostly used for wide-scale games and activities, usually “hunting” – a number of subs  are given a start, then the hunters pursue them: the subs belong to their captor for the rest of the day.  There are viewing platforms on the cliffs that give excellent views of the game.

Bird Island

A small islet just off Dungeon Rock, a bird sanctuary on which  landing is forbidden.  There are several “sanctuary cliffs” and smaller islets; this is the biggest and most populated.


Roughly circular island between Lyonesse and Elysium, to the south-east of the group.

A geological whim made this island very different from the others.  The rocks here are a creamy gold colour and form spectacular caves and gorges.

Prison Island

A very small islet on which subs can be left in “solitary confinement”; it has very basic amenities.

Lesser islands

There are several small islands or islets scattered between the major islands and the Sound.  Many of these have accommodation, though water has to be supplied from one of the other islands.

Some of the larger lakes and rivers also have islets with accommodation for weekend visits.

The Resort

This is a peninsular of Lyonesse, separated from Topaz by hills and a river.  This is the holiday resort where people come for short periods, to see how they like it [and how we like them].  Any who are invited to become permanent, or semi-permanent residents are taken across the Rubicon to Topaz and join the community.

The Causeway

There is foot access to Dungeon Rock via the Causeway from Lyonesse, but is only safe at low tide.  It can be waded but the currents can be too strong if the water’s more than ankle-deep.

The Causeway was formed by the collapse of the land that used to connect the island to Lyonesse and now forms a natural walkway.  

Map scale
[because I forgot to include a standard ruler on the template map and I didn’t fancy trying to make an exact one to add to each one at a time!]

I work in Imperial; miles, and yards.  I suppose calling them kilo/metres would work just as well.

Main maps
Inch: mile
Half-inch: 880 yards
Quarter-inch: 440 yards
Eighth-inch: 220 yards
Sixteenth-inch: 110 yards – 330 feet

District maps: 400% bigger
Inch: 440 yards
Quarter-inch: 110 yards – 330 feet
Eighth-inch: 55 yards – 165 feet
Sixteenth-inch: 27.5 yards – 82.5 feet – 1 grid sq

Map grids:
1 grid square: quarter-mile for all maps



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