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April 23, 2019
Take Your Heart by AthenaWyrm
Featured by Astralseed
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Take Your Heart

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It looks like an official art
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Glad to see a P5 fanart become a Daily Deviation. It is a great way to show how much all of us P5 fans love this game. I can see why it became one...the lights coming from the city and other areas of the drawing really help these characters to shine. Good to see that you have given all of them there melee weapons, since that combined with these poses of theirs looks like they are ready for action. Good to see that you have included Crow. You don't always see him in fanart when the Phantom Thieves are together. Not only are the poses great, but the expressions work well for each of these characters and their personalities as Phantom Thieves and fighting style I would say. Of course for me Joker is the best. Liking that you have him holding his mask instead of wearing it. It adds a certain sexiness to him that he always deserves. I like how his smile shows confidence, that he is scheming, and a bit of charm. Truly one of the best P5 fanarts I have seen with all of them together. ^_^
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Very nicely done!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)

For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz

kuwakola22's avatar
Omg this is incredible!  You are amazing and very talented 
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Dragon-Cana-Love's avatar
Beautiful and P5 was great but P4 is still much fave
Artex-raito's avatar
Awesome team 👍
FirestarterFumei's avatar
It's very dynamic! Great job with the p5 team!
HarbingerComics's avatar
Absolutely phenomenal.
totohana's avatar
wow, feels japanese. this is true weeaboo art
KaguyaTsukiHime's avatar
too late you already did :eyes:
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Makes me happy to see P5 fanart’s still getting made.
frankly-art's avatar

Absolutely lovely work! Well done!

Anime--Bunny's avatar
very impressive work 
GhostShell5's avatar
This is epically awesome. Excellent work.
This piece is precious. I need to protecc!!
Gameguy007's avatar
If Joker's gonna take something, how bot deez nutz? Why him in Smash?
Yup, the gangs all here, including pancakes. Amazing work. 
chiggenboi's avatar
Whoah, looking cool Joker! And Skull, Mona, Panther, Queen, Noir, Fox, and Oracle.

Not you, Crow.
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