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Nohr Noble Corrin

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Sweet Nohrian HIPS...
Great pic of Corrin as a Nohr Noble.:D (Big Grin) 
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Such a great picture! Cool glowing effect from the sword and love the determined look! 
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I'm starting to get used to her fighting style in Smash bros. Like your Lucina picture, you really know how to make things shine and glow. . I'm not sure if this is an alternate costume in a fire emblem game or something you made yourself. if you did indeed make it yourself, points for design creativity, if this is an official look, The amount of line work and detail in her armor is quite impressive in itself. 
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Nope it's an official outfit from the game if you decided to side with nohr
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Just like NohrAzura, NohrKamui is Best Kamui! :D

That outfit is just so glorious just like your take on it. :thumbsup:
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Nohr Corrin looks fantastic in your style! Awesome job! :D
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Very wonderful artwork!
Can you make Erza Scarlet in the future? Pray Weep Gator 
Nohr baby!!!   XD     Your art is incredible!!!
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What an amazing job!
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Wow this looks great!
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I really like your art, I especially love the pose and effects on this character
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