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It had been circulating around the village for a month now. It had begun slowly, no one knew how, but you could hear it in the whispers and on the wind. In many ways it wasn’t there, like snatches of memory forgotten long ago, but in the shadows and in the dark that sits behind your eyes you knew that what was said was true.
A wish. To have anything you could desire.
And that was what made it special.
Anything you could desire. Everyone was familiar with having anything you could want, or anything you could imagine, the Empowered saw to that, but what if what you desired was imagination itself?
That was why the Wish had caught Audrey interest. It was why it had caught everybody’s interest. For thousands of years Audrey’s people had existed, in peace and comfort, but frozen. Contentment had led to permanence, and disuse had led to neglect, until one day imagination died. Now the Empowered could only produce what had been produced before and the only promise of tomorrow wa
:iconathenasnoyl:athenasnoyl 1 6
OC- Audrey
Name (nickname): Audrey Collins
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Empowered (almost human)
-Physical details-
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Build: Slim
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Honey colour, but not tanned
Defining features: short cropped wavy dark brown hair, blank expression
Clothing: A loose, formless, grey smock made of coarse cotton that comes to just below the knee. This is tied at her waste with a thick fibrous cord.  She wears boot cobbled together from hides and wood.
Weapons/Gear: none
Unusual abilities (rate relative power on 1-5 scale):
Audrey has the power of projection; that is she can create anything that she can imagine. Thus although she has no weapons of her own she could create weapons or other items that may assist her during a fight. Audrey comes from a technologically primitive world and thus is unfamiliar with weapons more complex than those of Erath’s Iron Age (although the planet itself is at developmental stage slightly different to the I
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Hey People like things (because really what are the chances of realy people being on the internet)

Umm yeah... day 2 blood....

too tired to say much more but the bleeding into the symbol idea kind of worked for me although  yeah to tired to explain properly... but you understand it right?

Umm yeah

see you tomorrow maybe (still need to scan it in and stuff)

2 down 7 to go



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