I disappeared for awhile, I'm sorry. :/ I am not too active artistically right now, but I am going to try to reply to things in my inbox and be a little more active.

On a good note, I got a roommate who has cheered me up immensely. :)

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By AthenaMyth
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oh gosh that cats to cute

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Isn't she adorable??


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Holy crap, for a moment there I thought you'd been in my apartment and taken photos of my cat, I have that exact couch model/colour and also a tortie cat xD

Glad to hear back from you again, I hope you've been doing well :heart:

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Now that's a level of stalkerish that would get me kicked out of Europe... <small>I promise I didn't move anything while I was there </>

IKEA is a wonderful thing! Tortie cats are also wonderful things!

I am... doing okay. Day by day, can't complain, but I am missing my support people I left behind. I hope you're doing well??

Hopefully at least a little more active, I've missed out on a lot in 4 months!