Looks like I'm going to be living in Europe for a bit longer and getting some real job experience while I'm at it.

In other words, I got the job. I am going to be a real expat. So, soon should have some time to upload some stuff before my start date.
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By AthenaMyth
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Congrats on getting the job!! What is the job?? my memory sucks sorry. 
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Thank you so much!

I never actually said what the job was, so your memory isnt failing you. ;)

I'd rather be vague about it, simply cause I dont want to advertise where I work because it's a niche area. But I am an animal scientist. 
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You're welcome

oh ok.. wasn't sure if I had saw a post about it and forgot..or missed a post or what not lol. 
oooh nice!!! I understand about not wanting to put too much of it out there. 
That is so cool! ANIMALS!!! :heart: