You prefer to pay for commissions that are:
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Quality, might be more expensive but there's obvious effort and they followed what I wanted.
Quality but not paying more than a day's wage.
Quantity with some quality - I want to milk my money's worth and gain XP.
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By AthenaMyth
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Quality over quantity, always.
Sure, I may not be able to pay an artist who is pricing their work in a fair way all the time (aka "too expensive" around these parts :roll: ), but I'd rather save up to commission them instead.

It's come to a point where I don't want to commission artists that I feel don't price their artwork fairly anymore. Though I've done so in the past.
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I find the harpg and darpg community really skewed in their pricing. You look outside and the minimum price for anything is at least 5$, if not 10$. You can't get good art of your characters without paying 30-100$. Inside, you're struggling to get commissions above 10$. Or less. Even though people are expecting the same quality.  Maybe I'll just get gud at drawing people and branch out. xD Definitely more incentive.

I think that's fair. I wish more people would. Something has to change and no one seems to be willing to do more than say 'hey, you should charge more' as they go order more 100 point icons or full bodies.
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Yeah, I think that's mainly because in communities like HARPG and DARPG people are looking into adding more points to their characters, not necessarily wanting quality art. And thus artists in those communities reduce their prices severely so they get commission requests, because we all know there are some really damn good artists out there that, even though they may take several hours to make their pieces, charge literal pennies for their art. I don't really see it changing anytime soon, I mean I remember talking about this kind of stuff with Astralseed a couple of years ago in many occasions (maybe even more than that?) and so far I haven't seen it changing for the better. The best bet really is to branch out of these communities and try to cater to those where people want quality images of their characters, and not just farm for points. Ooor if you don't mind/need to get more than the occasional commission, just keep them open for prices you think are fair, and hope someone will come along and request one. It really depends on whether you're trying to "make a living" out of your art, or you simply want to keep the option open just in case. If it's the former, then it's time to branch out and get out there!

Yes. Unfortunately, this also means there are a couple of artists with art I really love that I won't commission anymore. I mean, in some occasions you can potentially pay them more than what they're asking (it isn't really possible with commission widgets though), but then another issue comes up because then it's the client that is judging what price is fair without knowing how long the artist actually takes to create the piece, what supplies they spend/etc. :stare:
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True. I suppose that's why 'pay what you want' commissions are becoming more popular, but I'm not sure that I would be trusting enough to do that.

My goal is to earn enough to renew my premie for the year, so I'll have to be bold and start advertising elsewhere. I'm working on improving other aspects of my art to reach a broader audience anyway.
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I'd definitely never do that :/