Would a design competition be up your alley?
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For Giotoun and Foinika's Laurels?
I'm thinking on prizes, but maybe the winners could get an art feature in revealing their laurels and a short rp/meeting between characters?
Or alternate picture of just your charrie if you have your own plane of story.
If you don't have a cavitto, a breeding slot to the horse you designed laurels for, or art
I'd love to!
Design them yourself, lazy woman.
I'm neutral.
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By AthenaMyth
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Can you tell me about laurels? I'm not too familiar with cavitto. 
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Certainly. ^^ Basically they're earned once you hit the 1st level in Cavitto to 'regaining' all the perks the horses had started with prior to the start of the group. (Greek mythos, basically these horses were kicked from Olympus and the art points go towards 'regaining' their status).

 So these can be anywhere from one to four horns, anywhere on the body. Most people put them on the head, but that's not necessary. They can be any colour and cannot be twisted and grooved unless later on the horse chooses to head to Hades instead of Olympus. No antlers either, but anything else is pretty much a go.

Some examples on my own horses:
Laurels by AthenaMyth Nekros Laurels by AthenaMyth Audrey's Laurels by AthenaMyth Denarius' Laurels by AthenaMyth

Examples on others:
Elpis earns her Laurels
 Oko earns his Laurels!
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