Do you thank people for watching you?
36 votes
Of course! It's polite and lets people know I appreciate the watch.
No, its a waste of time and they should assume I appreciate the watch.
Sometimes, depends on my mood.
No, other reason (I'd like to know why if you care to share?)
I give llamas instead. (Why?)
I delete all those notifications without even looking at them.
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By AthenaMyth
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I used to, and I can definitely agree its polite to, but I really don't have the time at the moment (with my internet it doesn't take only a few seconds). 

I also got really tired of repeating myself with the 'thank you' 'thanks so much for the watch' 'the watch is appreciated' - if they want to watch me then they can, and its their choice. I appreciate it, but I feel fake when I repeat myself constantly. :aww:
So I give llamas - its like a little nod that says 'yep, thanks for the watch'. Sure it can be a bit distanced, but I am here to post my art. I'm not being rude by dropping off a little llama and I feel better because I am not repeating myself. From there I check out their page, fave a few of their works (most of the time) and then if I like their stuff I watch them back. That's usually how it goes down. :aww:
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Slow internet would definitely be a factor for sure.:nod:

True, but from the other side, you don't appear to be repeating. At least with the llamas you're also going through their gallery and faving/commenting as well as potentially watching them if you like their things. Granted I'm not a big fan of llamas myself, but the other actions work with it to show that you've appreciated their watch.
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Ah personally, I find it really annoying when people comment that haha mainly just because it seems fake and I'd prefer them to check out my art instead or comment. 

Typically I watch the people back and go through their art, because usually their art is interesting. But when I don't, I'll leave a llama, check out their art and comment on their art. 

Plus, I draw for myself and not for other people. If they want to watch along the way, then that's great, but my joy from art isn't necessarily based on watchers? Does that make sense? :'D Plus, a lot of them aren't even active soo

If their art is something that I aspire to achieve, then I might comment on their profile or something haha XD 
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Lol I guess it can be a personal thing. Usually I do check people's art galleries out when I go to thank them for something, but I don't necessarily watch them back. I don't agree with watch for watch because to me, I'm watching someone for a reason, whether its the subject, style or something else. Not to fill my full inbox with stuff.

Also... llamas... Llamas are just page view grabbers in my experience. I'm posting my art for the interaction, not to please my watchers as well, but a llama? That's not interaction, that's basically as impersonal as you can get while still saying, "Yup, I saw you."

I actually got one recently after watching someone else. Nothing else, comment, fave, thank you, except this llama. I was miffed. XD But that's my problem.

It does, but I'd argue that some of it may be, because if we really drew only for ourselves, why are we even bothering to post our art on what is supposed to be a social media platform for art? There's a lot of things I draw for myself I don't post on here, but I do post things on here for the interaction with my watchers. And I think we've already discussed that's an issue in itself. XD I might even argue it starts at how you deal with a watch, with the first impressions you get from the artist you're watching.

I dunno. I honestly don't think on it that much, but when I do it goes deep fast, as my word voimit just proved. Lol.
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Yeah.. although if they want to support me and my art, then I feel like I should at least try to support them too. Especially if they leave nice encouraging comments. Although when their art doesn't relate to mine or I'm just not interested in their art, then I'll not watch them back. Unless they are super nice heheh. Yeah, I feel like everyone appreciates some feedback on their art haha XD

Yeah, they are quite pointless. I consider them as a way of like acknowledging that they watched you....?? Like a short little "It's appreciated!"... Yeah I guess it is pretty impersonal haha. Would you feel better if I didn't do that? I just feel snobby to just comment on someone's page saying thanks for the watch.. I feel like I'm just saying "yeah thanks for watching me, i went all the way to your page and your art isn't worth my time?? and if you have art displayed, i'm just going to scroll right past it and go straight to your comments section!" 

Well I guess, it seems a bit like a lost opportunity to be making art that you are proud of and not share it or get the chance to possibly make something out of it XD plus I take part in HARPG soo :'3 but it is really amazing to be a part of a little art community here haha

Yup. First impressions make all the difference :D Sometimes I see someone make a hilarious comment and I just can't help but want to be a part of it XD

Hahahah sameee I feel like I lose so many chances to say things that I want to say XD because I get caught up in whatever I'm saying and then end on a "strong point" (what even?!??! :'D) and I realise all the things that I could've said hahahah
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Lol you can do what you want, my opinion shouldn't change how you do things. That's all it is, is one person's opinion, and I've already dealt with the fact that I have rather unique opinions against majority most of the time. xD

 Like I said to someone else, at least you're doing things besides the llama. My personal feelings about the llama are complicated. xD The llama to me is 'I went to your page, didn't bother looking at anything but I clicked that handy button at the top and left' if that's all that they do.

I definitely agree that its fun to be apart of and beneficial in many ways. That was more of a devils advocate comment there, haha.

This last part... Or you post your comment and go back and think ' wow that was so rambly and off topic and not what I wanted to say at all...'
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Mm alright hahah XD 

Yup, well I guess that is a lot of what it is so c: Oh well

Hahahah love that XDD

Oooh yes!!! Or you read what you wrote and think to yourself, "geez! Calm down missy!!" 
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Haha yes... and then you get into the whole 'what if they get offended' and edit like 10 times...
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Oh my gosh so true!! 
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I do 99% of the time, sometimes people have a big banner saying "DON'T THANK ME FOR WATCHES" and it's like alrighty then. And like Helsinge said, sometimes there's just so much 'nope' on their page that you just have to slowly back away and delete the notification xD There are also times that I've been away for a long time and am just too overwhelmed by notifications and end up deleting watch notifications in my frenzied efforts to clear my mailbox (or I'm just still not in a good enough mood to care about new watchers and then I feel bad later).
But absolutely, almost always say thank you. It takes 4 seconds and lets the person you appreciate it, so why not? :shrug: 
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LOL yes, those people you kind of watch warily... I've actually unwatched a ton of people because their nope tends to turn into a whole lot of nope... XD

I get that too, you've been gone for months at a time sometimes and it definitely adds up. I tend to do that more with favourites, especially because people like to fave bomb and I'm like 'not dealing with'. I'll save the watches for the most part (Because I rarely get watch bombed. xD).

Exactly. It doesn't take too long, you can even copy-paste and it takes less time. :shrug: I dunno. Its just something I've noticed even in the past month.
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I don't get 'watch-bombed' really, I'll come back and there'll be like 2 watch notifications that are months old and I'm like. Is it really worth it at that point? They've probably forgotten they even watched me lol but I do still usually go thank them still
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I didn't used to a long time ago, but I have for the past couple years. For the most part anyway. Sometimes I'll go to thank someone for a watch, and their page is full of like... no thanks. So then I just quietly delete the notification and pretend they don't exist :P They're never active watchers anyway.
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I always have, to me it's just that integral politeness. I appreciate when people take the time to tell me thanks so I try to do the same.  It just feels to me like you're not even noticed if people don't even take the time to say thanks. But I realise at this point that many people do not think like me. lol.

Same with people who don't respond to comments. Why should I bother if you're not going to acknowledge me?

Lol yeah, I've been noticing that more and more... People are getting really weird about what they accept as polite and rude. It's... idk. I don't if their page says don't, but I do if there's nothing. Same with faves. Unless you're faving tutorials or references. I don't really thank for those. :P
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I just know I used to get all excited about a notification in my inbox, and then disappointed when it was someone thanking me for a fav or something. Now I'm just "eh" it's something xD But for that reason I can definitely understand why some people don't want to be thanked, so I skip those, and I skip the ones who have like... borderline animal porn in their galleries because then I just get really uncomfortable about why they're watching my art <.<Everyone else I thank for watches. Not really favs though as whenever I go to do that, they usually have like 30 thanks comments in the past hour and then it doesn't seem like my thanking will be particularly appreciated nor was my art of actual note, more just spreading their name it seems.
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Haha I do that too...

Ugh the animal porn... Or regular porn. I cautiously thank them. And those who just joined this week and have nothing in their galleries and journals. I've gotten a -ton- of those lately and it makes me question things...

Ah, yes, I get that. I've gotten to a point that when I see certain people faving my things I just delete without thanking because they tend to fave a lot without watching and I'm pretty sure it's just to get more pageviews.
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Personally, I always do. I feel it's polite to acknowledge that someone has taken the time to look at my art and think I'm worth watching for more. I believe it's common courtesy to take the time to comment on their page.
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