The Only 2019 Update Journal

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... It's been a pretty quiet art/DA year if this is the only "real" update I've given. Time has flown. And I'm not the fastest adjuster to change.

I guess the last real update was back almost a year ago. Since then, I briefly moved back to Canada from Denmark over the winter. I got offered and accepted a job (yay for paid work in your field you gradated from!), then moved to the Netherlands with no money (My parents loaned me money for my first month here until I got my first pay. So thankful). Dealt with all the paperwork that comes with moving to a different country (well, that's not true. I still need to switch my driver's license and do a few more things that aren't super important yet). Found an apartment where I can commute to work, figured out healthcare costs, insurance costs, all those other costs that until now I've been fortunate enough not to need because Denmark was completely free healthcare etc.

Over the past 5 months I've been slowly furnishing my apartment (because as an international student, you don't really buy or keep furniture unless you're independently wealthy enough to ship it) and now am to a point where I have enough furniture to be comfortable and have people over without being a hobo in an apartment. I've made friends at work, although non-work friends in the area I'm living in is still a struggle. I'm thankful to have friends in Denmark who have come to visit me, to support me over facebook and even a few who've also moved to the NL that I can connect with on occasion.

I am really enjoying my job and learning a lot. I get sent to different places to visit different areas of the company, or to attend courses or seminars. Soon I'll be going to a genetics conference as well, which is exciting. But it's still a bit of a struggle to structure my time around it. I'm working on that, trying to get out more after work and just doing things rather than doing the bare minimum during the week and leaving it all to the weekend.

My sister also came to visit a few weeks ago, so I really haven't done anything outside touring about for the past two weeks, which was a much needed relief, and a time to actually explore a bit of this country outside work and a few weekend trips to Amsterdam or Utrecht.

But, my November is looking a lot less hectic. I only have one personal trip I'm planning on having and I'm feeling a bit more creative and wanting to do art than I have for the past 6-8 months, so things are starting to look good again. I'd like to be more active and involved on here, there's a ton of pieces in my inbox just waiting for me to get around to them and I'd like to be able to actually feel like I'm not some stranger popping up now and again. Those are my goals, we will see what happens.

I miss being here, and I miss being involved. I miss talking to people on here, and that's on me.
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That sounds so good! Life can be so stressful but I'm so happy to hear its moving forward for you! moving countries is crazy business O: I'm looking forward to more of your art! :heart:
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It is really good! Finding a good routine and meeting people is the hardest, but its coming slowly but surely!

I'm looking forward to the holidays, when hopefully life slows a little bit, so I can draw more... And finally sit down and comment on all the lovely sitting art in my inbox for months...
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Here misses you too <3 Life sounds hectic for you but I am glad you're enjoying it!
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Sooo hectic... I'll be glad when it's the holidays, ha. But it is fun!

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Miss you being here! But so glad you are doing good outside of DA. Moving takes a lot out of ya. Glad you are enjoying your job! And yay for an apt and furnishing <3 
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<3 Definitely does. And adjusting to a new routine takes way longer than I expected. Thanks hun, I hope college is going well for you this semester!
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totally agree! You're very welcome!
Its going ok. Thanks!
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