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November 9, 2018

Wow. I completely forgot to actually update this. A lot has happened, which you may or may not have gotten snippets of from watch updates and random picture uploads.

 I have been subletting an apartment since August and we managed to arrange it so that I have it until the expiry of my student visa next month! That has been a load of stress off my mind and I have taken a lot of time to just enjoy myself and relax after all the stress the past year. I've got to start thinking about moving again soon, but we'll work on that around the later end of November. ;)

All that other stuff I was worried about came around and was dealt with. I survived my thesis, got it handed it in and did really well in the defense. I am now a graduate with a MSc. degree in Animal Science. Then I had 1 day to recover before my family showed up. and I toured them around the wonders of Copenhagen and other bits of Denmark/Sweden. Had a lot of fun, was glad to see them, sad to send them off, but glad to get some time to myself to recover. 

Since then, I've been adjusting to creating a new routine without outside requirements (It's surprisingly hard to adjust to not having a class schedule, or work schedule.). It has taken me awhile, but I think I have something fairly healthy, although a lot of time is spent on job sites and writing cover letters. Not as much time is left for real art, so I just scribble things (As you've probably noticed).

I'll be fairly busy in December as well. I have booked flights home for the middle of the month (1st time home in 2 years), and I will either be moving things back there, or preparing to move to a different place, depending on if/where I get a job. So, if you were hoping for Christmas presents this year, I'm sorry but I won't be doing any Christmas presents this year.

We will just see what the New Year brings. :party:

July 21, 2018

Quick update. No art will be posted for a month. I will post things on my insta. (AthenaMyth). I am currently between places to rent, so I have most of my stuff (including printer) packed and stored. If things go to plan (which they rarely do), I will be moving into a new place for the duration of my visa length in the middle of August.

And right after that, I will be submitting my thesis and preparing my presentation to defend at the end of August.

And right after that, my family will be coming to visit me and see Denmark. 

Annnd right after that, I will be a free woman with no job and 2 degrees (7 years ago, I never would have thought I would get 1...), looking for a job somewhere in Europe. Or Canada, but my preference is Europe. But I will have free time to art and do whatever I want between applications and interviews.

So... mostly semi-hiatus until September. If you want art updates and niblets, watch my instagram. athenamyth 

May 17, 2018

Apparently, I have been busy. Currently on the last few months of my Thesis work, and finally have all other exams and courses out of the way. (I had to redo an exam and it was a pain in my rear to have to wait 6 months to actually be able to take the re-exam... This system.) But anyway. Learning a lot of statistical programming and genome wide association studies, as well as how to select candidate genes and all that fun genetic research stuff that they don't really tell you about when you say you want to do molecular genetics for your project, and not quantitative genetics. I'm not sure at this point that I will get in the actual lab, as I am running out of time, and a lot of things in my project have changed since the beginning.

Thus, I haven't really had a lot of free alone time. I am also currently looking for a new place to live due to complications here, and looking for a job after graduation. The hard part is, I don't know how long I will be in Denmark after August, so that makes it more difficult to find a place (It's incredibly hard to find a place anyway. Copenhagen is a seller's market). And jobs... The fun part of being a graduate student with no actual experience. I honestly can't wait though. Getting a living wage, being able to afford my own place and not a small room in someone's house... At this point, I am not moving back home. There is no job market for me in my province and I would have to move to either Ontario or Quebec. I'd rather stay in Europe and get better wages and the ability to travel on the weekends. (And more holidays, so many more holidays you guys.)  So I am really hoping I am one of the lucky ones who gets a job right after graduation, as I definitely cannot afford to stay until my student visa expires, currently.

Between that and a few commissions that I am really behind on, and social time with friends to vent and unwind, I haven't had a whole lot of time to devote to dA, although I do try to at least reply to people and comment on some things. I do have some things in the works, and started a late night doodle for a show which may or may not be finished on time. I am hoping that come summer, I will have a bit more free time and will to do art, but it depends on thesis completion and how behind I still am by the end of June. (And of course, housing and job applications). I miss being actively commenting on things and interacting with you all, but I am still lurking, attempting to work on another segment of my storyline and sketches. Always sketches.

So... See you in another 6 months?
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Booo on the no art thing, but a big yay for all the exciting and important things that are to come! I'm sending you all the best wishes and good vibes for the future, and that everything will go smoothly for you :love:
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Agreed. I'm still drawing in the evenings/spare time, but such is the life of a couch surfer, right? :giggle: Yes... I am looking forward to being able to finally start the next chapter. At the very least, getting this paper finished.

Thanks darling~ :heart: And you know you're in my thoughts while you get yourself situated for your next step too!
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Haha, trying to draw at every little opportunity you have xD

You're welcome! And thank you :tighthug:
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Sounds like you are a very busy bee, I hope you manage to sort out all those things! In the meantime, I hope you have had (and continue to have, as the day isn't over yet) a very lovely birthday :heart:
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I hope so. 85% sure I have a new place for at least a few months, so one less stress. The other stuff... eh. xD

Thank you very much! I had a lovely day, and lovely weather to go with it. :heart:
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Take all the time that you need to get everything done. Real life is far more important than harpg ;) that being said, don't forget to take a little time for yourself now and then, because you deserve it! :heart:
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I completely agree. :heart: This will sort it out, and then I will have some free time again. :D I definitely do, although at this point, my treating myself is a few chapters of a book, or a coffee and people watching. Or sitting in this hot sun and hoping I tan. xD

Thank you :heart:
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