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:new: shows added

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Now - August 7th
Saugerties, NY. USA
i. $500 Show jumping Grand Prix
Grand prix stadium
ii. $500 Hunter Derby
Hunter Stadium
Horse's ref:
Rider's name:
Stable name:
Class entering:
Country: (required for grand prix only)
- If you are entering more than one horse you may send them all in one note.
- Pre-registration is preferred, but not required.
- Please comment entry below or note the group or myself.
Entries can be found here:
I. Weather
A bit brisk in the morning for schooling, but warm and sunny by late morning.
II. Show Grounds
There are plenty of areas for lunging and scho

Jumper and hunter derby. No age limits.

OFFICIAL SHOW - Lugnas International 2017 CLOSED

Welcome to Lugnas!
:iconh-i-e-f: :iconscandinavianpony: :iconh-e-w-c: :iconthejockeyclub:
Starting date: 9th of June
Deadline: 1st of January 2018
Type of event: English - 3 Day Eventing, Individual and Racing
Restrictions: Riders 18+ / Horses 4+ / Racers 2+
We hope you are going to enjoy your experience and compete next year too!
All entries for this show count for 4CP instead of 2CP (that brings 3DE entries to 12CP).
Your art will be showcased within our gallery.
A vast number of people of all styles will have access to your art.
Fantasy horses are allowed but no advantages can be used.
Entries must be shaded, full-body and rider must be at least 50% visible.
Original art only. No re-used linearts or old show entries.
Re-used or photo backgrounds are not allowed. Must be drawn.
Only three

3DE and separate classes. HIEF registration required, but all breeds accepted.

Bioluminescence Show *CLOSED*Welcome, welcome!
This is the show I've been inspired to do ever since learning about bioluminescence in a game show I watched whilst in hospital. So here we go!
But first off: What is Bioluminescence?
Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism.
It can often be seen at beaches in Tasmania so this is exactly where the event will be held. Grab your horses and ponies and we'll hope to see you there!
:new: Deadline: 28th of October 
General rules:
- Tracing IS allowed as long as the references are properly credited
- No reusing old art. The art has to be done specifically for this event.
- No commissions, lineart or free-to-use backgrounds. Art has to be made by you!
- No photo backgrounds.
- You can enter as many horses as you'd like but the same horse can only enter each class once
Age restrictions:
-Horses have to be at least 4 years old
-Riders have to

Dressage, Cave Jumping and an Endurance/Cross Country event. GLOW is the theme of this show. ;) Riders must be 18+ for show jumping

Summer Dressage Show 2017 - OPENSummer Dressage Show 2017 | Entrants List 2017 | Updates & News
Summer Dressage Show

Registration Opens: May 1st
Registration Closes: September 15th
Entry Deadline: October 1st

This is a HARPG-ShowCircuit sanctioned event. Entries to this show class as qualifiers for DRESSAGE and EVENTING horses.
:new: Changes to Age Limits.
Welcome to the Summer Dressage Show 2017, hosted by Angelus Estate. This year, SDS returns better than ever with some new, exciting classes and the opportunity to, once again, showcase your top dressage horses.
SDS has been cancelled the last couple of

Many dressage classes, a young rider class and many lower levels allowing all ages of riders. Another kid friendly show!

<da:thumb id="683772712"/>

Includes 3DE classes, Endurance and a breed showcase.

Halloweeny Show 2.0: Even More Amazing:bulletorange::bulletblack::bulletorange::bulletblack::bulletorange::bulletblack::bulletorange::bulletblack::bulletorange::bulletblack:[Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Black][Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Black][Bullet; Orange]
[New] Results posted below! Some awesome entries guys, it was a joy to see them [Love] I'm getting to work on promised art prizes, please be sure to contact donor groups/individuals to claim those prizes!
Welcome back, boos and ghouls, it's time for the sequel Pumpkin LA Icon  Shriekquel? I'll stop. (No I won't.) Some of the classes are the same, some have been modified or replaced altogether (though not loads because I'm a lazy bum). Hope you'll have fun!
Ghost OlO 
-Common sense, k? Be nice, don't enter a horse twice in one class, don't reuse judged entries, don't whine about results, the usual. We're here to have fun, and you're all smart people, don't make me

Fun show! Creativity!

~*~RoseMount Stud's Grand opening Show!~*~ClosedJudging will be done by the 7th! This is due to me having a lot of assignments due on the 4th & 5th and I want to put some effort into leaving feedback for the entries aswell as the placings <3 
I am not ignoring any messages or comments, I'm busy beyond belief with uni assignments right now! Please keep submitting entries and advertising and I will check them all out asap!
I am open to suggestions & improvements :)
Hello & welcome to what we hope with become our first annual horse show! Our aim is to provide a safe and inviting atmosphere for both newcomers and experienced competitors alike. An ideal place for people who want to get their horses onto the showing scene without the worry or stress of the bigger events. The show is open to all horses, of all breeds, however fantasy breeds will not gain an advantage. 

Bullet; Green Bullet; Red 

Riders under 18 must wear helmets.  Dressage, Sj, Xcountry and a green horse class.

Blue Ram 2017. Event-Third time's the charm-judgedresults are up- Blue Ram 2017- Results!!

.Blue Ram. 2017 Third time's the charm
Welcome to the third annual HARPG event of the Blue Ram series. The show is hosted at the OakLands Stables and Equestrian Center since it was created, first with the Grand Opening in 2015 and now celebrating the third year of HARPG!
This year we'd like to feature our special sponsor: Barrango Lake Stud, as well as our two very special hosts

deadline: October 30th -> NOVEMBER 30TH
would like to donate a prize? please contact me ;v;
Blue Ram 2017 prizes

Has hunter, dressage and cross country classes. Ages depend on the class.

  Northern Lights Endurance RideWelcome to the first Northern Lights Endurance Ride!
This event is held by the Nordlicht-Horse Group. It takes place in a forest in the far North, where the Bolevina Elves live. The Elves invite people all over the world to join in this endurance ride, which lasts one week.
In the past the elves traveled a long distance to find wild Nordlicht Horses. When they found some, they made a feast and tried to catch a few of them. The elves brought them back home and used them for breeding and other activities. This traditional event is called “Wildpferdefang”.
Nowadays the elves don´t catch wild horses anymore, but they stage this endurance ride to revive this tradition. So, they invite people all over the world to ride through the woods. And perhaps a few wild Nordlicht Horses will be seen.
The first day is the arrival of the participants. The horses will stay at a guest stable of the elves over night while the riders will stay at guest rooms.
On the second day the ri

Endurance event, all horse breeds welcome. Riders 14 +
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Ha! And now, I'm coming with many mooore :D
A Wild Tenjigoku Mini Event!Hello all and welcome to our first Tenjigoku Tenazukeru Mini Event!
Yasei no Uma Tenazukeru simply means "Wild Horse Taming" or "Win Over Wild Horses" and that is exactly what this mini event is all about!  
Our scouting team has spotted a group of wild Tenjigokus in the deepest part of the woods on top of the highest of mountain in one of the hidden valleys and it has come time to find them a home! They have already been tested and have 100% Tenjigoku blood! Our scouting team has rounded up the wild Tenjigokus into a few large pastures for your convenience. All you have to do is choose one: are you and your Tenjigoku brave enough to try and tame these wild beasts and take one home with you? If you do not yet own a Tenjigoku to ride, do not fret! You can lease a Hoshi (Group) horse or one owned by another member!
Just some minor rules to be set! We want everyone to have fun in this group and that means we do not tolerate any sort of member bashing or tantru
 - you can ride with group horse Nod 

Royal Carridge Rides *OPEN*Hello,
I would like to invite you and your horses to Royal Carridge Rides
What is going on?
Well, Glass Horses are known mostly for their ameizing looks in Royal Carridge Ceremonies and their main function  with other horses near carridges.
So this action is about restraint and abilities, look and walking of your Glass Horse.
Your picture must contain royal carridge with coachman, your horse(s) and at least one passanger, all in motion. All other stuff (weather, placing, colors etc) are at you.
Using stock like pattern is allowed, but traicing is forbiden.
Ends 2nd December 2017
What must be on picture:
Glass Horse in restraint
Carridge ( look and type of carridge is on you)
Passanger in Carridge
Point system:
1 - 40 points for showing of your Glass Horse(s)
1 - 20 points for look and type of Carridge ( bigger means better)
1 - 10 points for Background ( Nature, Weather, Roads)
1 - 20 points for look of other horses ( different breeds then GH)
What will
 - I think, you still can have free the first custom or you can try to ask any member for glasshorse (other horses can be any breed) :)

MSL Youngsters Event -Open!
Hello, and welcome to the MSL Youngsters Event!
To celebrate our new member of the family, Silas, we've decided to host an event for her. Being the only foal at the facilities at the time, she's looking forward to connect with some foals from the other stables!
The event offers both a drawing and a writing class/task.
Do you take on the challenge? La la la la
-The equine must be 3 years or younger. Older horses are allowed if they are depicted as foals.
-The foal/horse may be any breed, realistic or unrealistic.
-Enter as many foals as you wish, and in whatever class/task you wish.
-No pre-registering required.
-Linearts and grayscales are not allowed. Tracing is allowed with proper credits. Collabs welcome!
-Advertisements are appreciated, but by no means required.
Deadline: 12th of October
If you want to further engage yourself in the event, or just have so
 - for foalss :happybounce: 

Grand Tournament - *OPEN* RegistrationsLike every year, their Majesties King Einar and Queen Jenova ForDragon organize the Great Tournament in Norranon. All the knights from Antharia and other countries are welcome.

SK version

Entry of knights
Before they compete, all participants will come to the royal lodge to introduce themselves to the king, the queen, and the court. In this ceremony, it is necessary to draw only the Knight himself on horseback in full armor with the flag on lance attached to saddle in the PNG format, the background will be drawn by the admins and also will make the resulting common picture.
Main discipline – JOUSTING
Knight name: (Full name with the title of which will be reported on entry by herold - not unnecessarily long!) + Link to reference
Horse name, age, breed: + link to
 - you only need any type of warhorse (or heavier breed) to join this :la:

 You can look or add it, but I think, these competitions are amazing and I hope, I will be able to be in too :la: And you can try any style from "normal" style (in Grand Tournament = it's like battle, when you CAN try to draw battle? Or any other century hah? And Royal Carridge = you can try to draw more that two horse in one picture) :3
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Okayy sooo I searched around dA a bit to find other horse show ist and I found this huggeee list: [HARPG] Effort + RNG Show Listings
In that list there is this show: The JSS Weekly mega show (25 mini classes) which I don't understand why more people don't enter. For all those people checking on this journal haha xD
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Thank you very much for this :) I always have trouble to find shows so this is very useful!
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Haha no worries, I was thinking the same thing, and there's so many people who keep posting looking for shows. Might as well share the ones I know.
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Yeah ikr and alot of the time the ones seing those posts, are also looking for shows.
It like ends up with everyone checking the posts to see if the 1-3 people who actually know of shows, comment on the posts xD
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Haha! Pretty much. That's what I do. Then I save a lot in case I have time. XD

(I added two more I'd forgotten about in my favs btw)
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Yeah me too haha xD And then you see that one comment who is like: ''Just going to stalk this post for a bit'' and you relate so much xD

Uhh better check them out too haha xD
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Haha, so, so much...
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