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Trying to give this awesome little foal design some parentage and discovered my herd is very scarce on tobiano...  so I'm looking for a mare to be her mommy.

If you're willing to offer your mare, please also list your price. Be aware that I am very slow on the art front, but it will get done eventually, and I will complete any art payments before giving this girl a ref. 

Tobiano gene
Must be able to have baby foals (A_)
Warmblood or Thoroughbred. German Warmbloods preferred, but dutch/Belgian etc will be considered too.

Foal (#1)
Foal Adoptables [3/10 OPEN] REDUCED TO 50 PTS by Skuexone

DEC Schwartz Fantasie by AthenaMyth 
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i hope you find some pretty ones

i know i got a few Tobiano so feel free to look i know i got a small handful of girls with it and more guys it seems XD but worth a look
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Thank you. :heart:

And thanks for your offer, but I've decided to go with someone else's mare, that was just what I was looking for. 
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The cream is recessive I just wrote it backwards for some reason. Definitely can throw tobiano and is homozygous AA  Golden Warrior by CyrillicConsortium
has a 1st in Halter and 2nd in Cross Country. I plan to have about 4-5 more shows completed with her this year. 
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Thank you so much for the offer, she looks like a lovely mare. :heart: However, I've decided to go with another mare that's a bit more what I was looking for.  
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No worries! Just thought I’d offer :)