How to be an Artist in 10 Easy Steps...

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Here is the easy guide to being an artist! In case you ever wanted to know how artists do it right. ;) Just follow these 10 easy steps below and you're guaranteed to be an artist in no time!

Step 1: Get a piece of paper and a drawing utensil.
Step 2: Spend half a day deciding what to draw.
Step 3: Find some reference photos. This will take the rest of your day, and maybe tomorrow too.
Step 4: Pick up your pencil and check social media. Spend an hour looking at memes.
Step 5: Make a tea or coffee to focus.
Step 6: Pull up your references. start to sketch something.
Step 7: Make food. You've been working hard.
Step 8: Take a break. You're probably exhausted.
Step 9: Lazily push the pencil across the paper and at least try to make it look like you're working.
Step 10: It's time for bed... Oh well. Tomorrow you'll get that sketch done and actually start getting some progress.

...The struggle may be real. I have banned myself from social media browsing...
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oh my. this rings too true. This was me trying to be a professional artist this summer XD At uni I am 10x more productive on the art front despite having loads of other work to do
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I know! I don't know what it is. I'm currently unemployed, so you'd think I'd be all doing the art I hadn't been able to do during the last 3 months of my thesis and other issues. But no. I have another commission to do and I have been pushing that off for 3 weeks... I just want to doodle. I'd planned on taking this time and really pushing commission and example art but... It's so hard to get back into.
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xDDDD Yes, that's sometimes similar to me x'D :XD: Like this guide :D
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Haha, the struggle is real...