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Limited Time Offer - Ends October 15th, 2018

Prices and deals for the first month of my commissions being opened back up. :) Check the bottom of the journal for combined packages and discounts.

Things to Keep in Mind:

:bulletred: I accept both Paypal and Points with the accepted conversion of $1.00 USD = 100 points
:bulletblack: Payment is expected after the sketch is approved
:bulletred: I reserve the right to use commissions for personal portfolios and examples. I ask to be credited as the artist if shared
:bulletblack: Animals welcome, mythical or natural. I do not do NSFW
:bulletred: You are responsible for shipping price if you desire the original

Single Commissions:

Default commission has no background and are inked. Backgrounds and a detailed unlined image can be added for an additional price.

Liberty Images: 500 points/$5.00 USD

With Background: 700 points/$7.00 USD
Unlined Without Background 800 points/$8.00 USD
With Background: 1000 points/$10.00 USD

Training Images: 700 points/$7.00 USD

With Background: 900 points/$9.00 USD
Unlined Without Background 1000 points/$10.00 USD
With Background: 1200 points/$12.00 USD

Group Image Training: Add 200 points per additional animal (Up to 3 Animals in Training Images)
Group Image Liberty: Add 150 points per additional animal (4 Animals in Liberty)

Realism Images

Headshot: 40,000 points/$40.00 USD
Fullbody: 60,000 points/$60.00 USD
With a Rider/Human Add 500 points/$5.00 USD
Additional Background, Add 1000 points/$10.00 USD


All packages include backgrounds. Prices are given for both inked and semi-realistic (unlined) images as packages.

3 Liberty Images
Inked with Backgrounds: 1800/$18.00 USD (Save 300 points)
Unlined with Backgrounds: 2500/$25.00 USD (Save 500 points)

5 Liberty Images
Inked with Backgrounds: 3000 points/$30.00 USD (Save 500 points)
Unlined with Backgrounds: 4300 points/$43.00 USD (Save 750 points)

3 Training Images
Inked with Backgrounds: 2300 points/$23.00 USD (Save 400 points)
Unlined with Backgrounds: 3000 points/$30.00 USD (Save 500 points)

5 Training Images
Inked with Backgrounds: 3800 points/$38.00 USD (Save 675 points)
Unlined with Backgrounds: 5100 points/$51.00 USD (Save 900 points)

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I will be back after I get a really good picture of my horse! I would love a picture of my horse!!!
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I will be here! I'm excited to see your lovely babe!