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Dreams Become Reality
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Sleeping Fawn


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Mias and Elle - Chapter 7 - Page 17


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IMG 5365 trak

Calender References

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WB Foal Turning Head Stock

Free Rein Stock

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Bay Westphalian Warmblood Portrait

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Taupo Rodeo 172

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Sleeping Fawn

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Bjorns new best friend.

Barbary Lion Hound

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Happy Weeny Batmans

Art of My Horses

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OPEN! CHEAP! 3/6 Adoptables

Bought horse art

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SPC: Shedu Pedigree Certificate

Before you can breed your OERS (Official Elsevier Registered Shedu) Shedu Cat, you must first earn it's SPC. SPC test applied to every sub-species of shedus: Classic shedu, asian shedu, komainu, bayuns, baketoras, djibbs and various crosses among them. There are three ways to get your cat their SPC: I Classic SPC This is the best way for newbies to get into breeding part of the game. Benefits: Easy & clear conditions of the task.Easy draw & post way of entering.Easy to obtain Bronze level SPC Cons: Hard to get Gold level SPC II Breeder`s SPC This option is good for dedicated breeders, who knows line requirements and keep those

Breed Sheets

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How i do the glow( EASY)


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SPaVES-Registry Merit System

This is for all Spavian Breeds If your horse can be registered in this group, your horse is considered a 'Spavian' breed, and it can be monitored under this system. Any Spavian horse, pure or cross, can use this system. References count for the amount the art is worth. (ie. fullbody ref would be 2, headshot ref would be 1) Re-used linearts do not count for points. CP = Credit Point ~HighSpavian01 ( :iconelitespavian01: :iconpremspavian01: :iconhighspavian02: :iconelitespavian02: :iconpremspavian02: Levels High-Class = 10 CP Elite = 25 CP Premium = 40 CP Hall of Fame = 50+ CP Point Tallying Purebred - 3 Registered sire - 1 Regist

Point Journals

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SEC ChooseWisely- SOLD

Potential Breeders

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RM Desperate Measures *SOLD*

Linage for Breed

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Bucking Hell

Show Entries Spring 2017

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