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Whoa, What?!

By AthenaMyth
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Horse: Eurocommerce Entity ECS
Rider: Serge Vallant
Class: Hunter/Jumper

By this point, Serge had changed a lot of his riding habits, especially the one where he rode on his mount's face thanks to Akelees and Denarius telling him off multiple times. He had even risen to the point in his riding career that Chase assigned him some of the more difficult stallions to ride, including Rivo. Now, it wasn't that Rivo was difficult to handle. Naw, he was pretty much a sweetheart, if not a skittish nervy one. Rivo's issue was that well, he forgot. He forgot what he was doing in the middle of doing it, he forgot what he was supposed to do next and you know that leaf over there was telling him that he needed to come check it out before he could do anything else.

So the problem with riding Rivo was getting him to not be a drunken sailor all across the ring and actually remember to do what was asked of him. And you couldn't just heel bump him all the time, because that got old and Rivo would ignore it. You had to switch up the constant reminders to keep him focused and on task.

Which, as Serge found out, was harder than it looked. Tanya made it look so easy, putting the guy through his paces and through a course no problem. But when Serge got on, they'd do have a circle before all of a sudden they were serpentining, or through half a combination before doing a rollback to an unplanned jump. Or simply... not jumping.

So while the stallion had done a few larger shows before, Chase had decided, with Serge grudgingly agreeing, that a schooling show would be best under his new rider.

Which, as they cantered around the course, Serge was thinking was a bit too cautious. Rivo was jumping the 3' jumps with ease. He was quiet, he was calm, he was paying attention... The man relaxed after they hit the fourth jump. They had this.

He was counting strides, lining up to a diagonal series, bopping his heel against the stallion's side to alert him about the jump. Three, two, one... Liftoff. Another six strides to the second in the line and Serge pushed the stallion a little sideways, trying to line him up to the outside to make their next turn shorter and yet rhythmic.

Snorting, Rivo obliged, mind now taken off the second jump to the sideways motion. He must be turning... Whoa! There was a jump there!

The stallion slammed on the brakes, tucking his head up and turning to avoid collision with the poles, smacking Serge in the face as he'd gone into two-point in preparation for the liftoff that never happened. He swore, a bit too loudly and shook his head as the stallion pranced sideways.

"You're such an idiot..." He muttered, good mood and confidence now fading away. There went their perfect round... Might as well take another run at it and save whatever dignity he had left. Gathering his reins, he looped and urged the stallion back towards the jump, this time ensuring not to take the horse's focus off anything after lining him up.

Stupid horse.
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There's a nice crisp clean look here, really suits the autumn scenery well.

And oh, Rivo:
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Thank you~

Rivo is overcome. He loves gold stars. Especially for trying and failing at the one job he had.
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I love traditional work, and coupled with this brilliant writing of yours as well?
I'm sold <3
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Thank you so much for your kind words! :heart:
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This is a really interesting pose and perspective you've used here! I also like the warm brown tone of the horsie c:
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Thank you! Always fun to do something outside the norm. ^^
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That's right, but when I try to do something like this I always mess up the proportions :I
AthenaMyth's avatar
It just takes practice, references and more practice. :/ This kind of angle can have a lot of foreshortening, which is hard. I find this exact angle, but from behind, is very difficult for me to do proportion wise, because well... butts and backlegs are weird foreshortened. So I guess I should practice that angle more, lol.
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I definitely should practise that angle, too x3
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