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The Times Before

By AthenaMyth
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I want to restart Betrayal, but at this point it's going to be years before I find a style I like... so here's a blurb for Fire and Ice, a little character backstory.

Another quiet, lonely dark night. One of far too many he’d experienced since all the drama had happened and he’d been separated from her.  Too soon. He’d never even gotten to tell her what had been on his heart before it all happened. It made his loneliness all the more stark.

With a heavy sigh, Giotoun dropped himself onto the bank of a stream and lowered his head. At least in his dreams he could relive some of the good times. Eagerly he welcomed the drowsiness, urging it on as he thought back to “the before times”.

“Nika, are you busy?” The pale stallion cocked his head at her as he strolled alongside her in the lane. “If not, care to head down to the plains and keep me company while I gather some of those frost berries for Hermes?”

“Now, how can I resist an offer like that?” The mare teased, tugging at his mane playfully. “I’ll join you. You know I enjoy watching you work.”

Shaking his head slightly in amusement, Giotoun trotted beside her. “You’re horrible, you know that? You don’t need to make fun of me. A simple yes will do.”

“I’m not making fun of you. I’m sincere. I do enjoy watching you work.” The bay huffed. “Don’t be sensitive.” She nudged his shoulder and picked up the pace. “It’s interesting to me to see how similar our powers are, even though they are on different sides of the spectrum. Both powerful, deadly and beautiful at the same time.”

“You forget that they can also be gentle and heartwarming and satisfying to others. Not every thing we do with our powers is harmful.”

“Like your frostberries.” She teased, tossing her mane and nipping him before taking off.
“H-hey!” The stallion cried, a bit slow on the uptake. By that point, Foinika was meters ahead, grass and dirt flying behind her as she galloped over the gently rolling hills towards the glen. With a huff, the pale stallion pushed off, racing after her.

“Foinika, wait!” He called, legs churning to eat up the distance between them.
“Don’t pout Gio. It’s fun, remember?” Despite her words, she slowed slightly, allowing him to catch up. “Come on. Give me a smile. Come onnn...”

Despite himself, Giotoun felt his ears twist forward and his facial features relax. “Alright. It’s fun. You’re right.” He snorted at her chuckle and swerved towards her playfully. “Don’t get puffed up. You’re difficult to deal with enough.”


Now it was his turn to snicker as he cut her off and flicked his tail in her face.

With gales of laughter the two continued on to the glen, a feeling of contentment and joy welling up within the depths of the stallions self. A steady warm glow that started at his hooves and went up to his ears as she helped him gather the bright berries he’d touched with frost. A glow that he remembered and cherished in this night, dark and lonely in a strange land.
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