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The Power of Shadows

By AthenaMyth
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I blame Polaris. She gave me ideas and I had to do them.

March Magic ExperimentsHello lovely Cavvie members!
While things are happening backstage, I thought a quick mini-event was in order to keep you and your Cavittos busy. Things have been too quiet for a while now, so here goes:

When Zeus created the Cavitto, Hecate was fittingly chosen for the job of equipping these horses with magical powers.
As a little treat for the godly horses, Hecate is now allowing Cavittos to choose one of the existing strains of magic, and put on displays of power for the Gods to enjoy.
Bullet; White The goal for this mini-event is to draw your Cavitto using one of the available types of magic that you'd like it to have.
Bullet; White You may only pick one Cavitto and one power to enter, so choose wisely!
Bullet; White Only Cavittos that are officially counted at or past the 80VP mark may pick Shadow or Light Manipulation depending on

The background didn't turn out as nice as I wanted. But it is what it is and enough touchups makes it presentable and it doesn't kill the overall feel.

Anyway, Nekros had been confirmed at 80VP previously and he's all about manipulation, so the natural choice for him was shadow manipulation. Here he's playing with his own shadow and figuring out what he can do with this power, by bringing it to life. I don't know what he's going to get for his forth, he's basically got all his manipulation powers. xD…

Also, I have a soft spot for shadow manipulation due to my beloved Orod. He uses his powers for good though. More power love all around.

/Shameless love for a non cavitto

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Reference for the bear: Bear Stock 4
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Genius idea! :excited:
And beautiful picture too - of course! :heart:
Great pose and I love how you draw drafts!
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Thank you! I can't take all the credit, as Polaris was the one who actually suggested the horse I should use and hinted in this direction. :giggle:

Thank you very much!
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You're very welcome and hey, you still excecuted the idea beautifully so credit is yours as well! :D
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Wow this is such a cool concept! Kinda want to do some shadow concepts like this And the bear shadow turned out really really well! Also I don't know what it is, but that front left foot is gorgeous ??? I know that sounds really odd, but I love the glow of sunlight hitting the side.  The shading is really appealing XD I know it's a foot. But still.
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Thank you! (haha I have a weakness for shadow concepts...) :giggle: Well thank you, I'm glad something in this caught your eye. It's not odd, I'm glad you think the foot is appealing. XD I worked hard on that foot. ^^
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Omg I love this <3
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Luv the bear shadow! <3
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Impressive lighting work!
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Thank you! I'm so cautious about lighting, so I'm so happy this came out so well.
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