Shedu Breeding Rules and Regulations:

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Making a Breeding:


-All Official Accepted Breedings will be listed in the cat’s log as a reserved breeding. Once payment is complete it will be listed as ready to go.


-To have a breeding with one of my cats, you must note me with the request and method of payment. Each cat may have different requirements, based on what I paid to own them.


-No breedings will occur until the cat in question has obtained it’s SPC and PB (if applicable) and payment is complete.


Miscellaneous Rules:


-I get second pick if it’s my female. If it’s my male I may or may not get pick. (Depends on your deal and the number of cubs. It will be discussed during the breeding deal.)


-I will never make you redo a breeding/payments if there is only one cub. That is completely unfair in my eyes. You paid for the cub, you get the cub.


-Please notify me if you decide to leave SheduCats or no longer want the cat you purchased from me. I would prefer to have first choice at buying back, for the price you paid for the cat. I will only pay more if many images have been done during your ownership if I decide I want the cat.


-I don’t accept chibis or shoddy work. If you mainly do beautiful semi realistic style and give me some scribbly 15 minute works, the deal will be called off. I’m not saying your work has to be a master piece, but please put effort into it.


How Litters are Split:


-You get first pick. You’re paying for the breeding, so it’s only fair that you get the choice of the litter. This goes for all splits, unless it’s a breeding trade. Then it depends on the situation and we’ll have discussed it before breeding.


-One Cub. You get first pick, I get second(if it’s my female) and the other cat owner(if applicable) gets third. If I own both cats, I get the rest of the litter.


-Half a litter. You choose first, I second, and then you. If it’s an uneven litter, you’ll get the uneven number. (ie, 3 cubs, I get one, you get two.) If there’s a third party, they choose third if it’s my female.


-Full litter. Self explanatory.


Payment Options: (Please note these may vary slightly depending on cat. Check folders to be sure.)



*One cub:  4 images. Two training of some sort(Riding, obedience, etc) with backgrounds and two free bodies with optional backgrounds.




700 :points:

*Half a Litter: 8 Images. Half Training with backgrounds and half free bodies with optional backgrounds




1400 :points:


*Full Litter: 10 images. 7 Training images with background and 3 free bodies with optional backgrounds.




2000 :points:




Affiliates can lease any shedu whenever they desire, as long as they let me know in advance. Breeding is only done with permission and the flat price for an affiliate is half the price of the normal price, depending on what type of breeding they want.


However, there’s also a return policy. IE. If you’ve offered me a cub for free/ for a low price out of a litter you’ve bred, I will do the same for you out of litters I breed, unless the cubs were already spoken for before the breeding. Tit for Tat.



To prove that you’ve read and agreed to these breeding rules, please sign below. If there is a third party involved (Ie, stud or brood owner) than they must also read and sign below. If they have any issue with any of the above, they may note me to come to a compromise before signing and state in the signing the altered agreement.


I’m pretty flexible, so don’t be afraid to note me if you have questions or concerns. 

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