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Rock Bottom

By AthenaMyth
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Theme: "What is your Aksiothos up to now that they were forced to live outside the godly realms?"

Featuring Guotoun !34 and Nekros !1132

Well George, Giotoun didn't fare so well. He got separated from the secret love of his life, got all depressed and moped around like a character from a sitcom (hes still in his sweatpants phase), forgot how to take care of himself and became every local staillion's personal punching bag. We're still waiting to see if he pulls himself up out of the pit of despair, or if he just gives up and dies somewhere.

And Nekros takes pleasure in his despair. But that's actually another story you will have to wait for  possibly for years.

Now back to you and the weather. 

I did an art. Actually, I've done a few arts, but I have no scanning device and well, I feel like quality has really run downhill. I'm going to blame it on life stress. Once I finally find an apartment and my things arrive from Canada, then I hope things will settle out. So until then, sorry for my crappy phone pics.
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Aww poor punching bag Giotoun :noes: The linework here is so detailed, crisp and clean, it's really lovely <3
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Everyone has a skill. Apparently “punching bag” is his.

thank you!
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I think Giotoun is in need of a nice and friendly slap across the face. Maybe even a hoof? To get him out of all that moping and into some fancy pants :lol:

And of course Nekros is being... well, Nekros.

Those are some great fighting poses you got there, I love the sense of movement that comes from Giotoun especially, that stretched out body and legs, it really looks like he's trying his best to get out of there as fast as possible while keeping his neck intact.
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Well, he definitely needs something to get him sane again. Hes driving me crazy, like a love obsessed schoolgirl. 

Thank you!
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This is awesome!!!!
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This is so great!!!
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I had to go look up Giotoun !34 and Nekros !1132 to refresh myself on your amazing horses. 
Hopefully Nekros isn't giving Giotoun too hard of a time.
This is beautiful - even with the phone picture your traditional skills look stunning <3
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Sorry about that, my phone would not link their references:/

Just a little chase and nip, Giotoun gets away pretty unscathed. ^^

Thank you very much!
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Ugh, I can't link anything from my phone.  I totally get it <3
Besides, for me it was great to look through some of your pons again.
And I'm glad it's not too bad of an ending for Giotoun.
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I was so annoyed... ugh. :/

:D Thank you~ I am hoping to get some extra time soon to really catch up on yours and everyone else's babes as well, now that the group is starting to get underway. It's been too long. <3
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No, not back to me and the weather.. back to the story! :giggle: 
This looks awesome sweety!!

oh no. I hope you can find an apt soon!! I'll pray for you sweety. :huggle:
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The story will come! Eventually. XD slow as molasses right now.

Thanks hun. I really appreciate it. I'm getting very frustrated at how long it's taking to find a place for myself. :hug:
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It will be a good and probably sad read <3 But all in good time.. when you can <3

You're very welcome. I'm surprised you are too.. though I don't know the area out there so I don't know how things are. :huggle:
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Maybe before next year :giggle:
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