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Questions and Enigmas

By AthenaMyth
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Another old picture with added story. Yay storylines~

“Well, shall we?” Katrina finally asked Bronwen after Talen had left them. At his assenting snort, she walked out with him. It took a good fifteen minutes to have him cooled out satisfactorily and the young woman spend some time brushing him after that. She wanted her mentor to know she took the care of his horses seriously, her own self-conscious issues rising to the surface once again.  Talen knew she did a good job with the horses, otherwise she wouldn’t be here and assigned to a whole section of horses and responsible for their care. However, she just couldn’t shake the doubts and inner voices telling her she couldn’t. The voice of her father.

    With a quiet sigh and a gentle slap on the rump, the buckskin stallion was turned out into the field once more and the young woman trudged to the main barn to work on her own horses. Cosette was the most ready for showing and needed to be put through her paces regularly to keep her on track, so Katrina went to her stall first.

                “Hey there pretty girl.” She crooned to the smoky black appaloosa mare as she ducked under the stall guard. “Time for some exercise hm? Then we better get your stall mucked out. You’ve made it quite the mess again.” Chattering nonsense at the mare, Katrina brushed her and tacked her up, deciding to take her to the indoor now that Talen had vacated it.

                Of course, she hadn’t counted on some of the other staff thinking the same thing. Upon her arrival to the building, it became obvious that the other fulltime stable hand, Serge, had already mounted up and started his own exercise of one of the Knapstruppers he was assigned to ride. Katrina debated going to the outdoor ring instead, but voices indicated to her that some of the training staff were doing training exercises and she’d probably just be in the way. Well, the indoor arena was large. She’d just stay at one end.

                Quietly the pair made their way to the middle to make use of the portable mounting block. After a few adjustments to the girth, Katrina was mounted and moving to the near end of the arena to warm up, focusing on attention to cues and her own riding position. So focused on her own riding, she soon forgot anyone else was in the arena.

                Of course, that wasn’t the case for the other rider. Serge was immediately distracted once Katrina showed up. Thankfully, Fire was a rather willing and forgiving mount, or else he’d have ended up either on the ground, or running into something with all the attention he was paying to where he was going.

                Katrina was an enigma to him. She was quiet, painfully so. He’d attempted to chat her up a few times in the past few months since her arrival back at Eagle Crest to no avail. She simply would not talk to him. It made him want to get to know her even more, but because she was assigned to a specific section out of the way and he was under the domineering thumb of the elf, there was little interaction between them. He couldn’t even ‘bump’ into her with the Spirit horses because she wasn’t bonded to any of them.

                It wasn’t even like she was drop dead gorgeous or anything and it drove him crazy. He went after the bombshells, the hot chicks. This woman, while definitely a woman, wasn’t gorgeous. She was pretty, sure. She had some curves, a rather shapely face that she framed with long blonde dipped purple bangs. Then basically chopped the rest of her hair off into a spiky little bush. She wore silly graphic shirts that were childish and carried herself like a little girl who would rather hide behind her mother. She definitely wasn’t worth his attention. And yet…

                He needed to know more about her. But how?                

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