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Proving Yourself

By AthenaMyth
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Horse: Elmen'del ECS
Rider: Laetesha Frost
Rider Age: 12 years
Show: Fisrt Annual Junior Rider Show
Class: Show Jumping

Laetesha was beyond excited to be at the Four Season’s and finally competing. While she’d done a lot of schooling shows in Toronto around Silvari’s homegrounds, as well as some national shows within the pony club she was a member of, it was a thrill to have been able to fly across two oceans and make it to the Australian continent. It made her feel like a real professional rider, even if they’d come mainly to give the family a vacation before shipping off to Europe for the summer round of shows there. But the fact of the matter was, they were there and the only reason they were at this show was for her to compete as the sole under 18 member of the family.

 Even better was the fact that she was finally competing on a horse, and not on Epira. Not that Epira wasn’t fun and great to ride. No, Laetesha actually really enjoyed riding the welsh built Fae and they went on a lot of adventures and hacks together. But there was something more professional, more real about competing on an actual horse.

 Erik, who’d taken over her lessons since her father’s illness, had put her on her mother’s mare, Elmen’del after noticing she was outgrowing the smaller pony and the two had hit it right off. Like all the family’s personal horses, she’d been started by Talen and so had a firm foundation in fundamental dressage and flatwork, but her jumping skills were beginner and Laetesha had been more than thrilled to be able to work with the ISH built mare over the fences, building off her dressage knowledge and putting those skills to good use in course work.

 Now they were to the point that Erik thought they were ready to enter a few shows and so Elmen’del had been loaded onto the plane along with the rest of the show string chosen for that season.

 All tacked up and ready to go, the roan mare waited patiently as her young rider mounted with help of a nearby mounting block. Nearby, her brother stood by to coach her through the warmup before her number was called, while her parents were waiting anxiously in the stands.

 “Remember to follow her mouth over the jumps, don’t tuck your hands in like you do with Epira.” He reminded as she trotted around him. “She’s got a soft mouth and she’s willing. Work her off your leg, grab mane if you feel like you need to check her mouth.”

 “I will.” His sister responded, bending the mare into some serpentines as she waited for him to stop reminding her of what she already knew. “I’m going to take her over that cross rail and then walk her until they call us, ok?”

 “Good idea.” With an amused smile, the older male backed off, sensing she was only humoring him and supervised the end of her warmup, walking with her to the outside of the show arena and walking around the in gate. He sent her off as her number was called and leaned against the fence as he watched.

 Lae really was a good rider. She was instinctive, able to read the horse she was riding and know what it was that she needed to do to get them to perform optimally. She was just headstrong and sometimes didn’t know what the limit was, either for herself, or her mount. That was where he came in, and why there were rules in place as to what she was and wasn’t allowed to do without supervision.

 But when she wanted to show off, she was all business, like now. He applauded as she finished her round, clean and clear and headed towards the out-gate to meet her and walk them out.

 “Great job kiddo.” He praised, patting Elm’s neck as he took the reins, allowing Laetesha to let them go and just relax in the saddle.

 “Thanks.” His sister beamed at him and glanced at the stands. “… Do you think Dad will be happy with that?”

 “Of course. He’s always proud of you. You did great.”

He had no idea what was with Lae lately, uncertain if dad even liked her, but he didn’t know what to do to fix it either. Hopefully whatever that was would get worked out on this vacation. Lots of family time, lots of forced companionship… It was either going to get solved or everyone was going to hate each other by the end of it. Gotta love family time.

 But that could be dealt with later. “Come on. Let’s get her cooled out before they finish judging and she’ll be ready to be put away so we can go out for dinner to celebrate.”

 “…Can we get icecream?”

 “Well, of course.”

 He chuckled as the uncertain look on her face was replaced with a grin and kept walking. Ah, she was cute. He hoped she’d never grow up.

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reference: Cross Country 021
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Oooh lovely work with the colouring especially, it's very smooth and some of the colours are really vivid :love: Perhaps a bit of a pity that the sand looks unfinished since it could have worked in great contrast with the interesting sky, but honestly, who on earth has the patience to draw sand :giggle: Good luck in the show, and keep up the wonderful work!
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Thank you very much for your comment! I agree, the sand could definitely use a lot more work, I just needed to call it done before I lost interest. Sand is just... boring.

Thank you very much!
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Uuuh, I really like that sky! :love: And the colour/shading of the horse, it looks so silky!
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Thank you very much!!
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I love that sky! And all that purple is so striking!
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Thank you very much!
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